Why Longboard is better than others?

Why Longboard?

I was recently asked, So what makes longboarding better than skateboarding or any other board sport? My response was simply, It isnt that its better or worse, its that its totally unique. Longboarding has many styles and purposes. You can race a longboard professionally, but the typical longboarder rides for pleasure. Here, I will highlight some of the different reasons we longboarders around the globe ride.Crossover Many people like myself not only love one or two, but many board sports. So, for athletes such as surf, wakeboard, wakeskate and snowboard enthusiasts it can be quite upsetting when the seasons change and you are no longer able to spend your days on the water or snow. Longboarding can be a great way to stay on a board year round and keep up your athleticism and balance. Also, for those of you that dont live near the snow, water, or own a boat its great to just go surf some pavement!

Commuting Whether you are headed to class,work or the skate park a longboard is a great way to travel. Skip the traffic and parking rates at your college. Go green and forget gas emissions. Save money by not having to buy gas. Toss your shortboard on your back and get warmed up on your way to the skate park. Dont have a car or having car trouble? Regain your independence and board your way to school or work while also working on that supermodel figure. Retired Boarders Lets face it. We are all going to get older (and hopefully wiser) one day. When we realize that the time has come to stop grinding or racing hardcore, longboards can be a great outlet to continue the ride without the extra danger and strain on ones body.

Many retired boarders pickup a longboard and cruise down places like the Venice Boardwalk to clear their minds and bring back that feeling of the smooth ride.Competition Got a competitive streak in you? Have a need for speed? Competitive longboard racing is becoming more popular around the globe. Face the fear of deadly speeds while overtaking your opponent. Use your technique and slide your way around a tight curve. This is a great way to polish your skill while satisfying your need for competition. Check out our article about Misco Erban setting a new world record for speed here: Latest Longboard News.Just Because Go clean your room! But, Why? Just because! Why do we longboard? Its the feeling of freedom and gliding along with the wind blowing through your hair and your mind clear. Its great exercise and fun! Its a great way to make friends and spend time with them. It can also up your cool points, especially if youre a girl. So, when your parents ask why you longboard tell them, Just because!
I hope you have enjoyed this article and I hope it might have sparked your interest in longboarding if you are not already a longboarder. Feel free to let me know any of your thoughts or questions in the comment box below. Thanks for reading!


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