How to Buy the Best Ski Jackets

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Ski Jacket

There are thousands of ski jackets presently circulating the market today. They come in different styles and models, with each manufacturer bringing up new model names every year. Sometimes, it might be difficult for even a professional skier to make the right choice of jacket.

So, the decision should be taken carefully. When selecting a ski jacket, what are those things you need to consider to ensure you’re making the right call? Let’s see some fundamental criteria for choosing the ideal option.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Ski Jacket

The North Face Men's Resolve Jacket

How well do they perform their major function?

Understand that a ski jacket provides two basic benefits: weather resistance and warmth. The extent at which it provides these benefits will tell if the jacket is worth considering. You need to look at the shell fabrics and insulation of the jacket to understand how far they can provide these benefits.

Some models have goose down insulation, which is a little bit on the higher side. However, they are more durable, lighter, and breathable. On the other hand, synthetic insulation (especially from the polyester materials) are waterproof, lose their insulation quicker, heavier, and less expensive.

The material you select will depend on what you cherish the most in a ski jacket. If you prefer having a lighter jacket and willing to sacrifice its long-term insulation capacity, you can settle for the polyester models. But if your propriety is having a jacket that can retain its insulation for more than two years, goose down models will be right for you. But you have to pay more.

Shell fabrics

Virtually all ski jacket manufacturers will tell you their shell fabrics are weather resistance. However, not all shell fabrics are actually resistant to strong weather. When buying a ski jacket, take a look at the construction and select one with contoured hoods and high collars. Also, you should consider long sleeve designs since they allow gloves to be properly tucked in. Select models with pockets and zippers because these features are taken into account when companies are manufacturing a ski jacket to resist weather.

Styles of Ski Jackets

After considering the primary functions, the next thing is to consider the comfort, fit, and style of the jacket.

Single or modular piece

Most ski jackets are designed in either one-piece construction of modular layers. The modular layer type provides more versatility and offers greater value than the single piece construction. The single piece models are lighter and are usually cheaper. So, the choice you finally select will depend on what exactly you want in a jacket. If you prefer a lighter and more comfortable jacket, it will be better to settle for the traditional and single piece model. But for durability and better temperature regulation, the modular model will be ideal for you.

Fit and Comfort

You need to find out how comfortable the jacket will stay on you. These days where most things are usually bought from online malls, it’s increasingly difficult to know the perfect fit just by looking at their online catalog. Sometimes the real product may have a different size from what is shown online. Knowing the best fit has always been a major concern and there have been many Amazon returns only because of sizing issue. But if you have the opportunity to buy where you can physically see the jacket, put it on to know how it fits you before buying.

Also check to see that they meet some comfort criteria such as hem length, arm, and torso fit. If you are using the jacket for skiing or for other outdoor activities requiring quick movement of the body, select a jacket that still covers you properly throughout your gyrations. Fit and comfort are very important factors to consider when selecting the ideal ski jacket for your outdoor activities.  The jacket may be made with the best materials but if they don’t fit you, they are as good as useless to you.


For style, you have to select what suits you. There are different jacket styles designed to meet different needs of users. The style of the jacket might be important to you or it might not be. What sort of impression do you want people to have when you put on your ski jacket? Understand that your look can actually improve your athletic performance. Choose the right ski jacket which will portray you exactly how you want. There are different designs of ski jackets meant for individuals of different fashion styles. You can either select a simple style jacket or go for the most dramatic ones. The ultimate choice depends on you and how you feel about it.

Which brand should you choose?

Sometimes, selecting a reputable brand can save us from making the wrong decision when buying a ski jacket. But since a jacket is a personal belonging, we can still make the wrong choice even if you select from the best brands. We have seen above that the right ski jacket does not only depend on the type of material but also on our style and preference.

Moreover, the popular brands are more expensive and may even have the same quality standard as some other unknown brands.  You can still see perfect jacket models from an unpopular brand if you carry out your research well. You only need to see online reviews like this one and select the jacket that’s right for you based on what has been said about the jacket.

Overall, selecting the right jacket requires a careful look at the features you feel are more important to you.  If you’re careful in your approach, you’ll definitely select the right one for your skiing and outdoor activities.

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