Ultimate Electric Longboard Buying Guide

electric longboard buying guide

If you are like most people, and you are looking to buy the best electric longboard, it doesn‘t take long to realize that there are a lot to choose from. In fact, as the market for electric longboards continues to grow, the number of options available to a buyer will no doubt increase exponentially.

electric longboard buying guide

10 Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Longboard


1. Batteries Cells and Its Backup Range

The key to keeping your electric longboard running are the battery cells. These are what hold the charge to power the motor. The backup range of the batteries should be enough to make sure you get where you want to go. Just as is the cases with most other parts of the best longboards, how you use it will determine what quality of battery you will want to buy. Another factor to consider is your weight

2. Motors and Their Wattage

electric longboard motor

The electricity from the battery runs the motor, which powers your longboard. Here again, there is a dramatic difference in motors. What makes them so different is their wattage, which must match the power that they are capable of putting out

3. Controls or Controllers

electric longboard

And important, but relatively inexpensive part of your longboard is the control or controllers, which is the device that you hold to control your longboard’s speed, turning and other factors. Most controllers look much like the remote control for a television.

4. The Charger

Whenever you want to charge the battery that runs your longboard, you will need a method to recharge it. This is the job of your charger. A charger can be purchased for almost any amount.

5. The Wheel

The wheels of your longboard are, quite simply, what allows you to move. Longboard wheels are made of a huge number of different sizes, materials, and much more. How you ride your longboard determines what kind of wheels you should buy. Generally speaking, longboard wheels come in four sizes, from 6omm to 107mm, with the two sizes in between, 65mm and 75mm being the most common. Another important factor in selecting wheels is what they are made of. This determination is made based on the durometer, or how hard the wheels are. Harder wheels run faster, while softer wheels are slower, but grip the road better.

6. The Bearing

The wheels of the best electric longboard are attached to the axle with a bearing, which is a round piece of metal. The size of bearings is fairly universal, but they do vary in the precision they are made with. Bearings that are made better will generate less friction be faster, giving you a faster ride.

7. Riding Range

The riding range of your longboard is simply the distance that you can travel on the board on a single charge. This range can vary dramatically, from about nine miles to more than 18. The actual mileage you achieve depends on many factors, but it boils down to the charge your battery will hold.

8. Weight Range

The weight range of your longboard is the difference in weights that the board will hold. The best electric longboards are made with different materials, from maple to bamboo, and carbon fiber. Try to choose a lightweight electric longboard. You can easily carry a lightweight longboard while you are not using it.

Virtually all longboard makers offer a warranty on their products. Most of these warranties are good for the lifetime of the original owner. Most of these also cover all parts and labor, or the product will be replaced free of charge.

9. Downhill Riding Durability

The best electric longboard that is made for downhill riding is very durable and most give a smooth ride due to the ability the wheels have to grip the road or to spin, depending on the type of wheels you have. The best downhill longboards provide a stable ride. The best downhill longboards are also extensive enough to keep you safely on them.

10. Traveling or Cruising 

Longboarding isn’t usually considered a means of extended transportation, but when it comes to electric longboarding, it becomes one of the most enjoyable methods of traveling anywhere. The best cruising longboards are stable for the long haul. The best cruising longboards should also be equipped with grips on their surface.

Final Verdict

Needless to say, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing and using the best electric longboard.The information above should give you all of the factors you will need to consider to pick the longboard that is best suited for you.

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