10 Best Mountain Bike Lights Review for 2020

No one loves the idea of mountain biking in the darkness. Riding in dark raises the chances of getting into an accident, the results of which can be fatal.

It is from this that the demand for mountain bike lights emanates, it illuminates your route blocking obstacles from hitting you or your bike. While mountain bike light comes in different sizes and shapes, not all of them are genuine.

So, if you are looking for the best mountain bike light, follow this post for more details.

Top 10 Mountain Bike Lights Compared:

10 Best Mountain Bike Lights Review

1. Bright Eyes Rechargeable Bike Headlight

best mountain bike lights

Bright Eyes might be the only product to guarantee you a confident, safe and secure ride in the night. This product maintains a steady light output till the battery is completely drained, this reduces the chances of dim light whenever you are using the flash.

While using the light, you mount an external battery at any point you deem convenient. The use of long battery cords and headlights makes this possible. The external battery allows this light to provide bright light at an affordable rate of below $150.

The product quality results for an extended period. It will serve you for a minimum of five hours when you are on the high mode. For a low mode, it will take you for a minimum of thirty hours nonstop service.


  • It provides extremely bright light.
  • Cheap to buy and maintain.
  • It guarantees safe and secure cycling.


  • There is an availability of too many imitations in the market.

Final Verdict: With this mountain bike light, you do not need to worry about riding into the night again. It will give you the results you anticipate at affordable price.

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2. Blitzu Gator 320 USB Rechargeable Bike Light

If you are looking for safety, consistency in results and ease of use, then this is the lights is the perfect one for you. The Blitzu Gator 320 is more significant for night travel and also offers the necessary precautions you need when cruising during the day.

It uses a USB smart charging technology, saving you the costs involved with using a battery. Further, it contains four different lights modes that help to keep on power and achieve quality results.

The product comes with both the headlight and the tail light. The feature allows you a complete 360 degrees visibility increasing your security even when in low light conditions.

The light is highly versatile and can be used for other functions. The enhanced visibility and portability make it easier to use it while walking your dog, taking a jog, changing your car tire among other features. It is powered by the latest LED technology, the Ultra Bright 320-lumen output that helps improve visibility, safety and security.

Using the light is one of the simplest tasks, all you need to do is to press the release button, slide the light forward, and you are good to go.

The light draws its power from a rechargeable battery that takes two hours to get fully charged. The product offers the best light which you can vary to meet your different lighting needs.


  • USB charging system allowing easier charging.
  • It is easier to connect and use
  • It increases your safety and security on the road.
  • It is portable making it easier to use for other functions.
  • It only requires two hours to charge completely.


  • The light only shines for two hours when set at maximum.
  • Charging requires electricity and an active USB charging technology.

Final Verdict: This light guarantee a high quality and excellent service. USB charging system saves your lot of money.

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3. Night Eyes1200 Lumens Mountain Bike headlight

If you are looking for plenty of intensely bright light, then this is the light for you. This light is suitable for virtually all types of cyclists. The design, however, was for hiking, mountain biking, and any other outdoor activity. It’s waterproof ABS rechargeable battery makes it ideal to cycle in any weather.

The 8.4V 6400mA battery lasts for 24 hours on low light mode, 6 hours when set on the medium mode and 4 hours when placed in the highest mode. The headband set on the headlight makes it suitable for any kind of outdoor activity & biking. The light provides an extended range of visibility which goes to a maximum of 3000 feet visibility.


  • The light incorporates multiple lighting features that range from 350 to 1200 lumens.
  • It has a visibility of up to 3000 feet.
  • Its lithium battery can be recharged with ease on a wall charger.


  • The battery wears out with ease especially after the elapse of one year warranty period.

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a bright light, then this is the ideal light for you. It will provide you with the best quality of light you need.

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4. Te-Rich 1200 Lumens Mountain Bicycle Headlight

When you are in need of a powerful beam that stretches your ride at night, or small lighting to get you home at dusk, the Te-Rich 1200 lumen is the lighting for you to get home safely. The lights are easy to mount, use and do not clunky your ride or even get on your way. Using this light allows you experience these features.

It has a gracious beam that soaks your way with consistent, glorious, dependable light. Using it eliminates the visual fatigue familiar with long rides. Its super bright rays are extended up to 300 meters making your way visible to miles away. The neutral white LED light is the ideal color temperature for any outdoor event. The light is made from aircraft-grade aluminum thus elongating its life.

The multifunction feature allows you to use the light for both the indoor and outdoor low light conditions. This high-performance light draws its power from a 4400 mAh battery that can retain much energy without the need to recharge regularly. The cell contains a LED indicator that helps prevent any chance of overcharging. The headlamp contains four lighting options (strobe, low, medium and high).


  • The lighting is ideal for long distance rides as one does not tire with ease.
  • It offers quality results for both the indoor and outdoor activities.
  • The light makes it easier to spot objects and bumps making your ride smooth.
  • It is quite dependable when it comes to lighting.
  • The product comes with a highly durable and versatile battery.
  • It also provides an excellent light dispersion.


  • The product is quite small.

Final Verdict: When looking for a strong beam of light to take you home, this light will solve your need. The light will provide you with the elastic beam of light to help you achieve your needs.

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5. INTEY Bike Light LED Bicycle Lights

The INTEY mountain Bike Light LED Bicycle Lights works to save you the hassles of buying and replacing batteries. This LED headlight is USB rechargeable and takes three hours to get completely charged. The headlight has two main modes; the highest setting that uses 1600 lumens with a runtime of one and a half hour. The lowest setting applies 800 lumens and has a runtime of three and a half hour.

It uses a 5000 mAh battery that can act as a power bank to charge your cell and any other device that can be charged via USB. The light can rotate at 360 degrees to provide the view in any direction you want. The entire system is covered by an IPX6 waterproof case to ensure durability and increase the reliability of the product. The whole system does not have any seams, and an opening on the lighting system is covered and protected with a gasket like a case that helps prevent water from entering into the system.

Riding on this light at night or on a foggy day helps to increase your safety. The use of yellow border helps the light to shine brighter which penetrate the foggy weather thus making you visible to all other motorists. And even with the newest design of this light, you do not need to stretch your hands and change or activate the light, why? They are using a wire remote button rather than a switch.

The light comes with six different modes which will ensure your ride as smooth as possible. These types include a strobe light, pulse mode at 50-100 lumens, the low mode at 200 lumens, mid mode at 400 lumens, the high mode at 800 lumens and ultra-light at 1600 lumens.


  • Availability of wide range of modes to choose from.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • The use of remote control helps prevent disruptions on the road.
  • The battery also acts as power bank, allowing you to charge your phone.


  • Charging your phone through this shrinks the battery quite fast.
  • The cell has a shorter lifespan of not more than four hours.

Final Verdict: Buying batteries for your lighting system should be a thing of the past. If you are looking to save on your finances and get quality results, then this is the best rechargeable bike light for you.

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6. Bike Light Set – Super Bright LED Lights

Using this light helps increase your safety conditions while on the road. The flashing modes of this light make it possible for other riders to spot you with ease. The light uses a torch made from aluminum metal and a reflector covered with the ABS plastic. These two features make it impossible for the light to catch rust or even destroy with ease. The mountain bike night light keeps you both safe and lasts for an extended period.

The lights use a CREE LED to ensure they do not fail. The 200-lumen, 5 AAA batteries- 2 in the back flashlight and three on the headlamp. The system is covered with a waterproof case that helps the light withstand extreme conditions. Whether riding on a dusty road, rain or even snow, you are assured that the light will not be destroyed in any way.

The ease of installation makes it very user-friendly to use this light. They are easy to attach, and are quite firm on the bike bar. Both the tail and the headlamps have a screw which you can handle manually. As such, you do not need any tool to install this light as you can easily use adjustable rubber brackets on the bike handlebars. The use of rubber makes it easier to remove the lighting from the bike; you are therefore able to avoid any case of theft.


  • Improved safety conditions.
  • The product is durable.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • They fit on any type of bike.
  • They are highly efficient


  • The use of rubber to hold the lights makes them prone to theft.
  • The weak clips holding the lights may force them to drop quickly.

Final Verdict: Safety on your road should be your first top priority, this light can give you the best possible support while riding at night time.

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7. Bike Light Rear Bicycle Headlight

When riding your bicycle at any time of the day or night, your safety should be a priority. Cycling with this light makes it possible for cyclist and other road users to spot you. Do not risk your life by driving in the dark, grab this light and enjoy the benefits. The light is equipped with 3W CREE LED chips that allow this mountain bike headlight to produce 200 lumens of light with its beam extending to 500 feet. The increased length will enable you to spot any bumps and objects on time and allow you time to evade them.

For this light, you do not need to buy batteries anymore. The system makes use of the latest USB charging system allowing you to charge the front lights with a laptop, computer or even a wall socket. Saves money, right?

It makes use of three different light modes and a low battery alert. These modes determine the length and lifespan of the charge. These modes are high that takes a maximum of three hours to deplete the charge entirely. Middle with a runtime of four hours. Low use mode has a runtime of seven hours. The strobe or the flashing mode that has a runtime of six hours. In case the battery runs low on power, the indicator displays a red light, and its headlight starts running in flashing mode.

This lighting system has tons of benefits. It is easier to install and remove which helps to keep the thieves and thugs away. 


  • Helps improve the overall safety
  • The availability of different lighting mode.
  • The system is easy to install and dismantle.


  • The use of USB charging makes the lighting dependent on electricity.

Final Verdict: One primary role of using lights is to ensure safety on the road. This rechargeable bicycle light  can help you to ensure your night riding safety.

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8. Vision II USB Bike Light

If you want to see everything at night in full HD, then, this Vision II USB Bike Light is your light. It brightens your way giving a crystal clear vision ideal for riding at night. The light comes with two rechargeable batteries each with a lifespan of eight hours when fully charged. In total, you will have a total of sixteen full hours before your bike’s light goes entirely off.

The light is made using an aluminum alloy and covered with a waterproof case. The effects being to enhance durability and efficiency whenever you use the product. The products are indestructible and can be used in various outdoor activities.

The Vision II light uses the USB smart charging technology, eliminating the need of buying and replacement of batteries. All you will need is a power adaptor, and you’ll be good to go. 


  • The use of backup battery are always sorted when riding at night.
  • The method of USB smart charging technology helps to eliminate the need of buying new batteries thus saving on cost.


  • The switch does not seem to work as per the expectation.
  • The clips holding the lights are not reliable thus falls most of the time.

Final Verdict: If you want to receive HD quality results, then this is the light for you. The light allows you to save energy and provide quality results. 

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9. Cycle Torch Night Owl USB Rechargeable Bike Light

When using your mountain bike light, cost and efficiency should be the first things to consider. Using this USB rechargeable bike light allows you to save money, time and improve your safety. The light comes with a USB cord attached to it restricting your work from plugging in and charging. The cycle torch night owl comes with a smart USB charging technology and takes a short time to charge completely. Most users would think that cycling lights are only suitable at night.

However, they are wrong. Most of the cycling accidents occur during the day, emphasizing the use of lights during the day.

The light is natural to fix and install for virtually all types and manners of bikes. These include scooters, kid bicycles, strollers, camping as well other family activities. The manufacturer understands that when it comes to performance, every gram of weight counts. The light weighs only 80 grams making it easier to walk around with it. Its casing is IPX5 rated, making it possible to cycle even in harsh weather conditions-rainy, dusty and in the presence of snow.


  • It helps to minimize cost.
  • They are highly efficient.
  • Easy to install and run.


  • The use of USB charging system makes the light dependent on the availability of electricity.
  • Quality Results

Final Verdict: Cycle Torch Night Owl allows you to achieve cost efficient results. It will allow you achieve the quality results you need.

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10. Fillixar USB Rechargeable Bike Light

Using USB rechargeable lights helps avoid the hassles related to buying and replacing batteries. Once you purchase this light, you will have to charge the lithium battery with your computer or the wall socket for three and a half hours.

Once fully loaded, the light has a runtime of 5 hours. The Fillixar USB light uses a 600 lumens CREE for your bike. It has five different modes and can light your way to a length of 650 meters. These modes are as follows; strobe, low that has 150 lumens and a runtime of five hours. The medium runs 300 lumens with a runtime of two and a half hours. Its high mode has a lumen of 600 and a runtime of one and half hours.

The lights are easy to attach, and they can fit on any bike size. You can also use them for various functions like changing your car tire, cycling, walking a dog, hiking, jogging, and even camping. The headlight is made of military grade aluminum alloy and also covered with an IPX6 waterproof casing.

These features make it possible to cycle safely even in harsh weather conditions. The presence of side lights helps notify other motorists of your presence, especially when approaching junctions and intersections. On the other hand, the rear light contains three settings- slow flash, quick flash and constant on- these feature helps to improve your visibility resulting in a safer ride on the road.


  • Increases visibility thus enhancing your safety on the road.
  • Easy to install and remove improving its security.
  • The use of USB charging helps save money which would have been used for buying batteries.
  • Provides a wide range of modes to choose from.
  • It has an enhanced lifespan.


  • The use of USB charging makes the light dependent on electricity.
  • The light falls directly to oncoming motorists thus blocking their view which can be very dangerous.

Final Verdict: With the capacity to last for five hours nonstop battery power this light can give you a great support while night riding.

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What bike lights are the best?

There are different types, models and brands of this equipment in the market. Here we list the top ten things which you should consider before purchasing and installation are given below.

Are bike lights necessary?

No doubts, mountain bike lights are necessary. They help you to spot a pothole, broken porcelain or even an abandoned $50 note. It will also help other motorists to see you, thus reducing the chances of getting into a collision.

Are bike lights a legal requirement?

Yes, mountain bike lights are a legal requirement. The lights must be affixed to your bike. Therefore, lights attached to your helmet or at the back of a rucksack do not qualify as mountain bike lights.

Are flashing bike lights legal?

Flashing lights are legal. However, it is advisable for you to use a steady light when cycling in a pavement or road devoid of street lights.


Installing the best mountain bike lights on your bike is not only crucial in ensuring your safety, but it is also a legal requirement. Failure to have a working headlight on your bicycle can make you face legal proceedings in a competent court of law.

To avoid this, you have to ensure to have the best lighting system that is both efficient and affordable. Some of the things to check when buying these devices include the cost and the availability of different modes of light. The light systems with different styles tend to provide the results you need while ensuring you are saving on energy.

When in need of any bicycle light, go through these listed here and select the one that helps you achieve your goals. Check the ease of use, durability and the sales terms and conditions. Put just, your option should be easy to attach and detach from your bike. Check the availability of lack of durable materials and waterproof properties. Ensure you to make the best decision.

Whenever you are on the road, you should ensure that you do not compromise on your safety and that of other road users. It is therefore essential for us to guarantee you to get working headlights and rear lights on your bike.

Also, you should make sure you do not block oncoming motorists with bright light. The excess light may block their light, and the results can be catastrophic. Therefore, select the best mode that is comfortable for you and other road users.

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