When it comes to staying safe during wakeboarding, wakeboarding lifejackets are unarguably the most important things to have after (having a good wakeboard, a pair of wakeboard binding and a wakeboarding rope). They are worn to keep your head out of water and help you stay afloat in case something goes wrong. Since your safety is concerned here, it’s very vital to select the right one that can do the job well.

Do not settle for cheaply or poor quality manufactured wakeboarding life jackets as they are more likely not going to protect you during collusion or even cost you your life under dangerous circumstances. If you are looking for the best wakeboarding life jackets for your comfort and safety, there are certainly good options you can choose. This review provides the 10 best wakeboard life jackets in the market based on their safety features, comfort, and overall design.

Top 10 Wakeboard Life Jacket Compared

Best Wakeboard Life Jacket Review

1. Hyperlite Life Jacket

Best Wakeboard Life Jacket

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Hyperlite is one of the best wakeboard life jacket brands renowned for strong design and good quality. It’s well designed for everyday and comfortable use for skiing, wakeboarding, and other activities done in inland water. With flatlock stitching and segmented cut, these wakeboarding life jackets are meant to last very long. Another great feature of this quality looking jacket is the foam inserts, perfectly included to keep you afloat and absorb the hash impacts of a fall. You will also love the dual waist and center zipper used in the design.

These are especially important as they make it easier to put on and remove the jacket. It’s ergonomically designed to help you move freely while providing the floating capabilities you will need. It’s definitely a great jacket to have if you are a very enthusiastic rider.

Overall, this best wakeboard life jacket is a high quality jacket designed for individuals looking for the perfect wakeboarding life jackets for their wakeskating, wakeboarding, or water skiing.


  • Moderately priced
  • Designed with foam padding to cushion the effect of alls
  • Light and provides free movements
  • Very durable


  • More expensive than some other models

Final Verdict: Hyperlite is one of the best wakeboard life jackets you can get for the money if you are looking for a comfortable and properly designed life jacket.

2. Connelly Neoprene Vest

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Connelly is surely a household name when it comes to the wakeboarding life jackets in the industry. Despite its alluring features, the product is one of the cheapest you can find in the market today. At roughly $69, you will get a well designed jacket with all the safety features you can get in the best wakeboard life jackets. It comes with upper panels that helps you easily wicks water away, is designed with rear panels for better mobility, and has a thin profile for better fit.

Connelly does not have buckles or straps, but comes with front zip vest, and 4-way stretch Neoprene for ease of use. Another excellent feature that makes it stand out is the x-shaped segmented design which gives the rider 360 degrees of mobility. With its Neoprene design, the jacket comfortably contours your body and stays very light, allowing free movements. Moreover, this vest is one of the best wakeboard life jackets you will ever find for those looking for lightweight jackets.


  • Comfortably fits on the body
  • Well designed for easy entry and exit
  • Comes with upper panels that easily wicks water away
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight design


  • The Zipper does not seem very strong

Final Verdict: If you’re are looking for the best wakeboard life jackets you can find, Connelly Neoprene vest is certainly a great option.

3. Hyperlite Indy Life Grey Vest

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This is certainly one of the most basic wakeboarding life jackets you will ever see in the market. It comes with good features and is well made for safety. When it comes to selecting the best wakeboard life jackets, most people tend to concentrate of its floating capacity. You wouldn’t want to have a jacket that’s too heavy and prevents you from moving freely.

With Hyperlite Indy life, these worries are certainly over. It comes with the right features to keep you comfortable and get you floating on water when the need arises. Moreover, it features a diagonal hinge point to give riders maximum range of motion. Other features of this best wakeboard life jacket include good draining ability, segmented foam panels, and 2 concealed straps for maximum protection.


  • Super comfortable
  • Segmented foam panels for good floatability
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Ideal for both novice and professional skateboarders


  • The zipper can sometimes get stuck

Final Verdict: For those who need the best wakeboard life jacket to stay secured in water without sacrificing their comfort and mobility, this well designed life jacket will not disappoint.

4. O’Neill Youth Reactor Life Vest

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O’Neill is also another very popular wakeboarding life jacket. The artistic design of this youth reactor life jacket has been well noted by professional wakeboarders and skiers who have seen its overall quality. The jacket comes with a mesh for easy drainage, is designed with a zipper safety tab, comes with super strong seams, and has flexible multi-density design. All these features make O’Neill one of the best wakeboard life jackets in the market today.

This is certainly the right life vest for your kids because it is US coast guard approved, which makes it quite ideal for any type of water sporting activities. Moreover, the life jacket’s buckle closure system and the zipper make it very secure. Interestingly, it’s one of the lightest wakeboarding life jackets you will ever find.


  • Extremely lightweight for ease of movement
  • Comes with flexible multi-tendency design for better comfort
  • Coast Guard approved
  • Durable exterior closure


  • Does not come with a button strap
  • Comes in smaller sizes

Final Verdict: O’Neill is certainly a high quality life jacket. With all its alluring features, the vest is one of the best wakeboard life jackets to have.

5. Ronix Coral Wakeboard Vest

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Ronix best wakeboard life jacket is designed for fashionably inclined women who love the waterways. It’s designed with extremely comfortable neoprene, which makes it lightweight and easy to enter and exit. The vest is designed with quality in mind, considering its proper design. The neoprene material used in the design makes it possible to move easily and learn new tricks or perform different styles.

But its main job, which is providing safety during times of crash, is properly intact. With this vest you’ll get the best wakeboard life jacket that is well crafted for proper floating when it is needed. Moreover, it comes with 1 year warranty. This goes further to emphasize the brand’s desire to stick with quality and nothing less.


  • Ultra-light design
  • Stylish designed with comfortable neoprene
  • Designed with good foam padding
  • Comes with perforated Ariaprene


  • Non-US coast guard approved

Final Verdict: Ronix Coral is the best wakeboard life jacket specially designed for persistent swimming females who won’t mind sacrificing buoyancy for greater mobility and reduced weight.

6. Body Glove Nylon Life Vest

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Body Glove is one of the oldest wakeboarding life jackets manufacturers. They have been in business since 1953. With their experience, they have maintained a high level of top-notch products unmatched by anyone in the industry. This nylon life vest extrudes all the quality associated with the brand. It comes with strategically positioned drain gloves, 4 high quality one-inch belts, as well as a nylon outer shell for great comfort.

When selecting the best wakeboard life jacket, one area to pay particular attention is the weight of the jacket. Interestingly, Body Glove is one of the lightest wakeboarding life jackets in the industry. It’s made this way to aid user’s movements and keep them extremely comfortable when trying out different skills. Overall, it’s a US coast Guard approved vest, which makes it highly qualified as a safety vest.


  • Extremely lightweight with 100 percent foam floatation
  • Comes with high quality outer shell
  • Designed with quick release buckles
  • The drain holes are strategically placed for faster draining


  • Comes in limited sizes

Final Verdict:If you are looking for the best wakeboard life jacket to give you the ultimate protection and comfort, you are certainly going to love Body Glove wakeboarding lifejackets.

7. RONIX Party Reversible Impact Jacket

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Here is another excellent jacket from the RONIX brand. It has similar design with the model above, but has more features. One very interesting quality of the reversible impact jacket is the four-way stretch neoprene shell that makes it very comfortable for easy movements. With an eye-catchy color, an attractive interior lining, and a neoprene outer shell, this best wakeboard life jacket will feel more like you’re putting on a fancy cloth than a life jacket.

It comes with a succinct anatomical cut to give the vest a strong fitting for different sizes of individuals. Moreover, this reversible impact jacket has great level of flexibility, making it super convenient and comfortable for both beginner and professional riders. You will also love the segmented foam panels that make the Ronix wakeboarding life jackets effective for the safety job they do.


  • Very ideal for different types of water sporting activities
  • Comes with reversible and front zip closure
  • Very comfortable design
  • Simple design with segmented foam panels


  • The vest is not US coast Guard approved

Final Verdict: Roxix Reversible impact is one of the best wakeboard life jackets for those looking for stylish life jackets with all the right safety features.

8. AIRHEAD Men’s Dry Neolite Vest

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Although this model is fairly new in the market, it is designed with the right features in the right places. When it comes to lightweight and comfort, Airhead Neolite Vest is unarguably one of the best wakeboard life jackets you can ever find in the market. It is properly designed to fit comfortably to the body. Surely the most important features any rider will look for in a life jacket is the comfort, ease of use, and overall safety features of the jacket.

For this model, it has everything you will need for such purposes. It’s also stylishly designed for the classic individuals who want not just a life vest but also a fashionable one. If you’re in the market for the best wakeboard life jacket, you will definitely make a good choice by selecting this cool Neolite vest.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Comfortable design with good stitches
  • Designed with high quality foam padding
  • Extremely lightweight


  • A bit more expensive than some other models

Final Verdict: Airhead men’s wakeboarding lifejackets are designed for riders who want the best wakeboard life jackets for their safety and comfortable use.

9. Stearns Women’s Life Jacket

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This hydroprene best wakeboard life jacket comes with innovative design you will love. It’s designed with a slanting entry opening that’s quite easy to slip in and out. Another interesting feature about the vest is the ride up tab, which helps you easily reposition this jacket while it’s still on you. This is a simple feature, but definitely a very important one when you are maneuvering and trying new skills.

The buckles are properly placed so that they’ll not be obstructive when wakeboarding. Moreover, it’s a US coast guard approved jacket for safety. That makes it very safe to use in different types of water sport activities. Overall, you are not just getting a safe life jacket but also a comfortable one that lets you do all the things you intend doing while wakeboarding, skiing, or skateboarding.


  • Very comfortable for different activities
  • Designed with a ride up tab for easy maneuverability
  • Very affordable compared to its peers
  • US safe coast guard approved for safety


  • It can deteriorate if used frequently in the sun

Final Verdict: There are very few wakeboarding jackets that can match this one in terms of safety and comfortable features. It’s highly recommended for both novice and experienced wakeboard riders.

10. AIRHEAD Adult Life Jacket

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The last jacket is certainly not the least in this best wakeboard life jacket review. The order of listing here does not follow any particular order. So, don’t think this life jacket is the least important. In fact, it’s at par with all the other aforementioned wakeboarding life jackets in this review. It comes with great features and, just like others, is extremely lightweight.

With this, you will easily do your stunts and maneuver as you want without any hindrance. Airhead Adult life jacket is one of the wakeboarding life jackets you will have and feel very confident you are safe when having fun on the seaside. Its padded foam easily drains water and keeps the jacket very light. The only area where users have issues is the sizing option. It doesn’t come with several sizing options and may not be suitable for everybody. But the vest is definitely up there among the best wakeboard life jackets when it comes to overall quality.


  • Comes with durable design
  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • Perfect for both novice and professional wakeboard riders
  • Features a good draining foam padding


  • Doesn’t come with many sizing options

Final Verdict: Airhead life jacket is surly one of the best wakeboard life jackets in the industry when it comes to durability, comfort, and safety. It’s therefore, highly recommended.

Best Wakeboarding Lifejackets Buying Guide

What qualities are you looking for when selecting wakeboarding life jackets? How do you know which is best for you? It’s very important to consider certain things before selecting any wakeboarding vest. This will make sure you’re making the right investment by choosing what will actually suit your needs. Below are certain considerations to make before selecting the best wakeboard life jacket.

  • Size

There are different sizes of wakeboarding life jackets, and it’s important to select the right size for you. This will help you stay more comfortable and move freely when performing any tricks. Construction and fit can vary by brand, so it will be better to select a top quality brand you will love its design. The size of the vest can also factor into the overall weight. But you should be more concerned about how fitting the vest will be before looking at its weight.

  • Materials

There are basically two major materials used in designing wakeboarding life jackets: neoprene and nylon.
Neoprene is usually warmer and softer than nylon, but nylon is more adjustable and generally cheaper than neoprene.

Here, you should go for the right vest based on which features are more appealing to you. But to give you a slight hint on the right option for most people, the best wakeboarding life jackets are generally designed with neoprene materials because of their better comfort. If you want a life jacket that can keep you warmer when wakeboarding, the neoprene type should be the better option for you.

  • Style

Some wakeboarding life jackets feature zippers, buttons, or snaps in the front. Some others even come with a pull over head. The style of the vest can determine how rigid or flexible it will be. Generally, zippers are easier to step in and step out than wakeboarding life jackets with buttons. But, buttons are easily more replaceable. So your choice depends on convenience and what you really prefer.

The above are some of the features you need to consider before making your decision on the most ideal wakeboarding life jackets to buy.


Wakeboarding life jackets are basically designed to be more flexible, fit more snugly, and more lightweight than their traditional lifesaving counterparts. They are completely designed to provide best of both worlds –comfort and safety- at the same time.

If you are looking for the best wakeboarding life jackets for your riding fun, we have reviewed the best for you above. These jackets are well designed with the right features to keep you comfortable while ensuring you stay afloat water when things go wrong. They are therefore, recommended for both beginner and experienced wakeboard riders.

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