Old School Skateboard Decks

There are so many old school decks being re-issued right now, and I am glad. No offense but most of the art of new decks just does not compare to the timeless classic designs of the days when I was growing up. (sorry kids lol)

check it out, old school Vision re-issue Psycho Stick

US Made Original Old School Reissue Skateboard Deck. Bolt features match new truck models 4 bolts. No Wheel Wells. US Made from Canadian maple in original factory.

Powell-Peralta—The Next Chapter. George Powell, the Godfather of skateboard manufacturing and Stacy Peralta, skateboarding legend/film producer, have joined forces once again. Proudly satisfying the needs of skaters and skateboard collectors all over the world, Powell Peralta is re-issuing some of the most popular and classic skateboards of all time along with wheels, soft goods, and many more must-have collectibles.
The old school ripper deck!! need I say more?

This classic design is one of the coolest looking top skateboard decks from the old school days of wide skateboards and big wheels!

Oh yes, this is the deck I am ordering next without a doubt.


Purple Mike Vallely Elephant old school 10 deck from Powell Peralta.

Timeless design and shape, love the bold purple colors and the elephant is awesome!

In 1987, Vallely turned pro and Powell Peralta released his first pro model skateboard. After an attempt to release Vallelys pro model with graphics of a large bug, it was later changed to the now well-known elephant graphics.

Vallely stated that the idea for the graphics came to him after watching a National Geographic television special about elephants. The graphics on Mikes Elephant board were drawn by legendary skateboard artist V. Courtland Johnson.

In 1989, Vallely quit Powell Peralta. At the time Powell Peralta was the biggest skateboarding brand in the world which sponsored the best and most talented skaters. After quitting, Vallely helped form the small skater run company called World Industries with Steve Rocco, Jesse Martinez and Rodney Mullen. While riding for World Industries he helped create a newly shaped skateboard deck, which eventually became the industry standard. The model included rounding both the tail and nose, rather than rounded nose and straight edged tail.

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