Lauren Mollica | Girl Skateboarder

You can often find Lauren Mollica rolling around the streets of New York City or in a club spinning some records. She has competed in most of the contest since the first All Girl Skate Jam in 1997. Lauren’s always down to skate and has fun doing it. Interview by: Lisa Whitaker (August 2004)

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

New Brunswick , New Jersey

Birthday? July 7th 1980

How long have you been skating and got you into it?

Since a long time, but kinda off and on. I started snowboarding for like 5 years and then went to boarding school in Maine, there wasn’t a lot to skate. So i guess i just got back into it like in 1999 when I graduated highschool. My brothers skated.

Where you treated any different because you are a girl?

Sometimes, I think mostly on a possitive level. People are psyched to see a girl skate I guess. It’s so shocking!

First board?

Some Sims Kevin Staab board with pirates on it. It was soo cool, I bought it cause of the pirates, and purple grip, and green wheels and rails and tail thingy and all that stuff.



Where has skateboarding allowed you to travel?

All over the States and Canada, a bunch of places in Europe, Malayasia, Australia, New Jersey…all the dope spots.


Which is your favorite?

Jersey’s clasic, we used to skate the most ghetto shit. That was fun, but I haven’t been to spots there in a while. I have good friends in Australia so it’s always a good time, but I don’t end up skating so much when I go there, too many distractions. I duno I like the weird spots.

Most memorable time?

I don’t really know one time in particular. Evertime I travel somewhere is memorable, so many good times, weird times, the past few years have just been amazing.

Who do you like to skate with and where do you usually skate?

I usually just skate around Brooklyn. Sometimes I go to the TF, Tompkins Park, they got a flat rail and an up box that’s cool . I skate by my self a lot, or I just skate with whoevers, like leave the house and whoever’s around. I skate with my friend Seth a lot, we go skate the Autumn bowl. Jaime (Reyes) is usually at the TF, and Tino Razo, Mark Razo, RB, Suski, Puelo & everybody.

Favorite spot?

I duno, Bobby Puelo just built this cool ledge with a bank on the side, that thing is cool.

Favorite trick?

I like tail slides. I can do switch/nollie heels pretty good now, so i like those.

Do you like skating contests?

Are you kidding? No. Well, it’s fun to go to and skate the course, cause they usually make some weird shit, but man, I’m like the most nervouse person in the world, my legs dont work when I have to skate a contest, and I don’t like skating with lots of people. I just hate it when everybody’s all agro tryin to skate the course and it’s not even fun to cruise around.

Favorite contest?

The course in Dortmund, Germany was epic, but Melbourne is the funnest

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I duno, I’m shy.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Stone Roses , Joy Division , New Order, Metallica, Chicks On Speed, Tracy and the Plastics, Jesus and Mary Chain, LCD Sound System, Ministry, The Clash, Ramones, Slayer, Biggie, ESG, Grace Jones, Audio Bullys, Primal Scream, XTC…everthing is good.

Favorite movie?

Comming To America.

Favorite skate video?

I duno, I never see them.

Do you like filming?

Yeah, I like filming. Sometimes its frustrating.

How is your footage for the Villa Villa Cola video coming along?

I duno, I got a couple of things…I deffinetly want to get a lot more. I filmed a bunch of stuff in Europe, and I’m tryin to get some of that footage so i can get that in.


Gallaz, Enjoi has been sending me some skateboards, I wouldn’t say I was riding for them, but I rep the shit.

Thank you.

Your welcome.

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