10 Best Wake Surfing Board for 2020

Best Wake Board

Did you ever doubt that your wakesufring experience will not be thrilling that makes it worthy of buying a wakesurfing board?! Then, maybe you are still living in your past because with the best wakeboard you are definitely going to get the best adventure ever of your life. All you need to know about wake surfing is that you to perform this outdoor activity with the right tools for wake-surfing. A wakeboard is the most essential gadget you will need for this sport. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, there are always some level best wakeboards to help you enjoy this excellent sporting activity.

There are the best wakeboards for beginners and professionals in the market now. If you are looking for one of the best wakeboards, or maybe a bunch of options for choosing your best wakeboard then here we have come with the best wakeboard reviews for you. These are the 10 best wake surfing boards based on their design, quality, and maneuvering ability. Read on to find out which one is most ideal for you.

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10 Best Wake Surfing Board Review

1. Body Glove Wakeboard

Body Glove Wakeboard

Body Glove is the best wake surfing board designed for medium to professionally skilled riders. The simplistic nature of the 4 point design makes this board very easy to ride. With universal bindings and fiberglass reinforced construction, you will be getting a very durable surfing board.

Those who are still learning the ropes in surfing will benefit immensely with the easy to use features. With this, you can perform all the tricks and jumps you want with no accident concerns whatsoever. Body Glove best wakesurf board is recommended for moderately experienced riders. Overall, it is well designed to give riders the best surfing experience they crave for.


  • Comes with 4 point design for better comfort
  • Features a fiberglass reinforcement construction
  • Easy to use features for intermediate and experienced surfers
  • Lightweight wakeboard and comes with good packaging


  • Not suitable for beginners and children

Final Verdict: Body Glove is one of the best wakeboards in the industry when it comes to choose your best wake surfing board for solidity and durability.

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2. Rave Lyric Wakeboard

Rave Lyric Wakeboard

Rave Lyric wakeboard is the next best wakeboard in our best wakeboard reviews list which is well known as the best wakeboard for beginners. It will work same good for the experienced riders too who want to enjoy their rides while performing all the tricks they can.

This cutting-edge wakeboard designed with secure fit and advantage bindings lets you enjoy the maximum of your surfing experience. Admittedly, what most people admire in this board are the Advantage bindings. This feature provides the right type of adjustment on your feet to help you quickly adjust your standings on the wakeboard. It comes with safety features to help surfers stay safe while having great fun.

Moreover, it’s quite affordable considering its overall qualities. If you want to have great fun while surfing during this winter, you need the right kind of equipment. And Rave Lyric has graciously provided the perfect surfing board for such purpose.


  • Designed for all types of riders
  • Industry leading technology with good safety features
  • Comes with advantage bindings
  • Simplistic design and easy to use


  • Lace material easily shreds
  • The board is a bit heavy for learners

Final Verdict:  If you are looking for an affordable yet impressive wakeboard, Rave Lyric is surely one of the best wakesurf board options you have.

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3. Hydroslide Helix Best Wakeboard

Hydroslide Helix Best Wakeboard

This wakeboard review would not have made proper meaning if products like Hydroslide Helix were omitted. It remains one of the best wakesurf boards because of its durable design and premium quality. This surfing board is an adult wakeboard that comes with Brandon bindings and 2-stage modified design. With this, you won’t have many problems related to ease of use and safety.

Ride safely and perform all tricks and jumps with an adequately made wakeboard like hydroslide Helix Wakeboard. When it comes to price, it’s also the most competitive. You may never see a better one that combines functional design with nice safety features, and still stay very affordable. This best wakeboard is really a giveaway at its price.


  • Very affordable wakeboard
  • Proper design with good safety features
  • Lightweight for beginners
  • Easy installation


  • Designed specifically for adults

Final Verdict:  It’s very rare to find affordable products with great features that compete favorably with its expensive counterparts in terms of quality. Hydroslide Wakeboard is one of such products.

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4. Hydroslide Wakeboard

Hydroslide Wakeboard

The 4th product in our best wakeboard review can easily make the top list with all the features it has. It provides the best way to have a swell time surfing during your vacation. It’s perfect for use by adults, kids, and both genders, not minding your skill level. Also, this best wakesurf board offers a stylish appearance that is well suited to the serene environment of any beach.

Again, just like the one reviewed above and it’s also available at a great price. This best wakeboard comes with a traction pad for maximum convenience. There are more features you will get from this board. It is designed to have a slick bottom for the current ride, comes with EPS core, durable foam pad, and EPE deck.

Installing this surfing gadget is as simple as anything else as clear instructions are provided for you. But one striking thing about the best wakeboard is the capacity to carry about 200 lbs of weight, even though the board itself weights merely 10 lbs.


  • This one best wakeboard is Padded for additional comfort
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Ease of installation
  • Twin tip design
  • Designed for all types and ages of surfers


  • The fins are not very strong

Final Verdict: Hydroslide best wakesurf board is one of the most versatile wakeboards as it’s suitable for surfers of all ages. It’s therefore highly recommended.

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5. Rave Jr. Impact Wakeboard

Rave Jr. Impact Wakeboard

If you are looking for the best wakeboards for beginner riders, this one is a great option. It is specially designed as one best wakeboard for beginners to help them learn the basics of surfing in a brief time. Not only is the board suitable for beginners, but it is also the easiest and best wakeboard anyone can use to have fun while learning new tricks.

Moreover, the proper design of this best wakeboard makes it very durable. No doubt, it will surely give you all the fun to repay the investment you’ve made on it. It has excellent bindings and cooperates well when new riders are learning simple and basic skills.


  • Moderately priced and perfect for beginners
  • Comes with good safety features
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Stylishly designed


  • Weights too light and not suitable for adults

Final Verdict: Rave Jr. is the best wakeboard for beginners looking to learn how to surf while staying safe on the act. It’s a nice wakeboard to have indeed.

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6. Nash No-Fear Wakeboard

Nash No-Fear Wakeboard

Nash No-fear is another best wakeboard you can get regarding cost and reliability. It’s a lightweight wakeboard and comes with 2 removable fins, allowing the surfer to adjust their ride quickly. It’s also a perfect wakeboard for beginners who are looking for the best wake surfing board to learn the basics of surfing without any safety concerns. Other features of this impressive product include Velcro ankle, laced up the center, as well as a high wrap heel for better comfort and support.

Installation of the surfing board is a breeze, with simple installation instruction manual provided. Those looking for the best wakeboard with the right safety features will definitely love this one. It gives beginners the confidence to step on their first time wakeboard and cruise around while doing some skills in the process. Nash No fear wakeboard is highly rated in the market, and it surely deserves all the encomiums it has been given.


  • Very easy to install and use
  • Comes with safety features
  • Perfect for beginner surfers
  • 2 removable fins included


  • Unable to hold weights more than 150 lbs

Final Verdict: Nash No-fear wakeboard is one of the best wakeboards for its simplicity and proper design. New and intermediate surfers will surely treasure this wakeboard.

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7. Plank Wakeboard with Boot

Plank Wakeboard with Boot

Plank is designed with state of the art materials, which makes it more durable than several other types of wakeboards. It’s a high-end surfboard and comes with a straightforward design. With a fish profile design, it’s perfect for experienced surfers who are already familiar with all the tricks and skills of surfing. In the real sense, it lets outstanding surfers do what they love most when surfing.

With this best wakeboard, professional riders will get off-the-lip performance, impressive cutbacks, and excellent stability. It’s one of the best wakeboards for surfing when it comes to speed and security. With a moderate price, Plank Wakeboard is the real deal for experienced and intermediate surfers who want to show off their surfing skills.


  • Enhances good maneuverability and achieves great speed
  • Designed with long lasting EVA pads
  • Perfect for advanced riders
  • Good colors and stylish design
  • Comparatively more affordable than most other wakeboards


  • It’s a bit more complicated for beginners

Final Verdict: If you are not a new face in the world of wake surfing, this best wakeboard would be a great investment for you.

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8. O'Brien Fremont Wakeboard

O’Brien Fremont Wakeboard

To most surfers, O’Brien might not ring a bell. But even as a relatively new entrant to the industry, the brand has done enough to be included in this best wakeboards review. One of its strong points is the near-epoxy design which makes it perform beyond expectation.

O’Brien comes with recreational features both experienced and beginner surfers will love. Those looking for breathtaking surfing experience will stand a better chance of reaching that height of fun with this adequately designed wakeboard. If you would like to sail efficiently and effectively without much stress, this surfing gadget will aid your cause.


  • It comes with soft edges that enables smooth ride
  • Designed with durable materials
  • Comes with progressive rocker and Flex technology


  • A bit more expensive than some other surfing boards

Final Verdict: You are probably not going to get any other surfing board with the impressive design of this best wakesurf board. It’s what makes it stand out among others.

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9. Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

Hyperlite state has all the features to be in our best wakeboard reviews list here. It’s also well designed and provides the right balance for your sail. The Asymmetric design of this best wakeboard makes it highly demanded in the market. With the more effective edge, riders can enjoy easier and better wake jumps. It’s an absolute entry-level wakeboard with advanced shape technology for quickly improving your skills.

This wakeboard has been severely tried and confirmed to be the best wakesurf board for surfers looking to learn the tricks and skills of surfing in a brief time. It comes with all the features to help riders improve faster. Experienced riders will also love the design and overall balance of the wakeboard. If you are looking for a very durable surfing board for the best wakeboarding experience, Hyperlite State should be considered as the best wakeboard for you.


  • Asymmetric design for more balance
  • Ideal for beginners who want to effectively learn surfing skills
  • Designed with valuable edge for better jumps
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Designed basically for beginner surfers

Final Verdict: Hyperlite State is up there as one of the best wakesurf boards for inexperienced surfers looking to learn quickly the skills involved in surfing.

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10. Hydroslide Helix Wakeboard

Hydroslide Helix Wakeboard

Here is another excellent Wakeboard from the Hydroslide brand in our best wakeboard reviews list. The fact that it’s the last here does not make it inferior to other best wakesurf boards reviewed above. It has similar features as the rest. Hydroslide is relatively cheaper than all the best wakesurf boards in this review. It comes with Brandon bindings, molded fins, 3-stage rocker design, and a carbon fiber reinforced design.

At $150, you will be having one of the best wakeboards in the industry. Hydroslide Helix is probably the best lightweight wakeboard that is strong and stiff, giving you more balance and controlling abilities. The tin edges of the wakeboard are round in the middle section and sharp at the tip, ensuring that you’ll surf freely and effectively. With this product, you can adequately sail and quickly learn new tricks.


  • Made with carbon-reinforced deck
  • Sharp edges for easy sailing
  • Comes with Brandon bindings
  • Very affordable
  • Moderately vaulted bottom for shock absorption


  • Construction material is not of the highest quality

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a very affordable surfing board to help you easily perform tricks while surfing, Hydroslide Helix should be seriously considered.

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FAQ's about wakeboard

What is the best brand of wakeboard?

When it comes to design and overall quality, the best wakeboard brands could easily be picked as O’Brien and Body Gloves. They are well designed to assist both beginner surfers and experienced ones to have great fun while surfing. Not too far behind them is the Hydroslite Helix Wakeboard.

The 2-stage modified design is its strongest point. Other Wakeboards reviewed here are also of the highest standard, and you may even have your own choice from the other models reviewed here. The overall design, features, versatility (whether for both experienced and inexperienced) can help you decide the best wakeboard for you.

How big of a wakeboard do I need

Generally, wakeboards are designed in different sizes to accommodate all types of riders. The size of the best wakeboard you select will depend on your weight. You need to go for bigger and heavier wakeboards if you consider your heavyweight. Usually, a lightweight wakeboard is meant for kids to help them sail smoothly on water. The size of the best wakeboard you select should be based on the weight and scope of the individual riding it.

However, some wakeboards measure fewer than 130 cm for individuals less than 100 lbs. The medium sized boards’ measure between 130 and 139 cm (for 130 to 139 pounds.) while the mostly sized wakeboards measure more than 140cm (for adults weighing more than 170 lbs.)

What is a 3 stage rocker?

A three-stage rocker is a term used to describe a type of wakeboard that comes with 3 distinct planes at the base of the board. This feature helps the wakeboard easily pops higher when the rider hits the wake. All wakeboards with this type of design have flat spots which can directly improve the rider sail faster, leading to the more hard landing. This is recommended for who want to learn more tips and tricks while wakeboarding. It easily allows you to get explosive pops. But landings can be a lot harsh due to the flat design of the wakeboard’s bottom. Boards with 3-stage rockers are more suited to intermediate and experienced riders who can easily maneuver their ways and control the impact of their landings.

How to Get Up on a Wakeboard

If you’re a newbie in wakeboarding and want to learn how to get up on a wake surfing board quickly, you can follow these tips below.
First, adjust the bindings to make them more comfortable on your feet. It shouldn’t be too tight or too lose.
Set the speed to help your acceleration. This will aid you when getting up on the wakeboard and keep a good speed when riding.
Make sure the wakeboard is at 90 degrees on the surface of the water. Keep your arms relaxed and knees bent and held the tow rope of the boat.
Allow the boat to lift you. As the ship accelerates, avoid leaning against its force. Maintain a crouched position and straighten your arm till the acceleration of the boat pushes up the wakeboard into the water surface.
Place your most comfortable foot on the board. This will help you maintain more balance as you said. Once you are up, support that front foot on the transom as your hip leans towards the tow-rope. Once you are comfortable, you can now try moving your weight from your toes to your heels to place the board on either its toe side or heel side.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Wakeboard

If you are looking to buy the best wakeboard for your adventure, there are certain things you need to bear in mind. Below are some considerations to make before purchasing a wakeboard.

  • Consider your Weight

Good wakeboards are designed in different sizes to provide options for people with different weights. If you are buying the wakeboard for kids, you need to consider the smaller sized ones because they are lightweight wakeboard and more stable when sailing.

  • Brand

While some people usually find the brand of a product before making their decision, this may not be important in many situations. In fact, some relatively unknown brands are at par with other already established brands on the market. The most ideal way to look at it is identifying the wakeboard’s features and find out whether the features are well suited to your needs.

  • Intermediate or Experienced?

The best wakeboards come with installation instructions and may be suitable for a particular set of users. There are wakeboards meant for beginners who want to learn wakeboarding before trying complex skills. Others are designed for all categories of riders, whether experienced or a novice. The primary consideration here is, knowing who is going to ride on the wakeboard. If you are buying the board, not just for one person, it’s better to settle for products suited for all types of users.

  • Price

Prices of good wakeboards range between $100 and $300. If you are conscious about what you pay for the board, understand that the best wakeboards have the best designs and features. In that case, they will be more expensive than others. Wakeboarding also comes with some risks, so it’s essential to select the board with good safety features too. All these will have a considerable impact on the price you finally pay for the wakeboard.

  • Style of the wake surfing board

There are 3 different wake surfing board styles: the hybrid, surf, and skim style boards. If you want a board that can enable you to to do endless waves and tricky surfing, the skim style board will be perfect for you. However, surf style wakeboards are more suitable for beginners, because it’s designed to help them learn surfing easily. But the board’s explosiveness and maneuverability will be ideal for advanced riders. Hydride has the features of both the skim and surf style board. The aim here is to provide the two options both packed in one board. It combines the maneuverability of surf-styled wakeboards with the playfulness of the Skim styled ones.
The above are some of the most important things to consider before selecting the best wakeboards for your surfing experience for fun and enjoyment.


Wakeboarding requires the best tools if you are really looking to get the best experience when surfing. With the above reviews and information on the best wakeboards of 2020, we are sure you now have enough information to make an informed decision on the most ideal wakeboard to buy.

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