10 Best Electric Skateboards for Cool Commutes

If you’re an eco-conscious commuter seeking a tech upgrade and reducing your carbon footprint, or a curious explorer desiring a fun and innovative way to travel. In that case, the world of electric skateboarding has something to offer you. 

Electric skateboards have emerged as a unique blend of thrill and convenience in the ever-evolving world of personal transportation. It offers an exciting alternative to traditional modes of transportation for individuals attracted to the emotion of street surfing or the efficiency of speeding through city traffic jams. 

In this blog post, we will look into the realm of these high-tech boards, exploring the best electric skateboards available today. We’ll navigate through their top speeds, innovative features, and sturdy builds to help you find the perfect ride to match your lifestyle and need for speed. Without further delay, let’s start with the reviews right away. 

Evaluating the Top 10 Electric Skateboards for Smooth Rides 

1. Caroma 


The Caroma Electric Skateboard with Remote is a dynamic, high-performance longboard meticulously crafted for adults and teens seeking the thrill of speed and the convenience of self-propulsion. Its remarkable features include a 900W dual hub motor, a robust 5000mAh lithium-ion battery, and a well-engineered deck, making every ride an enjoyable experience.

What truly sets the Caroma electric skateboard apart from its competitors is the formidable 900W dual hub motor. This powerhouse delivers an exceptional performance enabling riders to conquer a diverse range of terrains, including challenging hills and grassy areas. 

Paired with a top speed of 28 mph, it offers a swift, adrenaline-filled ride that will impress. Further enhancing its performance is the certified 5000mAh long-range battery that affords an impressive travel distance of 22 miles. This remarkable combination of motor strength and battery longevity promises a memorable journey and a viable alternative for everyday commuting.

The deck of the Caroma skateboard, a well-balanced blend of six layers of maple with an additional two layers of bamboo, embodies both durability and flexibility. This unique construction allows the board to support a load of up to 330 lbs (150 kg) while still providing a comfortable and responsive ride. 

Its 90mm 85A PU wheels with high grip improve ride quality by effortlessly absorbing shocks and offering unmatched stability, making this skateboard an ideal choice for novice and seasoned skaters.

In addition to its impressive mechanical attributes, this electric skateboard has a user-friendly wireless remote that allows riders to steer their journey easily. It offers three distinct speed modes for varying skill levels and rider preferences. Its intuitive design promotes smooth acceleration, precise braking, and effortless direction changes, contributing to a secure and pleasant ride. The effortless pairing process between the skateboard and the remote only adds to the overall convenience, further reinforcing the board’s appeal.


  • The 900W dual hub motor allows for swift rides and effortless hill climbing, making it suitable for various riding conditions.
  • The skateboard comes fully assembled, allowing riders to hit the streets without any setup hassles.
  • The wireless remote with three-speed modes offers easy control and adaptability to different riding preferences.
  • Durable and Stable
  • With a maximum range of 22 miles, this electric skateboard ensures extended riding sessions without frequent recharging.


  • The Skateboard is relatively heavy, making it less portable than lighter alternatives.
  • Not Water-Resistant.

Overall, the Caroma Electric Skateboard with Remote stands out as an excellent option for thrill-seeking skaters and those looking for a practical and eco-friendly means of commuting. 

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2. MEEPO Voyager 

MEEPO Voyager

The MEEPO Electric Skateboard is a spectacular creation for adults seeking the heart-pounding excitement of high speed and the liberty of extensive cruising. This skateboard, boasting a robust 2800W*2 high torque BLDC motor, offers an astonishing top speed of 31 mph, guaranteeing a thrill-filled experience. Its commendable 31-mile range and sturdy construction make the Voyager an effective blend of performance and durability.

The Voyager’s crowning feature is its ultra-powerful 2800W*2 high-torque BLDC motor. This powerhouse enables riders to achieve a staggering top speed of 31 mph, positioning it among the fastest electric skateboards on the market. Moreover, with a 46% hill climbing capacity, steep slopes are no longer an obstacle. 

The onboard 544.3Wh Molicel battery paves the way for enduring adventures, offering an impressive 31-mile range on a single charge. The short two-hour recharge time, facilitated by a 4.5A charger, ensures riders can resume their exciting journey swiftly.

The MEEPO Voyager has been constructed with resilience, featuring a 38.6-inch deck enhanced with a layer of fiberglass for that added bounce. This combination creates a pronounced rebound effect, elevating the skateboarding experience. 

The deck’s composition and length lend to its stability, further reinforced by the reliable RKP truck system. This skateboard maintains a smooth and stable ride even at high speeds, prioritizing safety without sacrificing fun. Moreover, the 90mm shockproof polyurethane road wheels offer superior traction and a cushioned glide, absorbing shocks for a smoother ride.

Adding to the Voyager’s appeal is its flexibility to accommodate wheels ranging from 80mm to 120mm in diameter. This adaptability allows riders to tailor their skateboarding experience to different road conditions and personal preferences, enhancing overall enjoyment and versatility.

With a remarkable maximum load capacity of 330 pounds, the MEEPO Voyager Electric Skateboard is suited to riders of diverse sizes. The deck’s fusion of fiberglass with robust construction guarantees durability and longevity, making the Voyager a trusty companion for countless thrilling adventures.


  • It is equipped with a powerful motor and a reliable battery.
  • The skateboard is easy to control with the remote.
  • The deck is sturdy and provides a comfortable ride.


  • The skateboard may not reach the advertised top speed for all riders.
  • The waterproof grade is not high enough for use in rainy conditions.

The ability to customize wheels and the generous load capacity add to the skateboard’s versatility. While it may be slightly heavy for some, the MEEPO Voyager’s performance and after-sale service make it an excellent investment for thrill-seekers and dedicated riders. 

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3. Meepo V5 

Meepo V5

The MEEPO V5 is a top-notch choice for adults and teens dipping their toes into skateboarding. Boasting a maximum speed of 29 mph, seamless braking, and an intuitive design, this skateboard presents a harmonious and enjoyable riding experience. Let’s delve into the distinctive attributes that make the MEEPO V5 an ideal entry point for novices.

Uniquely equipped with a handle deck, the MEEPO V5 Electric Skateboard shines in portability, making it a breeze to transport when not in use. The deck, composed of 8 layers of Canadian maple, offers flexibility and durability, creating a stable base for riders to gain confidence and hone their skills. This fusion of a handle deck and robust build is a reliable and practical tool for daily commuting or casual outings with friends.

The skateboard is powered by dual 500W hub motors, enabling it to reach a commendable top speed of 29 mph and a travel range of 11 miles. This capacity makes it versatile, perfect for campus commuting, city explorations, or leisurely neighborhood cruises. 

Emphasizing safety—a critical consideration for electric skateboarding newcomers—the MEEPO V5 comes equipped with a sensitive M5 remote control system, ensuring smooth and manageable braking. In addition, the skateboard features four adjustable settings, including a beginner-friendly LO mode, empowering riders to customize the speed to suit their comfort and activity.

Supporting 1.5A charging, the MEEPO V5 Electric Skateboard guarantees a dependable and efficient charging process. With a charging time of approximately 2.8 hours from empty to full, riders can concentrate on the joy of riding, free from concerns over battery life. This convenience elevates the skateboard’s appeal for beginners seeking a smooth, hassle-free electric skateboarding experience. 


  • The sensitive M5 remote control system ensures a smooth and safe braking experience.
  • The handle deck design makes it convenient to carry the skateboard when not in use.
  • A top speed of 29 mph and a range of 11 miles cater to various riding needs.
  • Four settings, including a beginner-friendly LO mode, allow riders to adjust the speed according to their comfort level.


  • While 11 miles suits many scenarios, some riders may desire a longer range for extended journeys.

The MEEPO V5 offers speed, convenience, and safety for beginners seeking an entry point into skateboarding. Its handle deck design, sturdy construction, and beginner-friendly skill level provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride. With its smooth braking, user-friendly modes, and IP55 waterproof rating, the skateboard prioritizes safety and adaptability. 

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4. CAROMA 350W 


The CAROMA 350W Electric Skateboard is a perfect choice for adults and teens seeking a convenient and efficient mode of transportation in urban environments. With its compact size, impressive features, and reliable performance, this electric skateboard offers a seamless and enjoyable riding experience for beginners and experienced skaters alike.

The CAROMA Electric Skateboard has a new generation of lithium batteries, boasting a 29.4V 2000mAh capacity. The 350W single motor enables a maximum speed of 12.4mph, making it suitable for navigating city streets with ease. With a range of 6-8 miles per charge, riders can effortlessly complete daily commutes or short trips without worrying about running out of power. The quick two-hour charging time and up to 500 charging cycles ensure convenient and long-lasting battery life.

The skateboard has an ergonomic 2.4G wireless remote control featuring an LED display. The remote provides real-time information on the electric skateboard’s battery level, allowing riders to plan their trips accordingly. The wireless remote handles speed control and braking, offering three-speed mode toggles (low, medium, high) to cater to different skill levels and preferences. The LED battery indicators keep users informed about the remaining battery level, and the integrated flashlights enhance safety for nighttime rides.

The CAROMA features a 7-layer maple deck with elasticity and toughness, ensuring a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs. The high-density emery, non-slip and waterproof surface enhance rider safety during trips. The high-quality PU wheels deliver excellent grip performance and a smooth riding experience on various terrains. The deck’s design prioritizes comfort and stability, making it ideal for daily commuting or leisurely rides.

Weighing only 8 lbs, the CAROMA is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Its compact size allows for convenient storage, making it a perfect companion for public transportation such as subways or buses. This portability makes it an ideal choice for urban commuters and students alike.


  • Weighing only 8 lbs, the skateboard is highly portable and easy to carry, perfect for urban commuters.
  • Sturdy and Safe Build
  • Wireless Remote with LED Display.
  • With three-speed modes, riders can choose the level of speed that suits their comfort and skill level.


  • Limited battery range of 6-8 miles.

The CAROMA 350W Electric Skateboard offers a convenient and efficient ride for urban commuters and beginners. Its efficient lithium battery, wireless remote with LED display, and sturdy design make it a reliable choice for navigating city streets. The skateboard’s compact and lightweight build ensures easy portability, making it ideal for taking on public transportation. 

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5. Teamgee H20mini Electric Skateboard 

Teamgee H20mini Electric Skateboard

The Teamgee H20mini Electric Skateboard is a stylish, high-performance ride designed to give skateboarders a thrilling and smooth experience. With its 900W super motor, upgraded battery, and impressive range, this electric skateboard offers power and reliability for riders of all skill levels.

The H20mini stands out with its 900W super motor, which effortlessly conquers up to 25% inclines while reaching 24 mph. With a remarkable range of 18 miles, skateboarders can explore the city and enjoy extended rides without worrying about battery life. The upgraded battery boasts a 7500mAh capacity, and a high-current charger enables a swift 3-4 hour charging time.

The Teamgee H20mini Electric Skateboard offers durability and strength, supporting riders weighing up to 286 lbs. The high-quality PU wheels (88mm) provide excellent ground grip, ensuring a smooth and stable ride on various terrains. Besides, the fish-shaped exterior design adds a touch of style to the skateboard, making it an appealing choice for fashion-conscious riders.

Equipped with a wireless remote control featuring an LCD, riders can conveniently monitor the skateboard’s power in real time. The remote allows users to change the riding speed and adjust the skateboard’s direction, offering full control over the riding experience. With an operating distance of up to 20 meters, riders can maintain a comfortable distance while enjoying seamless control. 


  • The 900W super motor ensures smooth rides and easy uphill climbing.
  • The 7500mAh battery provides a range of 18 miles and a quick 3-4 hour charging time.
  • The 7-ply maple wood construction and fish-shaped exterior design offer durability and aesthetic appeal.


  • Less durable remote.

The sturdy build, UL certification, and customer service support provide additional confidence in the skateboard’s safety and quality. While the operating range of the remote may be a consideration for some, the Teamgee H20mini Electric Skateboard remains an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful, stylish, and safe electric skateboard for their urban adventures.

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6. Jking Electric Skateboard 

Jking Electric Skateboard

The Jking Electric Skateboard is an exceptional pick for skateboard enthusiasts pursuing a trustworthy, easily transportable electric longboard. Combining a potent motor, robust construction, and a user-friendly remote, this skateboard promises an exhilarating ride for individuals aged 12 and over.

At the heart of the Jking Electric Skateboard is a UL 2272-certified 29.4V 4000mAh lithium battery, empowering the board to reach a top speed of 16.7 mph. Offering a travel distance of up to 8.2 miles on a single charge, with a recharging time of just 4 hours, this skateboard provides riders with a thrilling and uninterrupted skateboarding experience.

Weighing a mere 12.3 lbs, the Jking Electric Skateboard scores high on portability, making it a breeze to carry when not in use. The 31.7-inch deck, built from two layers of bamboo and six layers of maple, ensures a flexible ride, enhancing overall enjoyment. With a weight capacity of 210 lbs, the skateboard comfortably accommodates riders of various sizes. The deck features a high-density emery, non-slip, and waterproof surface for maximum safety, positioning it as a fantastic choice for commuting and leisurely exploration.

Equipped with a 350W dual brushless hub motor, the skateboard is renowned for its reliability and minimal maintenance compared to belt drive motors. The board retains its functionality as a traditional skateboard even without the motor, permitting riders to savor their journey regardless. With a maximum climbing angle of 12°, the motor packs sufficient power for uphill rides.

Featuring a portable remote control, the Jking Electric Skateboard allows for effortless mode switching. The remote facilitates seamless acceleration, braking, and bidirectional movement, offering three-speed modes for a personalized ride. This flexible remote control system provides riders an engaging and enjoyable cruising experience. 


  • The 4000mAh lithium battery powers the skateboard to a maximum speed of 16.7mph.
  • The brushless hub motor ensures a reliable and smooth riding experience, even on uphill climbs.
  • The two layers of bamboo and six layers of maple deck offer flexibility and durability, while the lightweight build makes it highly portable.


  • The range of 8.2 miles may not be sufficient for longer rides or commutes.

The skateboard’s lightweight design makes it highly portable, while the brushless hub motor ensures a reliable and enjoyable ride. While the range may be limited for some riders, the Jking Electric Skateboard remains an excellent choice for young and adult skaters, providing a safe and exciting mode of transportation and leisurely cruising. 

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7. Windseeker Electric Skateboard

Windseeker Electric Skateboard

The H2S-2 Electric Skateboard is a fantastic choice for beginners and advanced skaters. With its UL certification, user-friendly features, and customizable stickers, this electric skateboard offers a fun and safe riding experience for riders of all ages.

The H2S-2 Electric Skateboard is UL-certified, providing peace of mind to riders and ensuring its safety and quality standards. It comes with a 6-month warranty, guaranteeing a worry-free purchase. Additionally, the skateboard offers a creative touch with DIY stickers, allowing riders to personalize their boards with various element patterns. These stickers can be pasted on the top of the remote control, adding joy and uniqueness to their riding experience.

The e-skateboard boasts a powerful 350W motor with three-speed modes to cater to different skill levels. Beginners can start with the Low mode, offering a gentle speed of 6.2mph, while more experienced riders can enjoy Medium (9.3mph) and High (12.4mph) modes for an exhilarating ride. The 29.4V 2000mAh Lithium Battery provides a maximum range of 5 miles and can be fully charged within 2 hours, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable ride.

The H2S-2 electric skateboard features a smart core technology that automatically boots the skateboard when gliding. This convenient feature eliminates the need to bend down to start the skateboard, saving time and effort and allowing riders to hit the road anytime effortlessly.

Crafted from 7 layers of rock-hard maple, the skateboard’s deck offers better flex, stability, and durability. It can withstand various impacts and stamping collisions without deformation, ensuring a safe and reliable ride for up to 155 lb riders.

The skateboard has a 2.4GHz wireless remote control, allowing riders to control forward, backward, acceleration, and braking effortlessly. The remote’s control distance reaches up to 14 meters, providing flexibility and convenience during rides. The LED indicators on the remote keep users informed about the skateboard’s battery level, ensuring they are aware of the remaining charge.


  • The skateboard boots automatically when gliding, saving time and effort for riders.
  • The DIY stickers offer a fun way for riders to personalize their skateboards.
  • The 7-ply maple deck provides stability and durability for a safe ride.


  • The range of 5 miles may be insufficient for longer rides or commutes.

The H2S-2 Electric Skateboard is a delightful and customizable choice for riders, whether they are beginners or experienced skaters. The ability to personalize the skateboard with DIY stickers adds a creative touch, making each ride unique and enjoyable.

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8. Isinwheel V8  

Isinwheel V8

The isinwheel V8 Electric Skateboard offers a delightful and exciting riding experience with its impressive features and innovative design. With its removable battery, powerful motor, ambient skateboard light, and secure build, this skateboard ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey for riders of all levels.

The isinwheel V8 Electric Skateboard stands out with its removable and detachable batteries. This convenient feature allows riders to easily replace the battery for longer mileage, extending the fun and exploration during rides.

The V8 e-skateboard has dual-wheel brushless motors, delivering maximum speeds of 28-30 Mph. With a maximum power of 600W, this skateboard ensures smooth and efficient travel, even on challenging terrains such as uphill slopes, sandy surfaces, or snowy conditions.

The isinwheel V8 Electric Skateboard offers a unique and fun experience with its ambient skateboard light, adding style and flair to nighttime rides. The ambient light enhances the skateboard’s aesthetics and provides visibility in the dark, ensuring safety and an enjoyable ride even during the evening hours.

The skateboard features an ESC-sensitive control system, providing precise speed control and smooth braking. The four modes cater to various riding preferences and skill levels, allowing riders to customize their experience. With the remote control, all speeds and braking can be effortlessly managed, ensuring a safe and controlled ride.

The isinwheel V8 Electric Skateboard prioritizes rider comfort and safety with its ergonomic design. The skateboard is thoughtfully contoured to match the foot’s natural shape, increasing friction and making starting easier. It boasts a robust build, accommodating up to 264 lbs of weight. The eight layers of Canadian maple and the frosted coating add durability and protection for a safe travel experience. The 105mm polyurethane wheels ensure stability, shockproof performance, and anti-skid capabilities, allowing riders to navigate any road surface confidently.


  • The skateboard’s removable and detachable batteries provide convenience for extended mileage.
  • Dual-wheel brushless motors offer impressive speeds and performance on various terrains.
  • The sensitive control system and remote make speed adjustments and braking effortless.
  • The skateboard’s ergonomic design, sturdy build, and quality wheels ensure a secure and stable ride.


  • The maximum speed of 28-30 Mph is too fast for beginners.

The isinwheel V8 Electric Skateboard is a powerful, versatile, and secure choice for riders seeking a thrilling and enjoyable skateboarding experience. It’s removable battery and powerful dual-wheel brushless motors provide the convenience and performance needed for longer and smoother rides. 

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9. Tooluck 27.5″ Electric Skateboards 

Tooluck 27.5 Inch Electric Skateboards

The Tooluck 27.5″ Electric Skateboard offers a dynamic and enjoyable riding experience with its powerful motor, quick-charging battery, and wireless remote control. Designed for short distances and convenience, this electric longboard provides a smooth and noiseless ride, making it an excellent choice for adults and youth.

The Tooluck electric skateboard has a new generation of brushless 350W motors, ensuring impressive acceleration of up to 12.4 MPH. The driving process is remarkably quiet and noiseless, enhancing the overall riding experience.

The electric longboard features a 29.4V 2000mAh lithium battery of the new generation, capable of fully charging in just two hours. With a range of approximately 6 to 8 miles, this skateboard is ideal for short-distance travel, such as campus commuting and quick errands.

The Tooluck electric longboard supports wireless remote control functionality, allowing riders to control forward, backward, acceleration, and braking gestures effortlessly. Additionally, it offers skate acceleration gestures and includes Cruise Mode Control, providing hands-free operation. The remote control boasts a control distance of approximately 14 meters, offering flexibility and convenience during rides.

Constructed with 7 layers of Canadian maple, the electric longboard undergoes a quality upgrade to achieve optimal weight and sturdiness. The skateboard’s materials and technology are perfectly harmonized, enhancing both convenience and durability.

The Tooluck electric skateboard is designed with high-quality shock-absorbing PU wheels, ensuring safety and ease of navigation on various road surfaces. These wheels absorb vibrations from bumpy roads, resulting in a safer and smoother skating experience.


  • The 350W brushless motor provides impressive acceleration and noiseless performance.
  • The 29.4V 2000mAh lithium battery can be fully charged in just two hours.
  • The high-quality PU wheels offer shock absorption for a safer and smoother ride.
  • The 7 layers of Canadian maple construction enhance the skateboard’s weight and sturdiness.


  • Approximately 6 to 8 miles is not sufficient for longer commutes.

The skateboard’s quality upgrade ensures a balanced combination of weight and sturdiness, while the shock-absorbing PU wheels contribute to safe and smooth riding. Although the range may be limited for some riders, the Tooluck 27.5″ Electric Skateboard remains an excellent option for those looking for a reliable and enjoyable electric longboard for their daily commutes and leisurely rides.

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10. WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard 

WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard

The WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard offers a versatile and enjoyable riding experience suitable for adults, teens, and kids alike. With its 7-ply maple deck, ergonomic wireless remote, 3-speed adjustment, and user-friendly design, this electric skateboard ensures a smooth and controlled ride for riders of all skill levels.

Crafted from 7 layers of rock-hard maple, the WOOKRAYS skateboard deck provides excellent flex, stability, and durability. It can withstand stamping collisions without deformation, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting skateboard. The maximum load capacity is 80kg, accommodating various riders with ease.

The skateboard has a 2.4 GHz wireless remote control, offering precise control over forward, backward, acceleration, and braking. The remote’s control distance extends up to 14 meters, providing flexibility during rides. LED indicators inform riders about the skateboard’s battery level, ensuring they know the remaining charge.

The WOOKRAYS skateboard has a 350W motor, providing three-speed modes for riders of different skill levels. Beginners can start with Low mode, offering a gentle speed of 6.2mph. More experienced skaters can enjoy Medium (9.3mph) and High (12.4mph) modes for a more exhilarating ride. The skateboard’s 29.4V 2000mAh Lithium Battery allows a maximum range of 5 miles and can be fully charged within 2 hours, making it a convenient option for short commutes and leisurely rides.

With its durable 7cm PU wheels, kick tail, and concave design, the WOOKRAYS skateboard ensures smooth gliding on the street, regardless of the rider’s skill level. The skateboard’s user-friendly features make it easy for beginners and advanced skaters to enjoy their ride with added control and stability.


  • Durable and Stable.
  • The 2.4 GHz remote control precisely controls skateboard movements and includes LED indicators for battery level.
  • The 29.4V 2000mAh Lithium Battery allows a maximum range of 5 miles and can be fully charged within 2 hours.
  • The 350W motor offers three-speed modes for riders of different skill levels.


  • The range of 5 miles is sufficient for longer commutes.

The WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard is a durable, versatile, and user-friendly option, suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels. With its 7-ply maple deck, ergonomic remote control, 3-speed adjustment, and easy-to-use features, this electric skateboard provides a smooth and controlled riding experience. 

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Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Skateboard

When buying an electric skateboard, there are several crucial factors to remember to ensure you make the right choice. Here’s a more detailed and specified guide on each factor to consider before purchasing:

1. Range and Battery Life

The range of an electric skateboard refers to the distance it can cover on a single charge. This is a critical factor, especially for those who plan to use their electric skateboard for daily commuting or longer rides. 

Consider your daily travel needs and how far you typically ride in a single trip. If you have a longer commute or like to go on extended rides, opt for a skateboard with a longer range to avoid running out of battery unexpectedly. Remember that factors like rider weight, terrain, and speed can influence the actual range, so choose a board with a slightly higher range than your typical daily ride.

2. Speed

Speed is an exhilarating aspect of electric skateboards for many riders. Different electric skateboards offer varying top speeds, and matching the speed capabilities with your riding style and preferences is essential. 

If you are an adrenaline junkie and love the thrill of high-speed rides, look for a board with a higher top speed. However, remember that faster speeds can impact battery life and stability, so consider striking a balance between speed and range that fits your needs.

3. Motor Power

The motor power of an electric skateboard is a crucial determinant of its performance on various terrains. A powerful motor becomes even more important if you live in an area with hilly landscapes or plan to venture off-road. More powerful motors can easily handle inclines and rough terrains, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience. Consider the terrain you’ll encounter most frequently, and choose a skateboard with a motor that can handle it effortlessly.

4. Weight and Portability

The weight of the electric skateboard plays a significant role, especially if you intend to carry it when not riding. A lighter board is more convenient to transport, making it easier to carry around when you need to hop on public transportation or navigate crowded areas. However, lighter boards compromise features like battery capacity and motor power. Find a balance between weight and performance that aligns with your needs and usage patterns.

5. Deck Material and Flex

The deck material of an electric skateboard directly affects its overall durability and flexibility. Maple wood decks are commonly used and provide a good balance of strength and flex, offering a comfortable ride. Some boards feature materials like bamboo, fiberglass, or carbon fiber, each offering advantages. Consider your riding style and the terrain you’ll cover to select the right deck material and flex that suits your preferences.

6. Braking System

Best Self Balancing Scooter

Safety should always be a top priority when riding an electric skateboard. A reliable braking system ensures you can stop smoothly and safely, especially during high-speed rides or emergencies. Look for electric skateboards with regenerative braking or dual-braking systems, as they provide enhanced control and stability while decelerating. Take time to practice braking and familiarize yourself with the board’s responsiveness to handle various stopping scenarios confidently.

7. Price and Budget

Electric skateboards come in a wide price range, and setting a budget is essential before diving into the purchasing process. Determine how much you are willing to spend on an electric skateboard, keeping in mind any additional accessories or safety gear you might need. While it can be tempting to go for the most expensive and feature-rich option, remember that excellent choices are available in various price ranges. Strike a balance between your budget and the needed features, and choose a board that meets your requirements without stretching your finances.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect electric skateboard that matches your riding style, preferences, and budget. Remember to prioritize safety and invest in protective gear to ensure a thrilling and secure riding experience on your new electric skateboard.


What is the difference between an electric skateboard and a traditional skateboard?

The primary difference between an electric skateboard and a traditional skateboard lies in the power source and propulsion. While a traditional skateboard relies solely on the rider’s physical push and footwork for movement, an electric skateboard is motorized and powered by an electric motor. The electric skateboard allows riders to control their speed and direction using a remote control or app, making riding easier without constantly pushing with one foot.

How fast do electric skateboards go?

High-performance electric skateboards can reach impressive speeds of up to 30 mph or more. On the other hand, entry-level electric skateboards may have lower top speeds, generally ranging between 15 to 20 mph. The speed of electric skateboards varies based on the motor’s power and the specific model. 

Can electric skateboards go uphill?

Electric skateboards can go uphill, especially those equipped with powerful motors. Higher wattage motors offer better torque, allowing the skateboard to climb steeper inclines easily. However, it’s essential to consider the skateboard’s motor power and your weight when planning to ride uphill.

Can you ride an electric skateboard in the rain?

While some electric skateboards are designed with water-resistant features, riding them in heavy rain or wet conditions is generally not advisable. Water can damage the electrical components and batteries, affecting the skateboard’s performance and safety. To prolong the lifespan of your electric skateboard, avoid riding in wet weather and opt for dry conditions instead.

How long do electric skateboards last?

An electric skateboard can last 2 to 5 years or even longer with proper care and maintenance. The lifespan of an electric skateboard varies depending on several factors, including the quality of components, frequency of use, maintenance, and charging habits. However, the battery’s capacity may diminish, requiring replacement or upgrading to extend the skateboard’s life.


Ultimately, the best electric skateboard for you will depend on your needs, riding style, budget, and preferences. Safety should always be a priority, so wear appropriate protective gear, such as a helmet, knee, and elbow pads, regardless of your skill level.

When deciding, consider factors such as motor power, battery life, top speed, weight, deck material, and additional features like app integration or water resistance. Equally important is considering the terrain you’ll be riding on, whether it’s urban streets, rough off-road trails, or smooth bike paths.

Electric skateboards have undoubtedly transformed how we move, combining the joy of skateboarding with the efficiency of electric motors. The market is brimming with options to suit every rider’s needs, from beginners to seasoned pros. So, take your time to analyze the pros and cons of each model and use the buying guide provided to make an informed decision.

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