10 Best Skateboard Helmets Reviews And Buying Guide

Skating is one of the most common and popular sports for the young generation. There may be only a few children who haven’t got a skateboard as a birthday present yet. However, like most other thrilling sports skateboarding also comes with some danger and it’s a must for every skater to get himself a helmet to secure himself from the dangers of a skateboarding fail. People, both the marketers and the skaters get conscious about using skateboard helmets while riding a skateboard. Marketers are introducing more and various skateboard helmets with new designs and better features.

Nowadays you have the option to choose the best skateboard helmet of your own among so many options in the present market and each comes with some new and advanced features for specific customers. You can simply mark your list of requirements and find the perfect skateboard helmet that suits your requirements. Though it is very hard for the beginners to find out which features you should go and search for at first, you will find it out throughout your skating experience.

However, you don’t have to worry about that at all as you can find it a little bit easier to choose the one best one with our cool skateboard helmet reviews and buying guide.

Buying guide for Best Skateboarding Helmets

Many companies out there offer a large selection of skateboard pads and protective gear. Protective gear includes skateboard helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and skateboard gloves. Deciding which size you need can be a bit tricky, so let us help you to sort that out! We’ll walk you through every trick and tip that you need to know to select the best skateboard helmet.

Skateboard Helmet Sizing

Men have an average head size which is 7 3/8″ (using the US sizing), 7 1/8″ (using the UK sizing) or 58 cm (using European sizing). The average women’s head size is 7 1/4″ (US sizing).

Properly Measuring Your Head for a Helmet

What size of skateboard helmet you should buy depends on the size of your head. It’s important to learn that each brand’s skateboard helmet sizes will vary from one another; therefore, it would be best to measure your head and then refer to the sizing chart of each brand of skateboarding helmet.

Skater Helmets Fitting Guide

The most important thing to be aware of while skating is your protective gear. For protecting your head from injury, you must always wear a properly fitted skateboarding helmet. You may not find it cool to wear a helmet and pads, but nowadays brands are getting conscious of your style and safety at the same time. Depending on the brands of skating helmets you choose, a properly fitting skateboard helmet should:

  • Sit low on your forehead
  • Have protective padding
  • Not shift or move while skateboarding
  • Skateboarding Helmet Pads

Skateboard helmets have softer foam liners or pads providing you with the comfort and ultimate protection that you need to absorb collisions and falls that may occur while skateboarding.

Remember that Skateboard helmets will not last forever. You must replace your helmet when it becomes smaller or damaged from wearing and tearing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Skateboarding Helmets

Does wearing a helmet cause hair fall?

No, wearing a helmet does not cause hair fall. Hairfall depends on the genetic and physiological properties of a person. It is also related to food and shower water. So you can wear a skating helmet without any hesitation. Always try to wear a branded one. And choose a helmet according to the size of your skull.

Can I use a bike helmet for skateboarding?

Basically bike helmets are way too heavy and harder to wear than the skating helmets.[f] Bike helmets do not have vents also. Skating helmets are made with every requirement that a skater needs. So do use a skateboard helmet for skating.  

Are all helmets the same?

No, all the helmets are not the same. For example, bike helmets are very tough and strong. It has no air vents for airflow. On the other hand, skating helmets are quite light in weight but very durable. Also they have many vents on them for enough airflow.

Which type of helmet is safe?

For skating use a helmet with ABS skull and EPS lining. ABS skull helmets are properly shaped for our head and they are strong as well. On the other hand EPS foam lining makes your skating helmet breathable and keeps your head and hair dry. Also this type of helmet will ensure your safety while skating on the road.

Is it illegal to ride a skateboard without a helmet?

Yes, there are rules for wearing helmets while skating on the road. Because a helmet assures your safety while skating. So always put on a helmet whenever you are going to take a ride on your skateboard.

Can you use a snowboard helmet for skateboarding?

Yes, you can use a snowboard helmet for skateboarding. But for your safety, we suggest you wear a skateboard helmet while skating. Use a helmet that is featured with an ABS skull helmet that comes with a lining of EPS foam inside for skating. Because it keeps your head safe.

Can a skateboard helmet be used for snowboarding?

You can not use every skating helmet for snowboarding. Only multi sports helmets can be used for that. Because it is related to your safety. So try to use a multi sports helmet for snowboarding.

Should you wear a helmet when skateboarding?

Although skating is a very fun and exciting sport, it is very important to be safe while skating. Because you can have an accident at any moment while skating. So do not compromise with your safety. Always wear a certified helmet to ensure your safety while skating.


Skateboard helmets are  very important for your safety. It provides you protection and absorb shocks while skating. It keeps your skull safe and sound. So always use a skateboard helmet for your safety. In this article we have tried to introduce the best skateboard helmets of the market. And also we have discussed much about helmets. Still if you have any further questions or if you have any advice for us then please leave a comment in the comment box. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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