Best Penny Skateboards Reviewed

Penny boards are better known as the shorter version of a cruiser board, or it might be called as a tiny skateboard or just a mini cruiser. The best penny boards are usually made out of the plastic, you can still get some really awesome wooden penny boards in the market as well.

Penny skateboards were introduced in the market especially in Australia, and now it has become popular in almost all over the world. According to a resource from Wikipedia, the very first and best penny board was designed and made by Larry Stevenson in 1973.

Since then the idea of mini skateboard or penny boards specifies 22 inches by length and 6 inches by the width. Some people get little confused between the term of penny boards and the Nickel Boards. So, let me tell you the secret- the little difference between these two are in their ideal lengths where the Nickel boards are 27 inches by its, unlike the penny skateboards.

Though Nickel Boards and Penny Boards are almost similar in their sizes, yet the teenagers are seen to get more likely to skate with penny boards. This review is dedicated for those penny skateboards lover teenagers who are in search for some good recommendation while choosing the best penny boards in the current market.

We have shortlisted 25 best penny boards for the newbies especially. We have come with a buying guide to help you out choosing the best penny board.

Robert Miles
Written by Robert Miles

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