Best Wakeboard Ropes for 2020 – Review with Buying Guide

Best Wakeboard Ropes

The importance of choosing the best wakeboard rope and handle for wakeboarding is a matter that you cannot avoid if you are a wakeboarder. For safety reasons and for better performance, you will always need to stick with the right type, and the best wakeboard rope specifically meant for wakeboarding. Otherwise, you might unknowingly increase your chances of getting injured and making a mess out of what’s supposed to be a fun riding experience.

There are some best quality wakeboarding ropes designed explicitly for the wakeboarders riders excel in this sport and stay injury free. Based on experience and extensive research, we have come up with the best wakeboard ropes on the market right now. These products are of the highest quality and designed with state-of-the-art materials for durability. Read out our best wakeboard rope reviews on to find out the best wakeboarding tow rope for your wakeboarding.

Top 6 Wakeboard Rope Compared

Best 6 Wakeboard Rope Review:

1. Kwik Tek Wakeboard Rope and Handle

Kwik Tek Wakeboard Rope and Handle

Kwik wakeboard rope and handle offers zero stretches for a quick and immediate response. The 70-foot long rope with handle is designed with a thermal coated spectra line that’s rigid and stiff, providing strong resistance against twisting and kinking.

Moreover, the rope feels very solid to hold as it’s designed with a padded grip which helps the rider avoid to slide. With the impressive grip, you will get on this rope, you will find it very easy to do lots of tricks and jumps with more confidence. The 15-inch strong EVA comes with PVC tubing and two foam floats for extra durability.

If you are looking for a rope that can keep your right stick and secured to the boat while wakeboarding, there is no better option than this solidly made wakeboarding tow rope.


  • Strong padded grip for secure hold
  • Comes with PVC tubing for more durability
  • Provides solid grip that enables quick response
  • Solidly built to hold all types of weights


  • It’s a bit difficult to coil for storage

Final Verdict: Kwik Tek is the ideal product with handles for those looking for solidly made ropes to keep them steadily in line during their wakeboarding rides.

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2. Airhead AHWR Wakeboard Rope

Airhead AHWR Wakeboard Rope

Airhead AHWR is another excellent product for both novice and experienced riders. It’s well made with robust features to keep riders secured on the rope. If you are an enthusiastic rider who frequently goes on the wakeboard, you will definitely need a durable and stable wakeboard rope and handle like this one. This Airhead model is undoubtedly a good one to have.

It comes with a rope keeper to help you easily store the rope when not in use. It’s equipped with a durable aluminum handle for inverted tricks and spins. You will also love the foam floats, finger protectors, and EVA grip handle designed to give you better comfort when holding the rope. Overall, Airhead wakeboard rope and handle is the last rope to have if you want the best quality product to keep you safe when making different stunts on the seaside.


  • Designed with high quality material
  • It’s built with very durable aluminum handle for better grip
  • Comes with a rope keeper for better storage
  • Equipped with foam pads and finger protectors


  • It’s a bit too lengthy

Final Verdict: It’s surely a top rated rope when you factor in its solid design and overall quality. It’s certainly a great option.

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3. AIRHEAD AHWR-3 Wakeboard Rope with EVA Handle

AIRHEAD AHWR-3 Wakeboard Rope with EVA Handle

This AIRHEAD AHWR-3 Wakeboard Rope is undoubtedly an improvement on the previous Airhead model reviewed above. It comes with all the features of its sister product as well as other added features. This model also comes with a rope keeper for better storage, complete finger guards, 3 wakeboarding sections, and an aluminum core guided on a 15-inches EVA wrapped grip.

Wakeboarding ropes are always solidly designed to provide superior grip for skills and turns when wakeboarding. That’s exactly what this product will give you an assurance of stronghold even during times of rough rides and hard landing. It’s an excellent bargain at its astonishingly low price.


  • Designed with 3 wakeboarding sections for ease of use and versatility
  • Comes with 15-inches EVA wrapped grip
  • It features complete finger guards for better comfort
  • Comes with a rope keeper to help you properly store the rope


  • The handle is a bit rough on the palm when doing tricks

Final Verdict: It’s a great and affordable product on the market today based on its overall strong design.

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4. O’Brien Poly-E Wake Combo Rope

O’Brien Poly-E Wake Combo Rope

O’Brien is another high quality best wakeboarding rope, and its handles smoothly go with their other wakeboarding tools. Whether you need this for wakeboarding or kneeboarding, it will definitely serve you well with its customizable features. It’s one of the very few best wakeboard tow ropes with 4 different sections. It’s long enough to make things easier to perform various tricks and jumps while wakeboarding.

You will also love the EVA grip of the handle, which gives it a comfortable hold and superior traction. Some handles smoothly go underneath water when they are stopped. But this is finely made wakeboard rope comes with a floating design that allows it to stay above water when they are not in use. Overall, Obrien is a well-manufactured and definitely one of the best wakeboard rope for all types of riders.


  • EVA grip that provides great traction
  • Comes with large floating handles for better comfort
  • Designed with extremely adjustable line length
  • Very affordable compared to other best wakeboard tow ropes


  • Unusually too long for some users

Final Verdict: When it comes to strong grip and usability, it will be very difficult to see any other rope and handle that is superior to this one in that area. It’s therefore highly recommended.

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5. Nash Mfg Wakeboard Rope

Nash Mfg Wakeboard Rope

The Nash Mfg wakeboard rope is our last best wakeboard rope with handle. This wakeboarding rope is designed with the best quality materials to give you stability and securely keep you in line with the boat. It comes with great features like most other products reviewed here. Nash meets WSIA standards and is U.V resistant. Its sturdy aluminum handle provides a secure grip on the rope.

Users will love the 3 adjustable loops on it as they provide lots of holding options for the user. Interestingly, this model is divided into 5 sections, allowing users the freedom and allow to hold on to their most preferred part. If you are looking for the best product for your convenience and safety while wakeboarding, the can be definitely a good option for you.


  • Solidly designed to stay steady on the boat
  • Comes with aluminum coated handle
  • Meets WSIA standards and is U.V resistant
  • The rope is long enough with 5 braided sections


  • Its long length makes it a bit difficult to store

Final Verdict:

It’s can be a nice choice because of its solid design and easy gripping features.

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6. Spectra Wakeboard Rope

Spectra Wakeboard Rope

This spectra coated wakeboard rope and handled is obviously one of the best wakeboard tow ropes when it comes to durability. It’s thin and quite easy to hold, but the design material is super authentic. It’s designed and coated with 100% spectra to protect against UV rays and abrasion.

Since you will be using this wakeboard rope and handle under the sun, it’s essential for the rope to have some protective cover against the sun. This is why the spectra coating is vital to the overall lifespan of the rope. The Spectra wakeboard rope and handle is solidly made to hold you while you perform some tricks and turns on the seaside. Moreover, it’s quite affordable compared to some other models in its class.


  • Designed and coated with spectra for durability
  • Solidly made to stand the test of time
  • Comes with good handle for perfect grip
  • Very easy to hold when maneuvering and performing tricks


  • Does not come with a rope keeper

Final Verdict: Spectra wakeboard rope and handle is a great option for wakeboard riders who want safety and strong control when performing tricks.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Wakeboarding Rope

When selecting the wakeboarding rope, your personal preference will play an important role towards your final decisions for sure. Yes, the quality of the rope will have its own part to play, but the final choice you make should depend on your preference. Before knowing what you want in a wakeboarding rope and handle, it’s important to understand the different features and specifications of the different types of ropes available in the present market.

What are those features that determine the best wakeboard rope? How can the ideal wakeboard ropes be identified? The further reading can help you with the information you might be looking for.

As a wakeboarding beginner, it will take a little while to make your choice because you have not yet established what will be right for you. But as an experienced rider, you will have an idea of the best wakeboard tow rope that works better for you so you will know the features you are looking for.

Select a wakeboard rope and handle specifically meant for wakeboarding

You need to buy the right type of rope meant for wakeboarding and definitely should not settle for other ski ropes or other activities. Selecting the appropriate type of wakeboarding rope is an essential tool because it will make your performance better and enjoyable. Generally, a stretchy rope is definitely a no-no for wakeboarders. Because a stretchy rope will not allow you to perform most of your favorite tricks on the wakeboard. So do not buy a substandard wakeboard rope and handle that’s stretchy.

  • Material

Wakeboarding rope and handles are made of different materials. Some are made with Spectra, some with Dyneema, while others are designed with polyester. These materials are different in their looks and performance. For instance, ropes intended with spectra have zero-stretch are durable, ultra-lightweight, and effortlessly floats on water. While on the other hand, Dyneema ropes have a strong resistance to salt water, UV and abrasion. Poly E is the least expensive but can stretch about 3% of their length when they are in use.

Poly E wakeboarding ropes are more appropriate for beginners and learner wakeboarders, but they should not be considered as the right rope for experienced riders. From their different characteristics, the wakeboarding material you select will depend entirely on what’s most ideal for you.

  • Length

Wakeboard lengths range should be from 55 to more than 75 feet. The choice of length you take will depend on your personal preference, boat wake, and experience level. Wakeboarding should be a very comfortable adventure, and it’s essential to select the right rope that can give you maximum comfort. It shouldn’t be too long or too short. But if you are finding it difficult to clear the wake, a shorter rope will be more ideal for you.

Generally, a beginner can ride better with a rope that’s is or over 65 feet long. This length is long and not too short to prevent them from performing simple tricks and turns on the wakeboard. But apparently, a longer rope will be more ideal for experienced riders because it will help them gain more speed on the wake and also improve their maneuverability.

  • Consider the wakeboard handle

While wakeboarding, you should have a good grip on the wakeboard rope and handle should be durable and comfortable enough. There are different materials used in the design of the handles. But the best for you should be ergonomically designed and provide excellent grip.

Some best wakeboarding tow ropes come with aluminum coated handles which offer better grip when performing tricks on the wakeboard. Apart from the material of the handle, you should consider the size too. Wakeboarding handles are typically 6-15 inches wide.

The longer the handles, the easier it is to perform skills with the rope. So, if you want better grip and more opportunities to perform more tricks, you should settle for ropes with more extended and broader wakeboard handles.

Length of the Wakeboard Rope

Another thing you need to consider is how long a wakeboard rope should be? Basically measuring the required length of your wakeboard rope depends on the speed of your wakeboard. You need to decide first, how long you want your wakeboard rope should be. The rule of wakeboarding jumping is that you should land in most of your tricks in a correct position which should be on the downside of the second wake. If you fall past that then every time you land, which is known as ‘the flats,’ the landing will take its toll on your knees, and it will make you bounce when you hit on the water while doing some tricks. Similarly like a snowboarder or a motocross rider, you will notice that they land on a downhill transition each time. If they were to land flat, they would have to either bounce when they landed otherwise their knees would buckle. So you need to use the wakeboard rope length to make sure of your landing is smooth enough every time, gentle, the downside of the second wake.

If you want a flat landing every time, then let the Wakeboard Rope out a length and if you’re coming up short then pull it in a few feet. Considering these facts and tricks, the Wakeboard Rope lengths for the beginners should be around 65 feet, whereas the intermediate level riders would need typically 65-75 feet (the longer you can handle, the better), and for the advanced riders, the length is generally 75-85 feet.

One thing to keep in mind is the importance of having an excellent elastic inflexible rope. Depending on the cost, many people wonder if they deserve it. Believe me, they are worth every penny. A rope with any elongation will destroy all your hopes of becoming a fit passenger. The rope extends during the cutting in its wake and then returns to its original length in the air, without balancing it at the worst possible time.


Wakeboard rope and handles are very important because they can keep you safe and help you perform more tricks on the wake while staying comfortable. If you are looking for the best wakeboard tow rope for your wakeboard fun riding, here you have got some outstanding options you can choose from.

We have tried our level best to present you with the best wakeboard ropes in the market using perfect design, durability, and overall quality. Although you have both pros and cons in every product, just like any other product in the market, they are certainly top on the list when you compare them with many other available products in the market.

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