7mm Wheels for roller skates


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Dimensions: 7 x 22 x 7mm (Inner Diameter: 7mm, Outer Diameter: 22mm, Width:7mm)

Material: Chrome steel(GCr15) inner& outer rings + Zirconium Ceramica(ZrO2) 6 beads/ Silicone Nitride (Si3N4) 6 beads

Retainer& Seal: White pom cage & silver Iron Seal on one side

Features: Good quality & Amazing fast speed!!

1. PluckyClover Ceramic Skating 7mm Bearings 627z
2. Precise and amazing High Speed 6 beads design
3. Single side Dust-proof
4. Anti-rust ,self-lubricated ceramic balls
5. Excellent for professional speed Skating players, artistic skaters
6. Beautiful Iron Box,easier for Using and Retail
7. Ceramic Bearings can effectively avoid jumping skating and fierce playing!

Suited for: Slalom Speed Skating sports,rollerblade, skateboard,scooter, artistic skates, derby roller, roller ski, quad roller skates …

Impact Load: 195kg~240kg

Contents of 1 lot: 16 pcs bearings+ 1 iron box

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight0.31 kg
Dimensions12 × 6 × 3 in
Brand Name:


Model Number:

627z Skates Bearing 7mm skate bearing




627z Skate wheel Skateboard Bearing

Size of 627 Skate Bearings:

7mmx22mmx7 mm 7mm bearing for skates

Precision Rating:

ABEC-11 very fast roller skates bearing

Material :

Chrome steel (Gcr15) Rings+Ceramic 6 Balls+pom cage

Seals type of Artistic skates bearing:

z Single iron seal cover bearing 7mm

Material of the Balls:

ZrO2 white ceramic balls or Si3N4 black ceramic balls

Number of Balls:

6 beads derby roller ski bearing

Structure of Hybrid ceramic bearing 627z:

Deep groove ball bearing ceramic hybrid bearing 627

Impact Load:


Applications of 7mm skate bearing 627:

Quad roller skates, Artistic skates shoes,Skateboard,scooter

Features of 627 skating bearing:

Amazing fast speed,anti-rust,anti-corrosion,stable,longlife

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