9 Best Snowboarding Goggles With Complete Buying Guide

Best Snowboarding Goggles

A lot of accessories are required if you want to go on a snowboard ride apart from the snowboard itself right? One of them is snow goggles which protect your eyes and ensure a clear view. There is actually a rise in the sales of snow goggles from 2012 to 2016 (from 118.55M dollars to 143.4M).

This clearly shows the increasing popularity of the sport itself! With these in mind, more people will worry where, and how to find the best snowboard goggles. Here is a list of 10 for you to start from, and a buying guide that will help you make a good decision.

Top 10 Snowboarding Goggles Compared:

9 Best Snowboarding Goggles Review::

1. Outdoor Master OTG Snowboard Goggles

This type of snowboarding goggles is one with excellent optical clarity—you can see around you very clearly. Also, you will be able to enjoy 100% UV Protection, which is essential to protect your eyes. The design of this goggle suits men, women as well as kids— a goggle is for everyone.


  • 100% UV Protection and excellent view due to optical clarity
  • A bunch of color options available for different customers
  • There is an adjustable strap allowing for compatibility of the helmet
  • The design of the goggles is unisex


  • The lens will scratch relatively easily, meaning that the goggle is not that durable
  • The headband may tear off after wearing several times

Final Verdict: A nice snow goggle that is cheap and very functional. You can enjoy your ride on the snow with your snowboard with a clear vision as well as protection of your eyesight. What can be better than this? Therefore, I highly recommend this goggles.

2. Ski Goggles Snowboard Goggles

Again, this is one of the great snowboarding goggles that is compatible with nearly all people. You can share it with your family or friends or whoever that is on the ride with you. At the same time, you will be happy to know that this snow goggle is functional in a lot of conditions, making it perfect for use in different situations. The bonus is that it is a very cheap snowboard goggles!


  • The orange and yellow lens allow one to distinguish slopes in all weather conditions
  • This snow goggle use the ABS elastic frame which is very durable
  • You can use this snowboarding goggles in various conditions like skiing, skating and climbing


  • Some customers reflected that the goggles got fog up when they go skiing
  • Other customers say that the goggles are not comfortable

Final Verdict: This snow goggles are going to be a good bargain—it is the best cheap snowboarding goggles you can get all the nice features of the googles with only a small sum of money.

3. Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles

The manufacturers of these snowboarding goggles refer it as the everyday goggles for customers. There are a bunch of different features for these types of goggles; including double carbo glass lenses as well as flow vent technology. There is also anti-fog protection since there is an anti-fog layer, and therefore your vision will still be clear in bad weather.


  • This snow goggles can easily and comfortably fit different type of helmets
  • You can wear this type of goggles for all day long and you will not feel uncomfortable
  • The flow vent technology can reduce fogging
  • The goggles can defend against icy winds


  • This snowboarding goggle is not portable as customers find it quite bulky

Final Verdict: I would recommend this snow goggles as this is really an everyday goggle. The anti-fog function is really important since it is not rare to have a foggy day when you go out to ride. The price is affordable too.

4. OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO

As the name suggests, you can wear this type of snow goggles outdoor. There is an interchangeable lens system with the goggle so you can have a wide selection of extra lens. You also do not need to worry about the helmet as there is the universal helmet compatibility.


  • You can use all types of helmet with this goggles
  • You can choose from more than 20 lens
  • You can wear your glasses under the goggles.
  • Anti-fog and UV protection


  • The interior lens reflection is relatively weak for this goggles.
  • The goggle is too tight for some customers

Final Verdict: In general, this is still a functional snowboarding goggle that is worth buying. If you want the flexibility of the choice of helmets and lens associated with this type of goggles, then this will be your best choice.

5. Yidomto Pack of 3 Snowboard Goggles

This is a pack of 3 goggles with one man’s snowboard goggles, and another two for women and kids respectively. The package will be suitable for most of the people with different head size can easily wear the goggles. It will also be comfortable and safe to wear.


  • The lens which is multicolor are also anti-UV
  • The yellow lens can boost the lights and therefore you can use the goggles in evening too
  • The goggle can serve multiple purposes aside from skiing, including hunting and riding motorcycle


  • Some customers reflected that the goggles are too narrow

Final Verdict: Without any doubt, the most notable features of this snowboarding goggles is that it is not only for snowboarding—this means that you can save a lot of money for buying other goggles. This is, therefore, one of the best snowboard goggles available on the market.

6. ZIONOR Lagopus X10 Ski Snowboard Goggles

Equipped with advanced lens coating, you will not need to worry a single bit about fog issues and UV protection if you wear these goggles on your ride.  The lens is also made with some enhanced durability technology so that it is better to resist impact. This means that the durability of the snowboarding goggles will be higher.


  • The lens is ruggedized with ZIONOR special enhanced durability technology
  • There is a double-layer lens that come with anti-fog and high level UV protection treatment


  • This is not a cheap snowboard goggles
  • Some customers find it a bit too large and loose

Final Verdict: Although the price for this snow goggles is a little bit high, it is justified with the better features, like the advanced lens coating as well as the better durability and impact resistance.

7. JULI Snowboard Goggles

This is certainly one of the best snow goggles due to all of its features, including the detachable lens system, which offers users with more spare lenses. The ventilation and frameless design of the goggle also help in reducing fogging.


  • A detachable lens system offering more spare lenses
  • The goggle is designed to combat fogging and to optimize flowing air
  • Good helmet compatibility due to extra long elastic strap


  • Customers who wear wide glasses will be difficult to fit the goggles
  • A relatively expensive snow goggles on this list

Final Verdict: I highly recommend this snowboarding goggles. The features of it mean that you will be comfortable when wearing it and that you can use it with different types of lens and helmet.

8. Odoland Snow Ski Goggles

This ice outdoor sports goggle from Odoland is certainly best for snowboarding. You can enjoy the ride with an optimized flow of air that is free of fog, and that the goggles are equipped with a durable PC lens and thus provide clear optics. There is also a headband which will comfortably fit and will comfort in any face and head size.


  • Nylon fiber Elastic belt strap: Flexible since you can adjust the length
  • Head comfortable fit
  • Shatterproof, windproof and anti-glare
  • The flow of air inside the lens is optimized


  • This snow goggles are too small to fit with a helmet
  • There is a reflection of your own eyes on the inside of the snow goggles

Final Verdict: This snow goggle is a suitable women’s snowboard goggles as well as a men’s one. You can go on a ride without worrying about fogs if you wear this snow goggles.

9. Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

This goggle have a double lens thermal barrier, and this is a unique one for Bolle. This feature can help create a thermal barrier between the user and the elements and provide an exceptional view at the same time. UV protection and anti-fog is not an issue at the same time.


  • A unique double lens thermal barrier
  • Clear vision and UV protection
  • Anti-fog
  • The snow goggle is equipped with flow vent technology to optimize airflow


  • Some customers reflect that the goggle is a little bit too small. May not be suitable to people with larger head size.

Final Verdict: You do not need to worry about the cons of this snow goggles if you are having a relatively small head size. The goggle has basically everything that you will want, from UV protection to optimized airflow, from a feature that combat for to one that provides clear vision.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Snowboarding Goggle

  • Anti-UV

First of all, I understand that you will usually want to pick a sunny day for your snowboarding rides right? It is apparently due to safety concerns. However, this brings another problem, and that is the UV. UV is a radiation and if you are exposed to it for a long period of time, you can get a lot of health issues.

For your eyes, UV rays will lead to huge damage since 99% of the UV radiation will be absorbed by the front of the eyes. For example, you may get cataracts, macular degeneration, and others.

Therefore, this will be important for goggles to have anti-UV functions. It would be the best if it can offer 100% UV protection. How to see if there are UV protection for a snow goggles? Just look at the lenses and see if there are special features like advanced coating or a double-layer one so that UV protection can be achieved.

  • Anti-fog

Another ‘anti’ that you will need to look into is whether or not your snow goggles can combat the fog issues. Although I am sure that if the weather is very foggy, you will actually avoid embarking on a snow ride, there may still be chances where the weather changed suddenly when you are riding, or that the level of fog is not that high so you decided to still go on a ride.

What is fog composed of? It is actually some sort of a cloud and is made up of tiny droplets of water floating in the air. Therefore, it is possible that the fog will attach to your lenses and block your view. In serious cases, you will not be able to see what is in front of you at all—just like what fog normally does—and this can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

Basically, anti-fog functions would be a must for snowboarding goggles and I observe that nearly all of the goggles listed above is equipped with this function. The problem is, though, you need to make sure that the anti-fog function is really working. Therefore, I would suggest you look at the reviews, particularly the negative ones, to see whether or not there are some issues with the claimed anti-fog functions.

  • Durability—resistance to scratch and impact

You will also need to consider the durability of the goggle if you want to keep it for a long period of time. Particularly, you will need to look for some that have a high level of resistance of scratch and impact. For scratch, the problem is particularly important to the lenses, since a scratch on the lens may mean huge disruption to your clear vision.

Therefore, look for the materials used to make the lenses, and of course also the whole goggles since you will also want one with a high impact resistance in case you are a beginner and keep on falling.

  • Compatibility

If you pay close attention to the pros on the list above, you will notice that a lot of snow goggles have something to do with compatibility. Yes, this is what the best snowboard goggles will do since this creates flexibility for you to use the goggles in different situations.

First of all, it would be good if there is compatibility for different types of lens, especially for lenses with different colors. If you are an advanced snowboard rider, then you will know that lenses with different colors shall be used in different situation. For example, a yellow one would be nice in the evening. If the snowboarding goggles can let you equip different lenses at different times, then, of course, you can use it for more occasions.

Another point to look that relating to compatibility is the helmet. First of all, please do wear a helmet no matter how good you are in snowboard riding. Protection is always the top priority. Generally, the goggles will suit your helmet. If it does not, then probably you will need to find another snow goggles.

  • Comfort

Of course, you will want to be comfortable when you are enjoying the snowboard ride right? It will really be a shame if those goggles become the source of your pain. Several problems will include that the goggles are too tight for your head size, or that the inside of the lens does not have nice ventilation. Therefore, look for the goggles with features to deal with these issues. Again, you should also read the reviews carefully to make sure that the claimed features are really working up to the expectation of the customers.

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