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45 Skateboarding Stats You Need To Know

Welcome to the comprehensive collection of skateboarding stats. As skateboarding getting more and more popular, we thought why not make a list skateboard stats which will give you the information at a glance. These stats for skateboards illustrate this sports...

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Ultimate Electric Longboard Buying Guide

If you are like most people, and you are looking to buy the best electric longboard, it doesn‘t take long to realize that there are a lot to choose from. In fact, as the market for electric longboards continues to grow, the number of options available to a buyer will...

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Boys Ice Skates – How To Get The Right One!

Boys are adventurous and full of energy. During their growing up years, boys are encouraged and introduced to a number of different activities and sports in an effort to redirect this energy and adventure spirit into a more worthy case. One of the activities and...

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Skateboarding Startup Guide For Beginners

If you recently took up skateboarding as a sport or hobby, and you’ve never been involved in skateboarding before, there is a lot of information you will need to know in order to ensure that you are safe and know how to properly use the skateboard outdoors and...

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Learn how to Heelflip with skateboard For Beginners

In the heelflip, your skateboard flips away from you as you jump.It spins in the opposite direction as a kickflip. Many feel that learning how to heelflip is much easier than learning how to kickflip, but learning how to heelflip also takes some time. You can learn...

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Skateboarding Safety Tips and Guide 2

When people talk about skateboarding safety, they frequently refer to the health and safety gear that every single skateboarder must wear. And the security gear doesn’t will need any introduction if you are a skateboarder yourself. You know, the helmet, the padding,...

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5 Best Skateboard Helmets Reviews And Buying Guide

Skating is one of the most common and popular sports for the young generation. There will be only a few numbers of children who haven’t got a skateboard on his birthday present. However, like most other thrilling sports skateboarding also comes with some danger and...

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How To Ride A Ripstik Tutorial For Beginners

Before you get started riding your Ripstik for the first time, you’ll want to wear the proper safety gear. Since riding a Ripstik is so similar to riding a skateboard, the best safety gear you can get is the kind made for skateboarding. At the very least you’ll want...

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