How to Choose the Best Wakeboard Bindings

How to Choose the Best Wakeboard Bindings

When it comes to buying wakeboard binding, the question appears “how do you select the perfect one for your need?” Okay, here we will answer that question. Here are some criteria to use when selecting the best wakeboard bindings for your enjoyable ride.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wakeboard Binding


There is nothing like a universal fit for bindings just as there isn’t for shoes. What may work for your friend might turn out to be catastrophic for you. So, you have to select the perfect bindings for your feet. These days, there are bindings that can easily be adjusted to fit different types of boards. You can settle for this type of wakeboard bindings if there is a chance the best wakeboard bindings will be used by more than one person.

Again, one of the best ways to avoid compatibility problem is to buy your board and bindings manufactured within the same year from the same brand.

Closed Toe vs. Open Toe

The next thing to decide when looking for the best wakeboard bindings is deciding between the closed toe and open toe style. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you take the right decision based on your preference.

Open Toe Bindings

Almost all wakeboard bindings were made in this style in the past. The open toe bindings can be used by different riders since they fit more shoe sizes than the closed toe binding that fits only one shoe size. Another important benefit of these bindings is the fact that you won’t spend more money buying multiple bindings to fit different fit sizes in case you are out with friends and family.

This will be important if you are conscious of how much you spend and want cheap wakeboard bindings, even though you don’t want to compromise quality. It helps users share bindings and save money in the process. This is why open toe binding is more ideal for kids as they won’t outgrow them easily. They also have a softer flex, which is more ideal for beginner and intermediate riders. However, the level of performance you get from closed toe bindings is far better than what you get from this type of binding.

Closed Toe Bindings

Most high-end wakeboard bindings are now designed in this style. If you want top performance, unmatched comfort, and perfect fit, closed toe bindings will be more ideal for you. This is the best choice for the experienced riders who want to be able to maintain high performance and show exceptional skills when riding.

Closed toe bindings come in specific shoe sizes, ensuring that you will be buying your perfect size with no need to adjust. So, in the real sense, closed toe bindings will fit perfectly to the intended user than open toe bindings. If you are buying the best wakeboard bindings just for yourself, closed toe binding is surely the best way to go.

Closure Options

The best wakeboard bindings are designed with Velcro styled or lace closure options. This option provides ease of entry and exit from the wakeboard. Generally, close-toe styled bindings come with lace fasteners while open toe models are designed with Velcro closure options. Velcro closure options are quicker to get in, and it’s very easy to adjust on the foot. In addition, they are strongly designed and can stand the test of time, unlike some cheap wakeboard bindings with lacing system.

On the other hand, the lace and fastener options are very easy to use. They are usually used on many cheap wakeboard bindings, because manufacturers can cut down on production cost by using laces instead of Velcro. To the user, the lace is very easy to replace. In case any lace gets worn out or broken, you can easily replace with another, unlike the Velcro closure bindings. So, the option you choose will depend on which feature is more appealing to you.


This is another important feature to consider before selecting your preferred wakeboard bindings. Generally, the best wakeboard bindings come in either stiff or soft flex. Bindings with a softer flex will be better for beginners since they provide better cushion than stiff flex. As they progress they can start opting for stronger bindings that provide higher level of performance, added control, and quicker response. So, the wakeboard binding flex you go for will depend on your level of experience.


Price should also be considered when selecting the best wakeboard bindings. If you are new to wakeboarding and want to try it out first, there is no need buying the most expensive models, since you are not sure whether you will go on after trying out. There are cheap wakeboard bindings that can give you the basic features you need. On the other hand, experienced riders should look for the best wakeboard bindings in terms of quality and stability. Surely, these ones are usually more expensive than other cheap wakeboard bindings.

The above are some of the most important things to consider before making that buying decision on the best wakeboard bindings for your wakeboarding needs.

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