Feel The Thrill Of Skating With The Boadzombies Skateboards

board zombies skateboard

This is a guest post from BoardZombies

A love of skateboards, art and a curiosity of zombies lead to the brand BoardZombies. Aspiring to stay alive and free. The conscious amongst us stand together on boards of fantasy. Original artwork and graphic design bring the board back to life. It’s a matter of survival. Board, resist being bored.

Board Zombies was an idea of Paul Wright, an English, Brighton born and bred breather. How to describe Paul? Well, he’s a drumming, pizza eating old school skater. A serious Walking Dead fan with an interest in survival. Described as a gentle if nonconforming soul. A vegetarian cat lover…. Paul moved to rural France 3 years ago with his wife and tweeny sons. A total change of scenery and culture. Well, why not? The plan was to concentrate on creativity, doing those things they’d always wanted to do and embrace their reputations as tree huggers. Paul has a history of working in the 3D industry but is now free to create what he wants and has found himself drawing body parts – read into that what you will!

Zombie body parts are the theme and the pictures are based on himself and those closest to him. They are bold and gruesome. Not for the younger skaters amongst us. The art work uses photos, cartoon and digital drawing to create head turning, sick images that you will not want to crash from.

Will your feet rest on The Smile, The Foot or even The Guts? In your face and haunting. Perhaps the Drink Me Bottle will appeal to the more curious of us. All isn’t as it appears. Is that just chili in that oil? Blood stained hand prints, watching eyes…..these are not decks for the faint hearted.

Designs fit on an 8-inch popsicle deck. The range will be expanding to include Cruiser decks, Oldschool Skateboard, Punk Nose Pool Shape, Pintail Longboard, Longboards and custom grip tape.

The boards are pure Canadian Maple. Pressed and shaped in Canada then printed in Colorado, the USA using high-grade inks to achieve the most vibrant of colors. Quality boards. Shipped within 72 hours……tempted?

So, from this strange boy in his 40’s I ask you fellow old schoolers to join me out there, wherever in the world you find yourself, on one of these boards. Let’s hold in our not quite so taut bellies and get out in the fresh air. Let the breeze blow through our (on the gray side) hair. It’s not too late, we’ve still got it. Cruise down the road, smile and feel alive. We are you know. Alive.

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  1. Wayne

    i have to agree with you at this. skateboard is really thrilling for real skater.

  2. Jona

    i am already loving the concept of being alive.

  3. Jimmy

    interesting post.keep posting more interesting post like this.


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