How to Choose the Best Wake Surfing Board

How to Choose the Best Wake Surfing Board

If you are looking to buy the best wakeboard for your adventure, there are certain things you need to bear in mind. Below are some considerations to make before buying a wakeboard.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Wakeboard

Consider your Weight

Good wakeboards are designed in different sizes to provide options for people with different weights. If you are buying the wakeboard for kids, you need to consider the smaller sized ones because they are lighter and more stable when sailing.

Wakeboard size chart


While some people usually consider the brand of a product before making their decision, this may not be important in many situations. In fact, there are some relatively unknown brands that are on par with other already established brands in the market. The ideal way to look at it is identifying the wakeboard’s features and find out whether the features are well suited to your needs.

Intermediate or experienced?

The best wakeboards come with installation instructions and may be suitable for a particular set of users. There are wakeboards meant for beginners who want to learn wakeboarding before trying complex skills. Others are designed for all categories of riders, whether experienced or a novice. The main consideration here is, knowing who is going to ride on the wakeboard. If you are buying the board, not just for one person, it’s better to settle for products suited for all types of users.


Prices of good wakeboards range between $100 and $300. If you are conscious about what you pay for the board, understand that the best wakeboards have the best designs and features. In that case, they will be more expensive than others. Wakeboarding also comes with some risks, so it’s important to select the board with good safety features too. All these will have a considerable impact on the price you finally pay for the wakeboard.

Style of the wake surfing board

There are 3 different wake surfing board styles: the hybrid, surf, and skim style boards. If you want a board that can enable you to do endless waves and tricky surfing, the skim style board will be perfect for you. However, surf style wakeboards are more suitable for beginners, because it’s designed to help them learn surfing easily. But the board’s explosiveness and maneuverability will be ideal for advanced riders. Hydride has the features of both the skim and surf style board. The aim here is to provide the two options both packed on one board. It combines the maneuverability of surf-styled wakeboards with the playfulness of the Skim styled ones.

The above are some of the most important things to consider before selecting the best wakeboards for your surfing fun and enjoyment.

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