10 Best Skateboard Backpack Reviews And Buying Guide

In the past, skateboarding used to be an unpopular hobby enjoyed only by a few groups of people. Fast-forward to today and it has become one of the most popular outdoor activities taken seriously by a lot of people.  But to properly enjoy this outdoor activity, you need the right type of accessories. And one of the most important accessories to have as a skateboarder is the skateboard backpack.

Skateboarding backpacks are quite different from other types of backpacks we see everywhere. They are more durable, bulkier, and bigger variants of backpacks.  Another way to know if a backpack is specifically meant to hold a skateboard is the specific straps that properly keep skateboards in place.

Understand that there are bazillions of skateboard backpacks in the market today with different features and specifications. This makes it quite a challenging task to settle for an ideal one. But with proper research, you can select the right model. Thankfully, we have carried out the research on your behalf. This review presents the highest rated skateboard backpacks in the market today, considering their quality, durability, and overall features.

Best Skateboard Backpack Buying Guide

A skateboarding pack is quite different from the regular backpack you see surround. This is because a skater needs to carry everything and anything on their back, particularly if they make use of their boards at the skate park or for transportation. Skateboard backpacks are usually stronger and bigger to hold most of a skateboarder’s accessories. This is why it’s important to select the right one. But with so many options in the market, it is easy to make the wrong call. What are the most important things to consider when buying a skateboarding backpack? The rest of this review shall tackle this question head-on.

First consideration

Before making up your mind to buy a skateboard backpack, you need to know where you will be taking it to and what you’re using it for. For instance, if you live in the Pacific Northwest where the weather is more humid, it will be more important for you to select a waterproof backpack than someone who resides in Southern California. Also, you will need a bigger backpack if you intend carrying some clothes, school books, and your laptop with the skateboard. But if you need it only for your skateboard and the helmet, a compact sized skateboard will be ideal for you.  These are some of the things you need to consider before making up your mind to buy a skateboard.

What features do you need?

Generally, skateboard backpacks come with different features.  Again, this also depends on how often you are likely going to be making use of the backpack. If you are a serious skater, backpacks with several interior and exterior pockets to carry all your accessories will be most ideal for you.  However the model you select also depends on personal choice and what will be important to you. Generally, products with 100% polyester materials are more durable and can stand the test of time compared to other materials.  These models are water resistant and protect your stuffs in case you’re met with rain during your outdoor activity.  Select the right model with all the carrying features you’ll need to hold your pads, skateboard, laptop, or other accessories you may have.

How strong is the strap?

Normally, the shoulder strap of the model you select should be strong enough to hold your accessories. If your movement with the backpack is only from house to car and from car to another short distance, you may not require heavily padded straps. However, if you are likely going to walk around a lot with the backpack, it’s important to get a model with durable and very strong shoulder straps.

Cost consideration

Skateboard backpacks have different price ranges based on their quality and features. Usually, the high-end models with several features are more expensive. When selecting a model, consider the features you need and understand that the more features you have in a backpack surely adds to its overall price. If you need a compact backpack with only the basic features, there is no need spending more on a model with so many features you may never need. But if you are going to need a high-end model with all the features to keep your many accessories in place, you can spend more to get the right one.

How about the brand?

Some users do not bother about features or specification as long as they are buying from a popular brand. In reality, selecting a brand with good reputation in the industry is less risky than choosing a model from an unknown or entirely new brand. However, you still need to look at their features and specification to make sure you are buying the right model designed for your need.

Overall, it’s a good thing to have a skateboard backpack to provide a safe place to keep your skateboard accessories and other items when on the go. But it’s important to consider the above buying guide to make sure you’re buying the most ideal model that matches your aesthetics, style, and personal preference.


Skateboard backpacks are vital for those who enjoy skating. They are also used to carry other accessories when making a short trip. They come in a wide array of features and designs to meet the different needs of users.  While the normal guy who occasionally skates will be comfortable with a compact and basic model, skating aficionados and enthusiasts would love having a rugged backpack that can safely carry all their accessories.

Whatever type of skater you are, you’ll see your ideal backpack in the above-reviewed models. They remain the highest rated in the industry according to their overall qualities and general functionality.  Whether you want a backpack with very compact features and simple design or looking for the high-tech models with a rugged design, you are surely going to see the right one for you. The above skateboard backpacks are the best models available for those looking for the right kind of backpack to secure their skating accessories and other valuables while on the road. They are therefore, highly recommended.

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