How to Choose the Best Wakeboard Ropes

When selecting the best wakeboard tow rope, your personal preference will definitely play an important role towards your final decisions. Yes, quality of the rope will have its part to play, but the final choice you make will depend on your preference. Before knowing what you want in a wakeboarding rope and handle, it’s important to understand the different features and specifications of the different types of ropes available.

What are those features that determine the best wakeboard tow ropes? How can the ideal wakeboard ropes be identified? The rest of this review shall provide the right answers to these questions.

As a wakeboarding beginner, it will take a little while to make your choice because you have not yet established what will be right for you. But as an experienced rider, you will have an idea of the best wakeboard tow rope that works better for you, so you will know the features you are looking for.

Wakeboard Rope

Select a wakeboard rope and handle specifically meant for wakeboarding

You need to buy the exact type of rope meant for wakeboarding and not for other ski ropes or other activities. Selecting the specific wakeboarding rope is important because it will increase your performance and make your wakeboarding activity a lot more enjoyable. Generally, a stretchy rope is definitely a no-no for wakeboarders. A stretchy rope will not allow you perform the tricks you’ll love to perform on the wakeboard. So do not buy a substandard wakeboard rope and handle that’s stretchy.

  • Material

Wakeboarding rope and handles are designed with different materials. Some are made with Spectra, some with dyneema, while others are designed with poly E. These materials are different in their looks and performance. For instance, ropes designed with spectra have zero-stretch, are durable, ultra-lightweight, and easily floats on water. Dyneema ropes have strong resistance to salt, UV and abrasion. Poly E are the least expensive but can stretch about 3% of their length when they are in use. Poly E will be more ideal for beginner wakeboarders but not the right rope for experienced riders. From their different characteristics, the wakeboarding material you select will depend absolutely on what’s most ideal for you.

  • Length

Wakeboard lengths range from 55 to more than 75 feet. The choice of length you take will depend on your personal preference, boat wake, and experience level. Wakeboarding should be a very comfortable adventure and it’s important to select the right rope that can give you maximum comfort. It shouldn’t be too long or too short. But if you are finding it difficult to clear the wake, a shorter rope will be more ideal for you. Generally, a beginner rider will fare better with a rope that’s 65 feet long. This is long and not too short to prevent them from performing simple tricks and turns on the wakeboard. But obviously, a longer rope will be more ideal for experienced riders because it will help them gain more speed on the wake and improve their maneuverability.

  • Consider the wakeboard handle

Your grip on the wakeboard rope and handle should be strong and comfortable enough. There are different materials used in the design of the best wakeboard rope handles. But the best for you should be ergonomically designed and provide great grip. Some best wakeboard tow ropes come with aluminum coated handles which provide better grip when performing tricks on the wakeboard. Apart from the material of the handle, consider the size too. Wakeboarding handles are typically 6-15 inches wide. The longer the handles, the easier it is to perform skills with the rope. So, if you want better grip and more opportunities to perform more skills, you should settle for ropes with longer and wider wakeboard handles.

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