Let’s face it: you’ll have more progression and better riding experience on a wakeboard if your feet are comfortable and not sore. Once you start noticing any sign of pain and discomfort down there, you are more likely to call it a day in your wakeboarding adventure. That’s why it’s important to have a good pair of wakeboard bindings because they are the only link between your feet and the board.

There are various types of wakeboard bindings in the market today ranging from Velcro strap models to ones with lacing systems. But the best bindings are more comfortable on the feet and still hold tightly to the board. What features should be considered and how can one identify the best wakeboard bindings for their need?

In trying to answer the question, we are going to provide a comprehensive and unbiased review of the best wakeboard bindings, based on their durable design, comfortable grip, and overall quality.

Top 8 Skateboard Bindings Compared:

8 Best Wakeboard Bindings Review

1. Hyperlite Focus Wakeboard Bindings

When wakeboarding you need a tight, but adjustable wakeboard bindings to keep your feet steady throughout your fun-filled adventure. This Hyperlite focus binding is one of the best product for both beginner and experienced riders. The binding’s coherent cuff design makes it possible to stay steady when leaning on your toeside. There are some very difficult to use bindings that will only end up distracting you and making your ride an unpleasant one.

But Hyperlite will definitely give you a good sense of relief and assurance of safety and steadiness. Another excellent feature of this binding is the Dual Velcro Closure, which is simple to use without any need to look for a cinch or a line. After being strapped on this binding, you will have the freedom to do all the tricks and jumps you want with no cause for concern.


  • It provides stability and support
  • Perfectly keeps your feet tight on the board
  • Adjustable baseplate that provides comfort
  • Strong cuff design


  • Not suitable for all types of wakeboards

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a binding with all the right features to make you stay comfortable, this impressive wakeboard binding is an ideal option.

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2. Nash B94 Brandon Wakeboard Bindings

Nash is certainly not a new face in the world of wakeboard and surfing products. They have maintained strong consistency in the manufacturing of high quality products. This B94 Brandon model is no exception to their long line products. Nash is surely among the best bindings when it comes to overall comfort and ease of use. It comes with both bigger size and narrow size to effectively fit most types of boards, making it one of the most versatile wakeboard bindings to have.

It’s a good pair of wakeboard bindings that fit any size of rider. That’s a nice feature since some cheap wakeboard bindings do not have this easily adjustable feature. In addition, they are very durable and can stand the test of time, even when used frequently. If you are looking for a product that can give you ultimate comfort when riding, you should seriously consider this one.


  • Easily adjustable to perfectly feet most types of wakeboards
  • Built in Achilles pads
  • Open toe boot that are easy to use
  • Durable straps


  • More expensive than some other products

Final Verdict: Nash B94 is one of the great wakeboard bindings with all the right features to let you enjoy your wakeboarding ride without worrying about discomfort or any loose ends. It’s well worth your investment.

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3. VENZA Wakeboard Binding

This is where style, versatility, performance, and price come together. Venza is well made to fit different types of foot sizes, providing the perfect size for you to ride with any type of wakeboard. Although it’s very affordable, you can’t compare it with some other cheap wakeboard bindings with low quality. Its loft Lycra liner provides comfort while its high-wrap outer boot delivers unique performance and great response for riders to have loads of fun.

With a very comfortable binding, your foot will stay steady and you won’t have to bother about slips. In addition, it comes with an open toe boot that’s very easy to use. All these features come at a very reasonable price. Now, that’s what the best brands can give you.


  • One of the best wakeboard bindings in terms of versatility
  • Holds riders comfortably when they are making tricks
  • Delivers unique performance with loft Lycra liner
  • Brandon bindings that provide great support


  • The lacing system doesn’t last for a long time

Final Verdict: If you are looking for cheap wakeboard bindings, this is the best choice you will get for the price. If you need quality and comfort at low cost, finding a better option than this will be a difficult task.

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4. Byerly Trace Wakeboard Bindings

Byerly is already a household name when it comes to manufacturing wakeboarding products. The brand has designed creative and unique binding products over the years. This new Trace model is well manufactured, based on its overall features and comfortable design. It comes with a strong quality 3-stage rocker. This is ideal for beginner riders who want to avoid hard landings. With this bindings, you will surely get a gentle and smooth ride.

Most cheap wakeboard bindings usually fall short of quality, but this product oozes quality in every area. Of all the best wakeboard bindings reviewed here, Byerly is the only one that’s being handcrafted. And we all know that handcrafted products always maintain high quality in all areas. Those who have used this product were excited because it gave them excellent and enjoyable experience out there.


  • Provides gentle and smooth ridings
  • Constructed with durable materials
  • Provides good stability while riding
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Not ideal for experienced riders
  • It doesn’t come with bindings

Final Verdict: Byerly Trace has done well in the industry. Apart from the few drawbacks mentioned above, there is nothing much against this wonderfully designed product.

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5. Airhead Goblin Wakeboard Binding

Airhead Goblin is another awesome wakeboard binding with strong straps but very comfortable to the rider. Some bindings can be very stiff and uncomfortable to the user while others can feel okay but not very tight on the board. But this uniquely designed product provides comfort while holding your foot tight on the wakeboard. It’s meant for adults and experienced riders who want to have a great time wakeboarding out there in the seaside.

The Airhead bindings provide superior performance, comfort and quality to users. That’s the reason why they are rated very high in Amazon and other high quality retail websites. If you are looking for the right wakeboard binding to help you scale through the most daunting wakeboarding tasks, this Goblin binding will surely be of great use.


  • Comfortable and fits perfectly
  • Comes with versatile mounting plate
  • The Velcro power strap provides better comfort
  • Designed with very durable materials


  • Ideal only for adults and experienced riders

Final Verdict: Thsi product is for experienced riders who want to take their wakeboarding adventure to the next level.

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6. Connelly Hale Wakeboard Bindings

Connelly is a relatively new entrant to the market, but it’s loaded with great features. Here, you will get the features you may never find in other products. One of the most interesting features of all is the fact that anyone can actually use it. It’s a pair of adjustable wakeboard bindings which comes with adjustable straps ideal for both the young and old.

So, if you are worried about the compatibility of the bindings on your wakeboard, be assured it’s going to fit in. Other features of the impressive bindings include adjustable lace, Lycra lined floating toe, soft EVA footed bed, 6 plate mounting system, as well as comfortable open toe boot. The product even comes with one year warranty. With the above features, Connelly is still sold at a very affordable price.


  • Connelly is designed to accommodate everyone
  • Durable construction
  • Very affordable compared to other products
  • Designed with soft EVA footed bed for better comfort


  • The interior seam is a bit uncomfortable to the ankle

Final Verdict: If you are looking for better comfort and good adjustability, selecting this impressive model will be a good choice.

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7. RONIX Divide Wakeboard Bindings

On our wakeboard binding review, this product is from Ronix. Its strong binding ability and durable straps makes it a very popular choice for both novice and experienced riders. It maintains very high user ratings from customers who have seen the overall quality of the bindings. Top on the list of its impressive features is the customized J-bars for improved heel hold.

You will also love the fact that it comes with an articulating cuff that makes it very comfortable for the rider when flexing with the board- a feature you will not see in many average bindings. Ronix Divide is very light and holds firmly on the board.


  • Light enough which reduces weight when swinging
  • Comes with a very adjustable boot fitting
  • Very soft cushioning and Superior board control
  • Perfect for both novice and experienced riders


  • The springs are a bit loose
  • Mounting screws are not long enough

Final Verdict: Although it has some flaws, it’s certainly one of the best you can get.

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8. Hyperlite Frequency best Wakeboard Bindings

With this, you won’t have any need to change out bindings so often. Hyperlite Frequency has an open toe design that properly fits both kids and adults. The Flex zone provides extreme comfort to the rider when riding and performing skills on the sail. Another excellent feature of this bindings is the quick lace system for quick and easy lacing in and out of the water.

Moreover, both beginner and experienced riders will definitely appreciate the EVA footed design. This provides comfort and cushion to fit most men and women foot sizes. When you are sailing and maneuvering on water, you will definitely want your wakeboard bindings to properly hold the board and keep you comfortable. Hyperlite is designed for this reason.


  • Comes with EVA footage design for proper cushioning
  • Equipped with laces for sturdy hold
  • Comes with an impressive open toe design
  • Flex zone for better comfort


  • Tightening and loosening the lace at all times may be a bit frustrating

Final Verdict: It’s well made and come with the right features to keep your feet comfortable while sailing and maneuvering on the seaside.

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7 Things to Consider Before Buying Wakeboard

Okay, how do you select the perfect binding for your need? This segment will answer that question. Here are some criteria to use when selecting the best wakeboard bindings for your enjoyable ride.

  • Compatibility

There is nothing like a universal fit for bindings just as there isn’t for shoes. What may work for your friend might turn out to be catastrophic for you. So, you have to select the perfect bindings for your feet. These days, there are bindings that can easily be adjusted to fit different types of boards. You can settle for this type of bindings if there is a chance to used by more than one person.

Again, one of the best ways to avoid compatibility problem is to buy your board and bindings manufactured within the same year from the same brand.

  • Closed Toe vs. Open Toe

The next thing to decide when looking for is deciding between closed toe and open toe style. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you take the right decision based on your preference.

  • Open Toe Bindings

Almost all wakeboard bindings were made in this style in the past. The open toe bindings can be used by different riders, since they fit more shoe sizes than the closed toe binding that fits only one shoe size. Another important benefit of these bindings is the fact that you won’t spend more money buying multiple bindings to fit different fit sizes in case you are out with friends and family.

This will be important if you are conscious of how much you spend, even though you don’t want to compromise quality. It helps users share bindings and save money in the process. This is why open toe binding is more ideal for kids as they won’t outgrow them easily. They also have a softer flex, which is more ideal for beginner and intermediate riders. However, the level of performance you get from closed toe bindings is far better than what you get from this type of binding.

  • Closed Toe Bindings

Most high end wakeboard bindings are now designed in this style. If you want top performance, unmatched comfort, and perfect fit, closed toe bindings will be more ideal for you. This is the best choice for the experienced riders who want to be able to maintain high performance and show exceptional skills when riding.

Closed toe bindings come in specific shoe sizes, ensuring that you will be buying your perfect size with no need to adjust. So, in the real sense, closed toe bindings will fit perfectly to the intended user than open toe bindings. If you are buying just for yourself, closed toe binding is surely the best way to go.

  • Closure Options

Wakeboard bindings are designed with Velcro styled or lace closure options. This option provides ease of entry and exit from the wakeboard. Generally, close-toe styled bindings come with lace fasteners while open toe models are designed with Velcro closure options. Velcro closure options are quicker to get in, and it’s very easy to adjust on the foot. In addition, they are strongly designed and can stand the test of time, unlike some with lacing system.

On the other hand, the lace and fastener options are very easy to use. They are usually used on many cheap bindings, because manufacturers can cut down on production cost by using laces instead of Velcro. To the user, the lace is very easy to replace. In case any lace gets worn out or broken, you can easily replace with another, unlike the Velcro closure bindings. So, the option you choose will depend on which feature is more appealing to you.

  • Flex

This is another important feature to consider before selecting your preferred wakeboard bindings. Generally, bindings come in either stiff or soft flex. Bindings with a softer flex will be better for beginners since they provide better cushion than stiff flex. As they progress they can start opting for stronger bindings that provide a higher level of performance, added control, and quicker response. So, the wakeboard binding flex you go for will depend on your level of experience.

  • Price

Price should also be considered when buying any product. If you are new to wakeboarding and want to try it out first, there is no need buying the most expensive models, since you are not sure whether you will go on after trying out. There are cheap models that can give you the basic features you need. On the other hand, experienced riders should look for the advanced one in terms of quality and stability. Surely, these ones are usually more expensive than other cheaper one.

The above are some of the most important things to consider before making that buying decision for your wakeboarding needs.


Experienced riders know the importance of good wakeboard bindings to the overall success of a ride. Getting the right bindings can help improve your performance to a great extent. That’s why it’s important to make the right call when choosing the best wakeboard bindings.

The above models reviewed here are the best of the bunch. They last much more than others and help riders stay more comfortable. If you are looking for the right one for your riding pleasure, just browse through their features and select the one that’s most appealing to you.

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