10 Best Skateboard Trucks Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Skateboard Trucks Reviews

When it comes to buying a new skateboard, choosing the grand board is not the only important thing. You need to be attentive to other technical par, especially the trucks. The truck is the most critical part of a skateboard. It is the axle of your board. 

A truck consists of a metal base plate, a hanger that attaches the wheels to the board, a few nuts that hold the things together, speed rings, bushers, and washers. The truck is the part that is responsible for translating all your movement as the skateboard’s movement. 

It eventually means that if the trucks are good enough, you will enjoy safe and smooth skateboarding, and if it’s not, you will be in trouble. So, it is crucial to find the best trucks for your skateboard. 

But as you know, good things are always hard to find. And trucks are no exception. Finding a reliable truck is much more complicated than finding a high-performance skateboard. 

10 Best Skateboard Trucks of 2022

Usually, a great skateboard comes with intelligent trucks. But sometimes we need some extra trucks for many reasons. For example, you may have gathered rust on the trucks you are using now, or you may want to make a skateboard all by yourself.  So these are the situations when you are badly in want of a truck.

Finding the trucks takes a reasonable amount of time and energy. To help you out in these situations, we are here with the best truck reviews. After researching for a couple of days and going through many products, we have finally come up with these 10 best skateboard trucks. So let’s dig into the article to know more about these exciting trucks for your skateboard.

1. Independent Skateboard Trucks

best skateboard trucks

The Independent trucks come as a package with 55mm 83A black bigfoot wheels. This truck is powerful and gives you a high-profile performance. It is featured with a 356 T6 aluminum hanger and solid baseplate. As a result, these trucks do not gather rust quickly. 

The solid Chromoly steel axle is just too good. It attaches the wheels to the truck in a powerful way. It has grade 8 kingpins that ensure a strong connection of the hanger to the base plate. The super cush cushions of this truck have a cylinder bottom. It provides you the power to take superior turns and stability.

Not only that, it has better grind clearance and less wheel bite. So it runs pretty swiftly on the road without any difficulties. Also, this skateboard features an improved no hang-up yoke. Finally, it allows you to perform the grind tricks. 

The wheels in this package are 55mm 83A Black Bigfoot wheels. These wheels run very well in rough places as well. Altogether, this package is very fabulous for your cruiser.


  1. The materials of these trucks are very high in quality.
  2. You can get 6 different sizes of this product.
  3. This truck is suitable for rough places and has better grind clearance. 
  4. You will find this product in 7 different color options. 
  5. This truck is ideal for cruisers.


  1. This truck is not preferable for mini cruisers. 
  2. Some people may find the price a bit high.

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2. Gullwing Sidewinder Skateboard Truck

Gullwing Sidewinder Skateboard Truck Review

Our first product on this list is the Gullwing sidewinder trucks from the brand Gullwing. This truck is exaggerated and is famous for its easy turning. However, you can have great fun with these trucks in tight places as well. 

The base plate of this truck is well-constructed and made of high-quality material. As a result, it won’t rust away easily. And the hanger of this truck is a quality full as well. It features a 159mm hanger. As a result, you will be able to use this truck for a very long time.

Unlike other skateboard trucks, this product features double kingpins. This double kingpin setup makes the wheel-truck bond more potent, and you can steer more than other skateboards.  

The most incredible fact about this skateboard truck is that you can generate momentum by turning or pumping the trucks. This feature lets you crave the tightest lines, which are pretty hard with other skateboard trucks. 


  1. This skateboard provides you with a high-profile performance. 
  2. You can generate momentum quickly. 
  3. It is a perfect match for the “Sidewinder Series” longboards.
  4. You have 6 different color options for this product. 


  1. This truck is not available in all sizes. 
  2. Penny boards are not a good match for these trucks.
  3. There is an issue with wheel bites about this truck. 

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3. Yocaher Skateboard Trucks

Yocaher Skateboard Trucks Review

The Yocaher skateboard truck is another sturdy and robust build truck available in the market these days. It comes in a combo set with wheels, riser pads, bearings, and some other longboard hardware. So you will get 2 trucks in this combo. The trucks are made of aluminum alloy, and it is polished. That is why you can use it for a very long time without any fear of gathering rust.

This truck features a 180mm hanger. The hanger is big and strong enough to give enough support. In addition, it attaches the wheels in a significant way.

In addition to it, this truck has grade 8 kingpins. These kingpins are significant in quality. It offers you more grip on the skating. Also, it gives you better stability. 

Another fantastic fact about this truck is the bushings. This skateboard truck features 90A PU bushings. These bushings are high in quality. As a result, you get assistance on the board to turn and pivot smoothly. 

The other products you get in this combo are 4 cruiser wheels with 78 A hardness, 8 pieces of Abec-9 bearings, 8 pieces of 1.25” heavy-duty nuts and bolts coated in black, and two ¼” black riser pads. All these parts are high in quality, and overall it is a great deal for you. 


  1. This combo is absolutely affordable.
  2. You will find 11 different color options in this product. 
  3. You will be able to use these aluminum alloy-made trucks for a long time.  
  4. This combo is an excellent choice for your longboards. 


  1. You will not get all the sizes in this model.
  2. You can not use these trucks on your mini boards. 

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4. BESPEED Skateboard Trucks 

BESPEED Skateboard Trucks Review

The BESPEED skateboard trucks are well-constructed trucks from the brand EverHardware. This product comes in a set of two trucks. As we know, this truck is made of high-quality materials. The base plate of this truck is made of sturdy steel that goes for a very long run.

This truck has a T6 Aluminum hanger. It is not only long-lasting, but also it ensures the rust-free condition of the trucks for quality time. 

High-grade non-slip Kingpins have been installed in this truck. These kingpins are very much sturdy and exceptionally durable. It also reduces wheel bites.

In addition to it, this truck features premium rebound bushings. These bushings ensure high-profile performance by providing you with smooth turns that you can control easily. 


  1. These trucks are light in weight.
  2. As these trucks are polished, they won’t gather rust quickly. 
  3. You will find this product in 3 different colors. 
  4. The trucks come with essential nuts and bolts for assembling. 


  1. This truck is suitable for only  7.5-8.25 inches decks. 
  2. It sometimes affects the motion. 
  3. The grind is not smooth enough with this truck. 

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5. Caliber Longboard Trucks

Caliber Longboard Trucks Review

This truck is a fantastic skateboard truck from the famous manufacturer brand Caliber Truck Co. this truck is way too awesome with its high-quality materials. The reinforced base plate of this truck is very strong and sturdy. The base plate is firmly attached with the increased pivot-cup surface. All these facts make this truck a promising performer. 

This skateboard features high-quality pressed-in kingpins. These kingpins can give you the strength you want while rolling the wheels of the skateboard. And you won’t have to sacrifice your control and response over the skateboard at all. 

In addition to this, this truck has the Blood Orange Ultra-High Rebound Bushings 89a. It eliminates the excess movement and saves you from slipping. With this truck installed on your skateboard, you will get a smooth skating experience. 


  1. This product is very high in quality. 
  2. You will love the acid melon color of this truck.
  3. The  Blood Orange Ultra-High Rebound 89a bushings will provide you enough fraction for a smooth, speedy, and safe ride.  


  1. This product is not available in any other color option. 
  2. In proportion to its features, the price is a little bit high. 
  3. There are some issues with the softness of the bushings. 

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6. CCS Skateboard Trucks

CCS Skateboard Trucks Review

The CCS skateboard trucks are pretty popular among the skaters these days. Designed for every level skater, these trucks are very reliable and durable. The beginners will find the trucks durable, and they will be able to do the roll and turns quickly. On the other hand, the advanced level riders will find these trucks with a non-slipping feature with exclusive grinding. 

These trucks are made of high-quality components when it comes to the material. For example, the base plate of this truck is made of sturdy steel. It reduces the chances of gathering rust and increases durability. 

This truck features premium kingpins incorporated with non-slip technology. As a result, you can enjoy your skating with proper safety. There is no way of coming out the wheels from the trucks without any significant occurrence. 

Another plus point of this truck is the bushings that have been installed in this truck. This truck features Premium High rebound bushings. These bushings are so cool and help you control your turns and give you a smooth ride. 


  1. This truck is high in quality. 
  2. You will get some 1″ Phillips hardware for the mounting process. 
  3. 2 different colors are available for this model. 
  4. You will get 4 different sizes in this product.  


  1. There is no specific anti-wheel bite technology in this truck. 
  2. Some customers complain that these trucks break quickly.

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7. Cal 7 Skateboard Truck

Cal 7 Skateboard Truck with Wheels Review

The Cal 7 skateboard truck has earned good fame from the skaters. This truck comes in a package with wheels, bearings, and other essential hardware. This truck is quite strong-built and can serve you for a long time. 

The main material of this truck is aluminum alloy. As a result, the truck is solid. In addition, there and it rides on the skateboard. Also, the truck is very light in weight. 

This truck features a solid hanger. The hanger is sturdy enough to give you a better performance all the time. 

The other components of this package (the wheels, the bearings, nuts, and bolts) are pretty high in quality. So you can grab this set without any hesitation to better your skateboard. 


  1. This truck is available in two different color options.
  2. You will be able to use it for a long time.


  1. There is a limitation of size in this product.
  2. This truck is not featured with high-quality bushings.
  3. It uses low-standard kingpins. 

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8. VJ 5.0 Skateboard Trucks with Bearings

VJ 5.0 Skateboard Trucks with Bearings Review

The VJ 5.0 skateboard truck is very calm and pretty popular among skaters. These trucks come in a package with other skateboard components like wheels, bearings, pads, and hardware. Though all the components are very high in quality, these trucks have a particular admirer. 

This midsize truck features a 6-hole baseplate and 5-inch hanger. The axle of this truck is made of aluminum alloy. As the design of these trucks is quite innovative and impressive, it fits in both the old-school pattern and new-school pattern.

Also, installing w/ 90a hardness bushings makes the truck more reliable and performing. Finally, it gives you the pleasure of taking a smooth turn of your skateboard in a park or on the streets. 


  1. This truck is very high in quality. 
  2. You will be able to use this truck for a long time. 
  3. Black and silver-colored trucks are available in this model. 
  4. This model is available in many sizes.


  1. This truck does not have any feature for anti-slipping. 
  2. The kingpins of this truck are not that good.

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9. FREEDARE Skateboard Trucks and Wheels Set

FREEDARE Skateboard Trucks and Wheels Set Review

The FREEDARE skateboard comes in a package with wheels, bearings, riser pads, skateboard tools, and skateboard hardware. All these products are quite good. And the most satisfying component in this package is the skateboard trucks.

The truck of this package is made of high-quality metal. This solid truck features the new 4-hole baseplate. This baseplate gives you better performance than the professional 6-hole baseplate. 

This truck is well-constructed and quite durable. You will be able to use this truck on your skateboard for a good time. 


  1. The 4-hole baseplate of this truck is very innovative and performing. 
  2. You will find this product available in two different colors. 


  1. The performance of this truck is not that satisfying. 
  2. It has no feature for anti-slipping.
  3. There is some issue with the kingpins of this truck. 

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10. Havoc Skateboard Trucks

Havoc Skateboard Trucks Review

The final product on our list is the Havoc skateboard truck. This product is made of aluminum alloy. This component is substantial and sturdy. It does not gather rust quickly. As a result, we will be able to use this truck for a long time without any complaint.

The hanger of this truck is 5.25 inches. And the axle measures almost 8.25 inches from tip to tip. These measurements are pretty standard. So it can be fixed in most skateboards and longboards. 

At an affordable price, this truck gives you quality with performance. 


  1. This product is available in 7 different colors.
  2. The measurement of this truck is very standard.


  1. This truck does not have high-quality kingpins in it.
  2. It is not preferable for penny boards, or mini boards. 

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How to Choose the Best Skateboard Trucks

Skateboarding trucks are one of the critical components of skateboards. The truck is a metal axle that holds the wheels of the skateboard. A skateboard contains two trucks to hold its two wheels. So, you should buy durable and long-lasting trucks for skateboards that can withstand the tear and wear of the daily grind. Generally, trucks are the only things left standing while your wheels and deck finally bite the dust. So it’s better to choose the best skateboard trucks for your cruiser board and buy the best skateboarding trucks. In addition, you need to check out the following things in your trucks.

High vs Low Kingpin

The head of the skateboarding truck’s kingpin is fastened to the hanger and faces the ground when assembled. Since the hanger will get used to grinding and performing different tricks, some skaters may like to have the kingpin situated flush along with the rest, called a “high” kingpin truck, while “Low” kingpins are set deeper into the hanger. There is a gap in the surface area of the skateboarding trucks. The whole truck is fitted lower to allow more force in popping, busting kickflips, and ollies. Lowered trucks are preferred to the technical skaters.

Non-Slip Axles

You need to observe a powerful thing about your skateboarding trucks. If your skateboard comes down hard on the side, there’s a huge possibility that the axles will slide, leaving one wheel of the board stuck close to the skateboarding trucks. At the same time, the other juts out too far, though some companies are marketing non-slip axles, guaranteeing to withstand impacts without getting knocked out of place.


The hanger is the T-shaped aluminum alloy grind area of the skateboard trucks. Wheels are attached to both sides, and the kingpin runs up the interior with the hanger. The hanger is interlocking with the bushings of the skateboard trucks. This part of the skateboard truck will directly contact the rails and curbs, so the hangers must be durable. 

Generally, hangers are 10-13oz on average, though some companies are marketing with the lightest skateboard trucks for a premium price. In addition to the skateboard hanger’s weight, the width of the axles should be considered while buying a pair of trucks for skateboards, as the best skateboard trucks and wheels need to be situated in a contented position according to your deck’s outline. 

Usually, it’s within 1/4” of the deck’s edge. Some skaters like wider wheel stances, while others prefer the wheels set suited closer together. Heavier skaters will likely have more expansive decks and therefore should buy wider-set skateboard trucks. However, it’s a personal choice settled through trial and error.


The bushings of the skateboards are the soft urethane rings that are fitted around the kingpin allowing the board to pivot and turn smoothly. Irrespective of what type of board you’re rocking on, you will need the best skateboard trucks. If you are skating with a vintage board, your skateboard won’t fit most of the new best skateboard trucks or the present market. 

Rubber bushings are a significant factor in how your skateboard will respond to your movements since they provide you with mitigating support among different pieces of the skateboard truck as it twists and turns during a skating session. There are two bushings each truck – four in total – and they come in various degrees of hardness. 

Stiffer bushings offer you more resistance to the rider input, a plus for the heavier riders and the technical riders who perform a variety of street tricks and who are not likely to have a wobbly board. On the other hand, softer rubber bushings are more responsive skateboard trucks while doing twists and turns, so if you’re big into carving and cruising, softer bushings may be more of your style. 


In this article, we have tried to give you a brief idea about the best skateboard trucks we have picked up. These trucks are high in quality and can be an ideal option for your skateboard. Find out the one that meets your needs. If there is still any doubt in your mind or you want to know something more about trucks or skateboards, leave your question in the comment box. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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