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Hoverboards Past, Present and Future – A Complete Guide

Introduction Hoverboard has become a hot topic in the high tech world these days. Everyone (both kids and adults) want to ride on this new age technology. But the hoverboard as it’s widely known can actually be traced back to 1989 where it was first ridden in “Back to...

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The History of Skateboarding

No one knows for sure when officially skateboarding was born, but most people agree it started in the late 1940s or early 1950s.  Surfers in California were always looking to catch a wave but wanted something “to surf” when the waves were flat. No one...

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Top 5 Skateboarding Legends

The sport of skateboarding is rich in history and revolutionary skaters who have served to revolutionize this popular pastime. Although many consider this a recreational activity, it is actually a popular and growing past time that has produced many iconic figures who...

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