Atom Pintail Longboard Review

The Atom Pintail longboard has been designed to perfection according to many of its loyal users. When you first see this longboard you can immediately appreciate the quality of it, and the attention to detail that has got it to this level. If you are just starting out in the world of longboarding, then the Atom Pintail is a great board to start on. Likewise, if you are already an accomplished longboarder, then you will love the balance and ability that this board provides.
What the Atom Pintail longboard can provide to a beginnerĀ skateboarder is a great deal of balance and stability. This in turn will breed confidence and help you to improve faster. The board is not slow, so if you are a more accomplished longboarder do not think that this board will hold you back, as it will not. There is a lot of speed in the Atom Pintail, but with that you also get the stability too, so it is a perfect blend.

The classic pintail shape is achieved by the Atom. It provides the perfect platform for cruising and the wide wheel base gives you that stability you want while cruising at higher speeds. For such a big board, the Atom Pintail longboard is remarkably agile and responsive too. This is ideal when you are navigating your way down a hill, and for maneuvering sharply when required.Click here to see what others are saying about the Atom PintailKey features of the Atom Pintail longboardMaple laminate deck
The maple laminate deck provides a really smooth finish. It also offers that durability and springiness to it that you need when cruising along. The upper side of the deck is covered completely with grip tape, so your feet can stick to the board in both wet and dry weather as you go along.
The underside of the deck has a colorful and elaborate design, which really brightens up the overall design. The deck is very well built and strong. It is not as light as some of the premium boards, but for the beginner to intermediate boarders it is ideal.Trucks and wheels
The aluminum trucks are 8.5 inches in width, thus providing the stability you want when cruising at speed and turning corners. The wheels are 65mm 78A urethane wheels, which provide the traction and smooth gliding experience you get with the Atom Pintail longboard. Inside the wheels are ABEC 5 bearings, which also add to the smooth motion of the board.Longboard dimensions
The Atom Pintail is a true longboard in every sense. It has that great solid and fluid feel about it when you cruise along on it. The width of the board also gives you that confidence you need when traveling at higher speeds. The dimensions of the board are as follows:Final thoughts on the Atom Pintail longboard

This is a great board for the beginner to intermediate boarder. It has been very well designed and made, and the fluidity of the setup is apparent from the first time you use it. The Atom Pintail longboard looks great, and feels great to ride, and it is also being sold at a very good price too, so you are getting a lot of quality and value for your money.


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