Pig And Toy Machine Skateboard Wheels Review

Pig Skateboard Wheels

Maybe too much pork for just one fork. Get your set of Pig wheels and start skateboarding on Pigs today! Do you smell bacon burning? Your friends will!

Pig Skateboard Wheels History

The Pig Wheels brand is housed under the Tum Yeto distribution company and is also the sister company of Toy Machine Skateboards, Foundation Skateboards, Ruckus Metal Skate Trucks, Deathbox, and Dekline Shoes. The Tum Yeto label was founded in 1989 by professional skateboarder Tod Swank. The company thrives on constantly creating innovative Skateboard Equipment and supporting the global skateboard culture.Pig Skateboard Wheels Construction Technology Pig skateboard wheels have a unique variety of designs and graphics that are perfect for all skateboarding styles and preferences from street and park to vert ramp skating.

* Speedlines is a unique skateboard wheel design that utilizes superior urethane materials with a redefined wheel shape. The wheel is perfect for street and park skateboarding.

* Choice is one of PIG Wheels most popular designs. Choice is included in Pig Head Natural, Neon Stripes, Rallies, Chargers, Pig LTD, Multi Pig Natural and Pig Head Neon skateboard wheels. It is a versatile wheel that can be used in any terrain without compromising your riding style. Made with PIGs superior urethane formula.

* MOD construction is used in the Multi Pig, Blasts, and Pig Head Colors wheels and is a standard wheel construction that is perfect in size for any skater not too thin but not too wide.

* SPD is a unique skateboard wheel that embodies 2 durable urethane durometers that are bonded together at the same time. The process makes for a unique skateboarding feel and better overall wear of the skate wheel. The black 97a urethane is ideal for traction combined with the 100a that is perfect for allowing for slides. Best of both worlds!

* SuperCruisers are designed for the name that it possesses. It uses a softer durometer that is suitable for those that like to take it easy when skateboarding but understand the importance of the control and gripping capabilities.* Wide construction design is used for Rollers and Crushers wheels. Skateboarders who prefer stability and speed demand this wheel.

Toy Machine Skateboard Wheels

Toy Machine Skateboards History

Toy Machine Skateboards was started in 1993 by professional skateboarder Ed Templeton. The Toy Machine label is housed under the Tum Yeto distribution company and is also a sister company of Foundation Skateboards. The company is widely known for its alien-like graphics that are created by Ed Templeton. Toy Machine Skateboards has been a strong skateboard industry force with its talented professional team, the release of their wide variety of skateboard videos, and their national tours. Toy Machine shows no signs of slowing down!

Toy Machine Skateboard Wheels


Roll down the street or into your ramp with these high-performance Toy Machine Skateboard wheels. Toy Machine Skateboard wheels allow you to skateboard harder and faster with the responsiveness and control of a pro.

What size skateboard wheels do I need?

Skateboard wheels vary in color, size and durability. The diameter and durometer of the wheel affect the way the board rides. The diameter and durometer are a matter of personal preference and skating style. Here are some general guidelines:Understanding The Durometer Scale Of Skatebaording Wheel

Diameter: Smaller wheels are slower, bigger wheels are faster.

* 52-55mm Slower, but stable and good for trick riding and smaller riders

* 56-60mm Beginners of all sizes on ramp, park and street

* 60mm+ Longboards, old-school boards, speed and rougher surfaces

Durometer measures the wheels hardness. Harder wheels are faster; softer wheels are slower but have better grip.

Note: Standard wheel durometer is 99A.

Toy Machine Skateboard wheels are sold in sets of four, and you need one set to build a complete skateboard. In some cases, wheel color of Toy Machine Skateboard wheels may vary.

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