10 Best Skateboard Trucks: A Comprehensive Guide to Superior Riding

Skateboarding has always represented coolness, independence, and originality. Although the skateboard’s deck gets all the attention, the trucks do all the heavy lifting. Even the nicest skateboard deck is meaningless without a solid and trustworthy set of trucks. Skateboard trucks are the unsung heroes of a high-quality ride. 

Skateboard trucks are metal T-shaped components mounted on the underside of a skateboard, connecting the deck to the wheels. The ideal skateboard trucks balance stability, maneuverability, and durability, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. Choosing the best skateboard trucks is essential for riders of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

Top 10 Best Skateboard Trucks of 2023

1. Independent Skateboard Stage 11 Trucks

Independent Stage 11

Introducing the remarkable Independent Stage 11 skateboard trucks, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of experienced skateboarders. Boasting a timeless design, these trucks are constructed with utmost precision using premium materials, notably robust aluminum alloy, and proudly display the iconic Independent emblem.

The Independent Stage 11 skateboard trucks excel in responsiveness and stability, making them an exceptional choice for advanced skateboarders. Thanks to their generous turning circle, skaters can effortlessly alter their direction even at high speeds while maintaining optimal control over their boards. Furthermore, these trucks feature specially designed bushings that effectively mitigate vibrations and absorb shocks, providing an incredibly smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Durability is a defining trait of Independent Skateboards’ Stage 11 Trucks. The kingpin, crafted from high-quality steel, ensures long-lasting performance. At the same time, the reinforced baseplate effectively resists cracks and bending, ensuring these trucks can withstand rigorous use and retain their exceptional performance over time.


  • They are built strong.
  • Sensitive turning radius and smooth grind ease the movement.
  • They are so versatile that it can be utilized for street, park, vert, and downhill skating.


  • They weigh heavily. 
  • Slightly overpriced compared to other skateboards with similar features. 

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2. CCS Skateboard Trucks

CCS Skateboard Trucks

Skateboarders appreciate the CCS brand because their trucks last long, are reliable, and are affordable. They are available in various sizes and hues and are constructed from superior materials. These trucks are universal in size, so they should work with any skateboard. 

CCS skateboard trucks have received high marks from skateboarders for their responsiveness and how well they function in grinds. The truck bushings can be changed to give the skater a ride that’s exactly right for their preferences.

But, many users have complained about its weight, making it harder to control. However, the trucks’ hefty build quality results from this weight.


  • Inexpensive compared to other truck brands 
  • Potentially useful for street and park riding.
  • High-quality, dependable skateboard trucks.


  • CCS trucks are only available in a handful of sizes. 

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3. Venture Skateboard Trucks

Venture Skateboard Trucks

The Venture brand of skateboard trucks is well-respected for its superior construction and consistent performance. They’re made for skaters who need a vehicle strong enough to withstand the punishment of technical skating and hard landings. 

Skateboarders have praised the Venture trucks for their portability and responsiveness. The truck bushings can be changed to give the skater a ride that’s exactly right for their preferences. Users have remarked on the Venture vehicles’ sturdiness and how well they hold up under normal conditions. 

Skaters may find the perfect Venture skateboard trucks for their board and aesthetic preferences among the available sizes and colors. They’re affordable, too, so skaters of all skill levels may afford to buy a pair.


  • Venture trucks are noted for their sturdiness and ability to withstand rough use.
  • They are lightweight. 
  • Can be used for street, park, vert, and downhill skating.
  • Venture trucks offer high levels of stability and control, making them a possible choice for technical skating.


  • Their turning radius alters the board’s feel.

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4. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Trucks for longboards and skateboards made by Yocaher are well-liked due to their low cost and long lifespan. They are made to accommodate most longboards and are suitable for skaters of all skill levels, as they provide a stable platform from which to maneuver.

Yocaher trucks have been appreciated by many for their refined and responsive handling. The truck bushings can be changed to give the skater a ride that’s exactly right for their preferences.

Yocaher trucks are thicker than competing models, which could impair the longboard’s total weight and maneuverability. However, the trucks’ hefty build quality results from this weight.

Yocaher offers a wide selection of longboard skateboard trucks in a rainbow of hues and sizes to suit each rider’s needs and preferences. As a bonus, their low pricing makes them a top pick among longboarders who prioritize value.


  • The excellent grade materials used to make Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks contribute to their famed longevity. They are built to last, making them a solid option for longboarding.
  • Stable and smooth
  • Yocaher’s trucks ensure a pleasant and productive journey.


  • Heavyweight 
  • Hardly any options for personalization. 
  • They aren’t the best choice for downhill use. The lack of stability and control at high speeds poses a risk to riders.

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5. Havoc Skateboard Trucks

Havoc Skateboard Trucks

Havoc Skateboard Trucks are well-liked for being inexpensive and long-lasting. The high-quality aluminum construction ensures that they will withstand the abuse of skating. You can customize your skateboard by choosing from various truck colors.

Havoc skateboard trucks aren’t the smoothest option out there. Some people may find this less desirable because it can provide for a bumpier ride.

However, Havoc trucks are a terrific choice for skateboarders of all skill levels because of their affordability and reliability. These skateboard trucks may not be as fancy as others, but they get the job done and are a good option for people on a tighter budget.


  • High-quality aluminum construction.
  • Low price tag.
  • Lightweight trucks, which can facilitate riding and tricking.
  • The Havoc skateboard trucks keep you rolling smoothly, even on rocky terrain.


  • Havoc skateboard trucks offer fewer color and design choices.
  • They require more regular tightening than other models.
  • They bend and break under the weight of heavier riders, suggesting that these trucks are not ideal for large riders.

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6. Atlas Skateboard Trucks

Atlas Skateboard Trucks

Skateboarders everywhere can attest to the superiority of Atlas trucks. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, they have a one-of-a-kind design that ensures a secure and comfortable ride. With a longer hanger than competing brands, these trucks provide greater stability and control on the skateboard.

Atlas skateboard trucks are notable due to their usage of urethane pivot cups. These cups lessen the rider’s exposure to annoying noises and vibrations while skating. The trucks are 50 degrees on the baseplate, making them versatile and easy to control for various skating techniques.

Although Atlas skateboard trucks are more expensive than average, they are well worth it for dedicated skateboarders who care about quality and longevity. These are great options for an accomplished skateboarder looking for a high-quality, dependable product.


  • High-quality aluminum construction can take a beating and keep rolling.
  • Stable at high speeds.
  • ATLAS skateboard trucks are among the lightest in the industry. 


  • ATLAS skateboard trucks are more expensive than other brands. 
  • They need more fine-tuning than other brands to get their desired responsiveness and stability.

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7. Skateboard Cruiser Trucks

Skateboard Cruiser Trucks

Cruiser trucks for skateboards are built for speed, making turns, and commuting. They are more comfortable to ride on and easier to spin and maneuver than normal skateboard trucks because they are wider and feature softer bushings. 

Skateboard cruiser trucks are a fantastic option for people needing a more relaxed and enjoyable cruising or commuting experience. They’re not the best choice for more advanced skaters, but they are a nice compromise between performance and comfort. 

Cruiser trucks are a great option for riders who want a single set of trucks for diverse riding styles because they can be used on many boards. 


  • Cruiser trucks are broader and more sturdy than standard skateboard trucks, 
  • It gives more confidence and a smoother ride at higher speeds and on rougher surfaces.
  • With their wider wheels and softer bushings, cruiser trucks dampen road vibrations and make lengthy drives more comfortable.
  • They are more responsive than longboard trucks, allowing quicker acceleration and deceleration.


  • Cruiser trucks are less responsive and heavier than standard skateboard trucks. 
  • They are not as versatile in aesthetic modification as other trucks. 
  • Depending on the level of impact and stress they are subjected to, cruiser trucks may not be as long-lasting as standard skateboard trucks. This can make them less durable in the long run.

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8. Ace Skateboard Trucks AF1

Ace Trucks AF1

Skateboarders know that Ace Trucks AF1 are high-quality and long-lasting. They’re durable and long-lasting because of the high-quality metal they’re constructed with. The trucks are also of a special design that aids in skater control.

Ace Trucks AF1 is notable because it uses high-quality bushings. The increased responsiveness and improved ride quality result from these bushings being softer and more flexible than standard bushings. The trucks’ 55-degree baseplate angle makes them versatile enough for any skating technique.

The adaptability of Ace Trucks AF1 is yet another of their many advantages. They can endure the rigors of skating on both the street and in the park and are up to the challenge of more technical tricks and moves.

Although more expensive than some other trucks, skateboarders that place a premium on performance and longevity will not regret investing in a set of Ace Trucks AF1. Skateboarders of intermediate to expert skill levels who value durability and quality might consider these.


  • The Ace skateboard truck AF1 is renowned for its agility.
  • They are constructed from high-quality components.
  • They are versatile and can be used for street, park, or vert skating. 
  • Good stability and control are vital for skating at fast speeds and doing tricks, and the Ace skateboard truck AF1 delivers on these counts.


  • One potential negative of the Ace skateboard truck AF1 is its price tag, which is higher than the average of other trucks on the market.
  • Checking for deck compatibility is necessary when purchasing an Ace skateboard, as the AF1 truck is not universally compatible.
  • Some skateboarders may find the Ace AF1 truck is excessively tight, thus impacting the board’s performance and general feel.

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9. Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks Set

Gullwing Sidewinder II

These Gullwing Sidewinder II skateboard trucks are a one-of-a-kind model made specifically for carving and cruising. Their twin kingpin design makes them more responsive and agile than standard skateboard trucks.

The trucks’ high-quality aluminum construction and modern aesthetic make them stand out. The twin kingpin design provides additional support and control when traveling faster.

Gullwing Sidewinder II skateboard trucks have the potential drawback of requiring some adjustment time for riders used to more conventional skateboard trucks. Some riders may have trouble adapting to the double kingpin arrangement’s new turning and maneuvering dynamics.


  • Strong build quality
  • The double kingpin design of these trucks reduces the turning radius and improves turn response time.
  • These trucks are lightweight, which makes them a good choice for riders who want to be nimble.
  • These trucks can handle various speeds and terrains, making them ideal for carving, cruising, and commuting.


  • These trucks may not be ideal for riders who value stability more than speed. 
  • It is crucial to check the width of your longboard deck to ensure the trucks you’re considering will fit it before purchasing.

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10. Cal 7 129mm Skateboard Trucks with Wheels

Cal 7 129mm Trucks

Cal 7 129 mm skateboard trucks are a great value for riders of all skill levels. The high-quality aluminum construction and classic aesthetic make them versatile enough for any skating technique.

The trucks’ width of 129 millimeters makes them perfect for use with compact skateboard decks. Their medium-hard bushings strike a nice balance between rigidity and suppleness, enhancing control on the ice.

Cal 7 129 mm skateboard trucks won’t survive as long as those from more reputable companies. Skaters at a higher skill level may find that they aren’t a good fit because they need more specialized gear.


  • Lightweight Trucks
  • Reasonably priced. 
  • These trucks are compatible with a wide range of skateboard decks and are simple to set up.
  • Constructed from long-lasting materials, making them a viable option for many skateboarders.


  • Less Responsive
  • Irregular truck width. 

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Skateboard Trucks

Several factors must be considered when choosing skateboard trucks to ensure the best fit for your riding style and preferences. Here are some key considerations:

Size and Width

Skateboard trucks come in various sizes and widths, and selecting the right one depends on the size of your skateboard deck. The truck’s width should closely match your deck’s width to maintain stability and prevent wheel bite.

Material and Durability

Skateboard trucks are typically made of aluminum, titanium, or composite materials. Aluminum is the most common choice due to its lightweight nature and durability. Consider the material’s strength and quality to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

Bushings and Responsive Steering

Bushings are the small urethane components inside the skateboard truck. They affect the truck’s responsiveness and steering capabilities. Softer bushings provide a looser feel and are ideal for carving and cruising, while harder bushings offer stability and control for tricks and jump.

Kingpin and Truck Height

The kingpin is a large bolt that holds the truck components together. It determines the tightness or looseness of the truck’s turning ability. High kingpin trucks allow for sharper turns, while low kingpin trucks offer more stability. Consider your riding style and preferences when choosing the appropriate truck height.

Weight and Stability

The weight of the skateboard trucks affect the overall weight of your skateboard. Lighter trucks offer increased maneuverability, while heavier trucks provide stability and durability. Find a balance between weight and stability based on your skill level and riding style. 

How to Install Skateboard Trucks

Installing skateboard trucks is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to ensure proper installation:

Step 1: Gather the Required Tools

Before starting the installation, gather the necessary tools: a skate tool or a wrench, a screwdriver, and skateboard riser pads (if required).

Step 2: Remove Old Trucks (if applicable)

If you’re replacing your existing trucks, use a skate tool or a wrench to unscrew and remove the nuts and bolts holding them in place. Lift the trucks away from the deck carefully.

Step 3: Align and Install New Trucks

Place the new trucks on the skateboard deck, ensuring they are centered and aligned with its width. Insert the screws into the truck holes and secure them tightly.

Step 4: Tighten and Adjust Trucks

Use a skate tool or a wrench to tighten the nuts and bolts, ensuring the trucks are firmly attached to the skateboard deck. Adjust the tightness according to your preference, considering the desired turning capabilities.


Are lighter trucks better?

Skaters specializing in technical street skating or flip tricks may find that lighter skateboard trucks better suit their needs. Tricks that need the board to be popped off the ground and moved quickly can be made simpler using lighter trucks. 

However, bigger trucks may be favored for stability and control when cruising or vert skating. It all boils down to how you feel and what you want to accomplish on skates.

Are expensive skateboard trucks worth it?

High-priced skateboard trucks often offer advanced features, superior materials, and exceptional performance. If you are an experienced rider or prioritize specific characteristics, investing in high-priced skateboard trucks can be worth it. However, affordable options are also available that provide excellent performance and durability.

Should I skate loose or tight trucks?

Yes, skateboard trucks significantly impact your riding style. Truck height, tightness, and responsiveness can influence your ability to turn, maneuver, and control the skateboard. Choosing the right trucks that align with your riding style can greatly enhance your skateboarding experience.


Choosing the best skateboard trucks is crucial for enhancing your riding experience. Consider the size, material, bushings, and brand reputation to find the perfect match for your style and preferences. Investing in high-quality skateboard trucks and maintaining them properly allows you to enjoy a smoother, more controlled, and enjoyable skateboarding journey.

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