13 Amazing Benefits Of Skateboarding

benefits of skateboarding

The pro skateboarder Chris Cole once said, “It’s a strange phenomenon how this piece of wood, wheels, and a turning system has made so many people so happy.” Just like Chris Cole, we all the skateboard lovers stand on the point that skateboarding gives us immense pleasure. Skateboarding is not only a sport that gives us happiness and fun only. But it also comes with so many amazing benefits that we can not even think about. Skateboarding is a fabulous way to do exercise and also a great way to be relaxed. In this article, we will be talking about all the benefits of skateboarding. After a long time of research, we have come up with these benefits of skateboarding. 

13 Benefits Of Skateboarding

1. Cheap Sport

Skateboarding Is a Cheap Sport

While other sports like football, cricket, hockey, baseball require a lot of accessories and maintain a particular dress code, skateboarding does not require a lot of stuff. All you need is a skateboard for skating. And you need a helmet, wrist guard, knee pad for your safety. You can easily buy these necessary things at a reasonable price. So in this way skateboarding is a very budget-friendly sport. 

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2. Healthy Sport

Some people may think that skateboarding is like other sports that have no health values. But it is not true. Skateboarding is a sport that has a great relation with your body. If you skate on a regular basis, it will help you to increase your metabolism which is very much important to stay fit. It also helps you to improve your balance. Because when you are riding a skateboard you are actually trying to grip a balance on yourself. 

3. Enhances your Coordination

While skateboarding on a skateboard you are using your mind and body together. You are focusing on your body posture and gesture. You are riding the skateboard. And at the same time, you are observing the skating road with your eyes. All these things you’re doing at the same time. And in this time it is not your mind that is controlling your body rather your body is controlling your mind. Or you can say everything is working together. So in this way you are improving the coordination system of your body.

4. Improves Your Muscles  

Skateboarding Improves Your Muscles  
Source: boardblazers.com

Skateboarding requires a lot of movement of your limbs. To be more accurate skateboarding needs all your muscles to move for a long time. In this way, this activity helps you to improve your muscles. It provides your core more strength when you are riding on an uneven surface. A strong core helps you to have a good balance. 

Another important muscle of our body is the Gluteus maximus. This muscle extends from the hip to the hamstrings. Skateboarding needs a lot of movement of this muscle. And thus how it makes this muscle well built and strong. Your quadriceps and calves also became stronger when you skate regularly.

5. Good Workout

Skateboarding is a very good workout. It helps you to move all your body parts. You can say it is a fun exercise. Some pro skateboarders perform some tricks like an ollie, kickflip, hardflip, hill flip, toe flip all your body muscles and joints work together. So there is no doubt that skateboarding is a perfect workout for all.

6. Improves Flexibility 

Skateboarding Improves Flexibility 

Skateboarding helps you to improve your body flexibility. When you are riding a skateboard, you are twisting your body, doing some amazing tricks that engage your muscles and joints. And thus it helps you to improve your flexibility.

7. Burns Off Your Calorie 

There is no doubt that skateboarding is a very good exercise. You need to move your limbs and joints of your body while skating. And in this way, you will lose your extra calories. It is said that if you skate slowly you will lose 400 calories in an hour. But if you skate at a good speed you can burn up to 800 calories. You need to keep the thing in your mind that the amount of your burning fat depends on your age, height, and weight. 

You can use this Captain Calculator to find out how many calories you are burning every hour while skating.

 8. Improves Your Mental Health

Skateboarding Improves Your Mental Health

Skateboarding helps you to improve your mental health. When you skate on the roads, you feel mentally relaxed. You focus on your skateboarding and forgets about the day’s chaos. When you are skating your body and mind is working together and you enjoy your time naturally. It creates a positive vibe in your brain. And your brain automatically relieves all your stress.

9. Cheap Transport  

Skateboard is not only a piece of wood with wheels to ride as a sports activity also you can use it as a transport. You can go to nearby places riding on your skateboard. It will cost you nothing. 

But every skater is not the same when it comes to health issues. Everyone is not strong enough to skate for a long way. They can use electric skateboards. If you are thinking about buying a skateboard then check out article about best electric longboards.

10. Improves Pain Tolerance

Although skateboarding is a very safe and easy sport it comes with some scraps, scars, and aches. Pain is like a regular friend when you are skating regularly.  You will fall off and again you will start skating. You will lose your balance sometimes but you will gradually learn how to maintain your balance on skateboarding. So this is how you will get a grip on your pain tolerance. You will become strong and healthy with skateboarding.

But always remember that safety comes first. So don’t be ignorant about your safety. Always use a skating helmet. Also do not forget to use wrist gerd and knee pads. 

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11. Develop Your Kids 

Skateboarding is a great way to develop your kids both physically and mentally. Skateboarding helps to improve the muscles, coordination, and precision of your kid’s body. In this way, your children develop physically. With skateboards, your kids spend a joyful and playful time. You get a way to come closer to your kids. They learn to accept failure. They learn to teach from there every fall. They become brave with every fall and rise. And thus they mentally develop with skateboarding.

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12. Social Benefits of Skateboarding 

Not only physical and mental benefits, but skateboarding also has some social benefits as well. Skateboarding helps you to be friends with new people. When you go to a public skateboarding park you get the chance to get introduced to other skaters. Thus you can create a friend circle with some good people.

13. Skateboarding And Covid-19 

Skateboarding is such a sport that you can enjoy alone. You don’t need a friend to skate in this pandemic situation. You can enjoy quality time all by yourself. Skateboarding helps you to keep a social distance. It will help you to be safe from this life taking Covid -19. But we advise you not to go skating in this pandemic situation. Because it is very important to be safe to lead a healthy life.    


Skateboarding is a sport that comes with many advantages. It is a very fun and enjoyable sports activity. We encourage you to go skateboarding on a daily basis. But please be careful about your safety and skateboarding laws

If you have any more questions about skateboarding then feel free to ask our team. Also, let us know your opinion about this article. Just leave your comment in the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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