How To Kickflip The Easiest Way

Learning how to Kickflip is way easier than it’s cracked up to be. First thing’s first in my opinion it’s easier to learn this trick while you’re rolling than stationary, but whatever is more comfortable do that. You want your back foot to be on the tail flat across, meaning parallel to the ground, just as you would if you were doing an ollie. And your front foot should be just below the truck of your skateboard, leaving just the ball of your foot and toes on the board.

I have included a video on youtube which I think will be a huge help you can watch it after describe how to KickFlip skateboard here.

Now if you can understand what I mean by “flicking” your foot that’s what you’re going to do to your board with your front foot. You’re going to try and ollie just as you normally would except with the foot placement I discussed before.

kickflip on a skateboard

Now the secret behind the kickflip is in the flick I just talked about. Your front foot is going to slide up your board just as you would with an ollie, and then flick your foot off the front corner of your board. This is what creates the spin. How to heel flip would be the exact same thing except with the heel of your front foot behind the trucks, and flicking the other way with your heel instead. Very simple skateboarding tricks here.
Now once you get this little flick down, when your skateboard is in the air raise your feet up a little and out of the way so your board can flip. This step is going to go for every trick I teach on my website, except for the “impossible” which I will post soon.
While you’re in the air it is crucial that you stay level with your board, don’t lean left and right, or bend back and forth you want to stay controlled or else you will not land your trick. This is one of the most important facts about skateboarding tricks.
Now you need to watch your board. If you’re a pro and you develop a good relationship with your skateboard you won’t have to watch it for simple tricks like this, but for now you need to. Once it’s made it’s complete spin, you want to catch the board first with your back foot to stop the flip. DON’T push on your board, you want to just touch it with your foot, then bring your front foot down and staying level with the ground and your board. Now land with a little bit of spring in your knees and roll away!

The kickflip probably is the most difficult of the basic skateboarding tricks to learn. Anyone can land a kickflip 90% of the time if you follow these steps. I will outline more tricks throughout this website.

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