Guest Post Guidelines

So you want to become a guest writer? First off, thank you! We love having bright people like you contribute to our blog. We have a few guidelines for you to follow to help keep us sane and our readers riveted. Regardless of how well written your piece may be, we reserve the right to draw all over it with a red pen to ensure it’s suited for our blog.

In order to get your article published on the Skatereview website, it must comply with the following contributor guidelines:

– Avoid excessive external linking. Guideline: 3-4 external links per post. Please avoid excessive linking to your website (one or two times maximum). Link to reputable sources with good domain authority, unless the information is extremely relevant.-

– When using stats, please include a link to the source.

– Keep it original. Please don’t rehash, re-publish, re-shuffle or duplicate your submitted article on other publications.

– Self-promotional pieces will not be published. To be on our blog, your article must be helpful, knowledgeable and insightful.

– Make it spotlight-ready! Double check your spelling, grammar, etc and submit a ready-to-publish piece (don’t worry, we’ll take a look too).

– Find that magic keyword. Focus your writing on a keyword you want the piece to rank for. Pop it in the title, some headlines and intersperse it through your piece for the best SEO juice. Please find a different keyword than what you are currently trying to rank for so we are not competing against each other for the same keywords.

– Please check your content in Yoast or your SEO editor of choice to make sure it follows SEO best practices. We want your piece to rank well so it’s seen by our readers and easily found by search engines.

– Have a voice! Be entertaining, and if you can throw in a joke without sacrificing succinctness, go for it.

– Write with visuals in mind. Be specific when it comes to what you’re describing. Feel free to include/suggest screenshots and other visual material.


Skatereview reserves the right to edit and/or reject any content submitted for publication.

If you have any questions regarding these guest post guidelines or want to submit a piece, please email to our content team at [email protected]