Skateboarding Tips and Tricks For Beginners

skateboard tips, skateboarding tips for beginners


skateboard tips, skateboarding tips for beginners

This seems obvious, but if you really want to get better, as the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. Whilst skating around will practice your balance, turning, stopping and push-offs, it won’t improve your tricks or advanced riding, so it’s important to practice the areas you wish to improve in.

Riding once or twice per week won’t be sufficient to master skateboard riding, you need to put in the time to get the gains you’re looking for. Spreading your practice time out may seem like a good idea, but if you practice once a week, much of what you learned will be forgotten before your next practice session.

Do what you can’t do.

That may not make sense, but if you remain in your comfort zone, and only do the tricks you can already do, you’ll never learn anything new. Try new tricks, even if you think they are out of your reach, the key to learning new tricks is to practice practice practice, you may fail 100 times in a row, but you’ll eventually nail it. If you’re scared of falling off, you’re limiting your progress – find your inner courage and go for it!

Take guidance from better skateboarders

This is a big one, ride with people who are better than you, who can give you tips, and who you can learn from by watching. When you see someone do a trick you can’t do, it will help push you to practice more – those guys you’re watching who look like pros? Train hard and you’ll be one of them in no time!

If there’s no decent skateboarding scene in your area, you can always look at videos online to learn tips, tricks and techniques, although this will always be second best to real life – you can’t discuss your failings or mistakes, or find out what you’re doing right if you’re just watching videos.

Learn From Your Mistakes.

A great way to see if you are improving, or to pinpoint your mistakes, is to film your practice sessions and watch them back later, without a video, you’ll know you fell off, but you might not know why you fell off, watching it back will be a great way to find out!

Practice Again and Improve Yourself.

When you finally land a trick, don’t think “great” and then move on, keep practicing until you can consistently land the trick, you won’t get much satisfaction out of your practice if you can’t show off the fruits of your labor!


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  1. Skateboarding is a tough sport to play with. My parents don’t like this sport at all, they believe playing this sport could cause serious injury to body. However, I somehow trying to learn skateboarding and these exclusive tips and tricks are very educative for me.


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