5 Best Skateboard Trucks Reviews And Buying Guide

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Choosing the best skateboard trucks is not that easy as it seems to be. To choose the right trucks for skateboards, you would have to learn about a couple of things about the best skateboard trucks.  If you are a skater that you might have been known what the skateboarding trucks are and what they do. But to find the best skateboard trucks for skateboards of different style you will need to know that how it works.

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The skateboarding trucks are quite a critically important component for your skateboards on the way it rides and it controls the overall way that how your skateboard works. For finding out the best skateboards for skateboards, a deep understanding of the difference among various features like its height, size, bushing style will help you out to ride your skateboard and working it better. It will not only help you choose the best skateboard trucks for skateboards of different styles but also help you become a better and swifter skater.

So, the only purpose of this article is to help you with a better understanding of the best skateboard trucks and expertise your skating skills through the quick comparison among some best trucks for skateboards in the market at present.





1. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

havoc 5 skateboard truck

The first name that comes in our best skateboard trucks list is Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks. Remember one thing again; every rider has his own choice for his best skateboard trucks with respect to his riding skill and styles of his skateboarding. Havoc is one of the best skateboard trucks according to us since our research shows that Havoc has earned a name for providing with a continually decent quality skateboard truck for a reasonable price. This is supposed to be the lightest skateboard trucks in the present market. The Havoc 5.0 Trucks are the best skateboard trucks especially for the beginners and equally, it is the best choice for the casual skaters who are not that likely to do many grind tricks.


  • Affordable
  • Standard sized skateboard trucks
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Suits well for the beginners


  • May experience Kingpin Bite
  • Not so good for the street skaters
  • Not a good model for doing grinding on trucks

Final Verdict: All in one it is just will help you with a perfect beginning for your skating experience. It’s very affordable and durable as well.

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2. Thunder Polish Hi 147 Trucks (Set of 2)

double barrel skateboard trucks


Thunder Polish Hi 147 Skateboard Truck is a great skateboarding truck that will surprise you with its features. This is another popular lightest skateboard trucks you can find in the present market. These beautiful shiny polished skateboard trucks will allow you doing lots of twists and turn with your skateboard and this is the best skateboard trucks for the cruisers who love to do more street styles and other tricks with their favorite skateboard. The Thunder Polish skateboard truck comes with a guarantee against all sorts of defects which ensures you about the durability of this beautiful and lightweight skateboard truck.


  • Quick response geometry
  • Lightest skateboard trucks
  • Strongly Design
  • Shiny beautiful polish
  • Allows quicker turns
  • Reacts Faster than the others
  • Guaranteed against all defects


  • No considerable cons found yet

Final Verdict: Thunder Polish Skateboard Trucks are adored as one of the fastest and lightest skateboard trucks. Since it comes with a guarantee against all the defects, it’s a comparatively deserving one best skateboard trucks.

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3. Quest Boards 5.25″ Double Barrel Trucks

double barrel skateboard trucks


The right next to best skateboard trucks on our top list is the Quest Boards Matte Silver Skateboard Trucks. The Quest skateboard trucks are Double barrel skateboard trucks that allow you to do many more tricks on your skateboard. The Quest skateboard is an affordable lightweight skateboard truck made with quality materials. The best thing about these affordable skateboarding trucks is that you can adjust it from soft state to very hard which you have been missing in most other quality skateboard trucks.

The steering of the truck is featured with angled Kingpin which is locked in place instead of attached loosely in the base of the truck.


  • Upgraded in quality
  • Double Barrel Bushing
  • Adjustable from soft to very hard
  • Angled kingpin featured steering


  • Squeaking noise
  • Needs assembling to tighten
Final Verdict: Overall, the Quest skateboard is a great one that will allow you experiencing
a lot of tricks just for an affordable price.

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4. INDEPENDENT Trucks (in a pair of 2 trucks)


independent skateboard trucks


Independent is already a trustworthy name whenever it comes to the question to buy the best skateboard trucks. Independent Skateboard Trucks are already earned their popularity by their constant service provided with the best quality components. These Independent skateboard trucks are the personal recommendation of most of its users. This is a well-known skateboard truck for its great performance and its durability as well. It will allow you a firm, sturdy and independent ride with this awesome high-quality skateboarding trucks. It’s a perfect combination of quality and prize just like the worthy best skateboard trucks.


  • Durable
  • Super stable
  • Super smooth turning
  • Higher than the thunders (53.5mm)
  • Bones bushings fit correctly
  • Smoothest grinding I’ve ever experienced


  • A little bit heavy
  • Grinds don’t seem to “lock on” like the thunders.

Final Verdict: You will experience the smoothest ride ever with this great independent skateboard trucks. This High-quality skateboard truck worth your money and provides you a long lasting riding experience.

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5. Speed Trucks Set – Gold/Black



The Speed Skateboard Trucks will amaze you at the first look. It’s an exclusively designed skateboarding truck that will add an extra dimension to the look of your cruiser board. This amazing Speed Skateboard truck offers you with a great performance to do with your skating styles. It’s very easy to move and it really helps you to do many tricks to perform many twists and turns easily. It is another addition to the best skateboard trucks especially for its outstanding look as well as its high-quality metal-made trucks. You can give this beautiful and lightweight skateboard trucks a try for experiencing a smoother ride on it.


  • 5″ Hanger
  • 7.63″ Axle Length
  • Good for 7.5″, 7.63″, and 7.75″ Decks
  • Set of 2 Trucks


  • No considerable cons found yet

Final Verdict: The Speed Skateboard Trucks are another name among the lightest skateboard trucks in the market now. Hopefully, you are going to have a great riding experience with it.

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Buying Guide How To Choose The Best Skateboard Trucks

Skateboarding trucks are one of the key components to the skateboards. The truck is a metal axle that holds the wheels of the skateboard. A skateboard contains two trucks to hold its two wheels. So, you should buy durable and long lasting trucks for skateboards that are capable of withstanding the tear and wear of the daily grind. Generally, trucks are the only things that left standing while your wheels and deck finally bite the dust, so it’s better to choose one best skateboards trucks for your cruiser board and to buy the best skateboarding trucks you need to check out these following in your trucks.

  • “High” vs. “Low” Kingpin

The head of the skateboarding trucks kingpin is fastened to the hanger and facing the ground when assembled. Since the hanger is going to get used to grinding and perform different tricks, some skaters may like to have the kingpin situated flush along with the rest of the hanger which is called a “high” kingpin truck while “Low” kingpins are the set deeper into the hanger. There is a gap in the surface area of the skateboarding trucks. The whole truck is fitted lower to allow for more force in popping busting kickflips and ollies. Lowered trucks are basically preferred to the technical skaters.

  • Non-Slip Axles

There is an extreme thing about your skateboarding trucks that you need to observe carefully. If your skateboard comes down hard on the side, there’s a huge possibility that the axles will slide, leaving one wheel of the board stuck close to the skateboarding trucks while the other juts out too far, though there are some companies marketing on non-slip axles, guaranteeing to withstand impacts without getting knocked out of place.

  • Hanger

The hanger is the T-shaped aluminum alloy grind area of the skateboard trucks. Wheels are attached to both side and the kingpin running up the interior with the hanger. The hanger is interlocking with the bushings of the skateboard trucks. This is a part of the skateboard truck that will directly contact with the rails and curbs, so it is essential that the hangers be durable. Generally, hangers are of 10-13oz on average, though some companies are marketing with the lightest skateboard trucks for a more premium price. In addition to the skateboard hanger’s weight, the width of the axles should be considered while buying a pair of trucks for skateboards, as the best skateboard trucks and wheels need to be situated in a contented position according to your deck’s outline. Usually, it’s within 1/4” of the deck’s edge. Some skaters like wider wheel stances, while others prefer the wheels set suited closer together. Heavier skaters will likely to have wider decks and therefore should buy wider-set skateboard trucks. However, it’s a personal choice settled through trial and the error.

  • Bushings

The bushings of the skateboards are the soft urethane rings which are fitted around the kingpin allowing the board to pivot and turn smoothly. Irrespective of what type of board you’re rocking on, you will need the best skateboard trucks. If you are skating with a vintage board, your skateboard won’t fit most of the new best skateboard trucks or present market. Rubber bushings are a major factor in the way that your skateboard will respond to your movements since they provide you with the mitigating support among different pieces of the skateboard truck as it twists and turns during a skating session. There are two bushings each truck – four in total – and they come in various degrees of hardness. Harder bushings offer you more resistance to the rider input, a plus for the heavier riders and the technical riders who perform a variety of street tricks and who is not likely to have a wobbly board. On the other hand, softer rubber bushings are more responsive skateboard trucks while doing twists and turns, so if you’re big into carving and cruising, softer bushings may be more of your style. 

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