Top 5 Skateboarding Legends

The sport of skateboarding is rich in history and revolutionary skaters who have served to revolutionize this popular pastime. Although many consider this a recreational activity, it is actually a popular and growing past time that has produced many iconic figures who are continuing to contribute to the industry such as Tony Hawk.

Although everyone has different opinions regarding the best skaters in skateboarding history, there are many figures that deserve recognition as one of the top 5 skateboarding legends of all time.

Although skating is a relatively new activity, it has spawned many iconic and legendary individuals who have served the sport in a wide variety of ways. Some helped to bring the sport into the mainstream, while others either created or popularized many elite tricks that novice skaters aspire to master. Ultimately, there are many classic and fast rising stars worthy of recognition.

5 Skateboarding Legends

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is probably the best-known legend of the sport. Even those who are not die-hard fans of this sport have heard of him at some point. He has many significant accomplishments on his resume, which include being the first individual to land a trick known as the “900.” He is also widely known for the extremely successful video game franchise that bears his name.

Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen is another name in the minds of most fans, and many are still quick to cite Mullen as the most influential skater of all time. He is known to have created many of the most significant tricks in the sport’s history. Some include the kickflip, the flat ground ollie, and the heelflip.

Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist is another very popular skater among fans. He is also credited with landing some of the most difficult tricks in the business, including the “mega fakie to fakie 900″. He specializes in switch stance skating and has been responsible for the creation of many innovative vert tricks. He is widely known for his come from behind win in the 2001 X-Games.

Geoff Rowley

Geoff Rowley is another fan-favorite who has inspired many young skaters to explore this fast-growing activity. He appears alongside Tony Hawk in many of Tony Hawk skateboarding games. This icon is also known for his 50/50 trick performed on the Staple’s Center ledge in Los Angeles in 1999. This trick, and the subsequent photograph of the trick, helped to launch him into the upper echelon of popular skaters.

Eric Koston

Eric Koston began skating in 1986 while growing up in San Bernardo, California. He gained sponsorship in 1991 and quickly became a professional in 1993. He is a favorite among fans, and he has appeared in many skating videos and skateboard games as well. Koston popularized a trick known as the “crooked grind”, and he also invented the “banana bunny grind” and the “fandango”.


Any list of the top 5 skateboarding legends will be a point of debate. All fans have a personal favorite, and many qualified and influential individuals certainly deserve recognition. Although it is a relatively young sport, it has produced many classic legends and is sure to bring much more young skaters to the forefront of the industry as it continues to grow in scope.

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