10 Best Skateboards for Girls in 2020 And Buying Guide

Skateboards come in numerous shapes and sizes and for sure it differs for different levels of skating skills. In recent years, the market for skateboards has incredibly increased. Young and adults are now taking an interest in skating and more likely to buy skateboards.

The unique thing about the skateboards for girls is its girly design. Girls are always fashion conscious and find something that symbolizes their beauty, style, and personality. Some even favor the pool bowls, ramps, and DIY spots as well. 

Skateboards for girls also differ for different styles of skating like authentic street terrain, ledges, and rails. But mostly the young little girls prefer skating which is the reason that the skateboards for girls become a great gift item for the young little girls. If you are thinking of buying a cool skateboard for your baby girl then this article is quite handy for you.

10 Best Girls Skateboards Review

Skateboards for girls are specialized for their designs and colors. There are a lot of variations you will find in the cool skateboards for girls in the present market. But among so many elegant colors and beautiful designs, you would find it difficult to choose the right quality of girls’ skateboards. So here we are to help with the reviews of the best skateboards for girls of the market. For this article, our expert team has chosen the best and cheapest skateboards for girls. So let’s check the cool skateboards for girls. 

1. BELEEV Mini Retro Skateboard For Girls

Best Skateboards for Girls

BELEEV mini retro skateboard is a very cool skateboard for your kid. This is a perfect skateboard for those girls who love to skate every day. BELEEV mini retro skateboard is built with a very compact and slim body so you can easily slip this skateboard in your bag. It has so much fun in it for the skaters. The product description is given below.

Top features

  1. BELEEV mini retro skateboard comes fully assembled. So you do not need to worry about how to assemble a skateboard. You can enjoy your riding just after buying this cool skateboard.
  2. This skateboard is  22″ length x 6” wide, so it has plenty of space for your feet on the top of the board.
  3. It is a very lightweight skateboard with a weight of only 3.8 pounds. You can easily tot around with it. And also you can carry it in your carry-on or backpack. 
  4. Another cool thing about this skateboard is the lighting system. The wheels of this skateboard are equipped with colorful light. When you are rolling the wheel, the lights in it adds an extra element of fun. 
  5. The  3.25″ thick aluminum trucks make this skateboard very smooth and ensure maximum speed and control. 
  6. Polypropylene is the main material of this skateboard that makes it super durable and sturdy. 
  7. This skateboard has soft PU wheels, High-Speed ABEC-7 Bearings and it can absorb shocks. So you can enjoy your skating in any street. 
  8. BELEEV skateboard for girls is very beautiful and elegant in style. The outlook of this skateboard is quite modern and it will go perfect with your personality.


  • You can choose between three exciting colors- blue, rose pink and purple. 
  • It comes as a complete assembled skateboard. 
  • This skateboard is perfect for young girls, teenagers, and adults.


  • This product is only for beginners. If you are an advanced skater then you will not find it much exciting.
  • You can not ride it if you are more than 220lbs.
  • It has no fun print or sticker on it.

Final verdict

BELEEV mini retro skateboard for girls is a very high-quality skateboard and ensures smooth and joyful performance. It is concerned about both style and safety. If you are a beginner skateboard then this skateboard is a very cool option for you.

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2: BELEEV Skateboard For Girls

BELEEV Skateboard For Girls Review

Our second product on the list is also from BELEEV. This skateboard is really cool stuff for skate girls. It also comes as an assembled skateboard so you can go on riding just after buying it. The features are discussed below. 

 Top features

  1. The BELEEV skateboard is  10mm thick and composed of 7-Ply Canadian Maple Wood. So this skateboard is very sturdy and durable.
  2. This skateboard features 55mm 95A PU wheels,  Steel ABEC-7 Bearings, and soft PU Bushings.  It ensures a smooth and fast ride on your skateboard. You are going to love your ride on this board. 
  3. It has a double kick tail concave design. Because of this design you can perform several skating tricks and at the same time, you can control your balance.
  4. The grip tape of this skateboard is the high-density non-slip grip tape. It ensures that your feet are in position during your stunts on the skateboard.
  5. This skateboard is only 31″ length x 8” wide and it weighs only 4.7lbs. So you can carry it easily.
  6. It has some really cool graphic design on the skateboard. If you love colorful and vibrant stuff then you are going to love this one for sure. 


  • You can choose between six vibrant colors. 
  • This skateboard features some of the best technologies that ensure your safety while skating.
  • It features a double kick symmetric concave design.


  • The price of this skateboard is a little bit high.
  • If you do not like vibrant printings on your skateboard then this one is not for you.
  • As it is only for beginners, a pro skater will not like her ride on this skateboard.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a very cool and vibrant and colorful skateboard then you should try this skateboard. It is one of the coolest skateboards for girls in the market. You can have a smooth and safe skating experience with this beautiful skateboard. 

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3: Geelife Maple Wood Longboards For Girls

Geelife Maple Wood Longboards For Girls Review

Geelife Maple Wood Longboards deck provides overall very mild concave, while the medium-sized wheel creates ideal foot pockets for manuals and stalls. Finished with short and steep kick tails to maximize ollie height, this deck is an ideal upgrade to provide lightweight performance to your daily sessions. These Longboards are suitable for all types of skating for example; skater skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools, and other smooth surfaces or even rough grounds. Product details are given below.

Top features

  1. This longboard is made out of maple wood and the bearings are made of chromium steel which makes this skateboard really strong and durable.
  2. It comes with a beautiful screenprint.
  3. You can choose between some beautiful color contrasts like a dream, youth, universe, freedom, stardust, earl, force, etc.
  4. This skateboard is very light in weight.
  5. It comes as an assembled skateboard.
  6. Not only girls, but boys can also use this skateboard too.


  • It has super smooth 55x40mm PU wheels with ABEC-7 precision bearings & PU bushings.
  • Skateboard Deck is 8”.
  • Oil or mud can be eliminated easily using the wet cloth.
  • Its non-slip surface provides a stable and more powerful grip during skating.


  • Wheels come off soon, better when you tighten the screws.
  • Some may dislike the screen print on the skateboard.

Final Verdict

If you are searching for a skateboard that you can share with your family then this one’s for you. Skaters of all ages and gender can use this skateboard. Again the outlook of this board is very smart. So it is a good option for you. 

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4: Retrospec Quip Skateboard For Girls

Retrospec Quip Skateboard For Girls Review

If you are looking for a small and precise skateboard then Retrospec Quip skateboard is a perfect match for you.  Retrospec quip is a very high-quality skateboard that ensures high performance. Retrospec is a famous brand for its quality sports products. This skateboard is one of them. Let’s check what makes this tiny mini skateboard so good for skating.

Top features 

  1. Retrospec quip skateboard comes fully assembled and ready to ride. So you have no need to spend your time assembling it.
  2. The main component of this skateboard is a highly flexible plastic. And that’s why this mini skateboard is very strong and durable.
  3. The highly flexible Polyurethane cast wheels ensure smooth and bump-free skating experience.
  4. This mini skateboard weighs only 4lbs. You can carry this skateboard very easily in your backpack. For the best backpack to carry your skateboard, check out our article on the best backpacks for carrying skateboards.


  • It is a very lightweight skateboard. 
  • The price of this skateboard is very affordable.
  • You can choose between three bright colors


  • There is no graphics print on the skateboard. You may find it boring.
  • This skateboard is made out of plastic. So this product is not good for the ecosystem.

Final verdict

Some people do not want to carry a big and heavy skateboard because that is not so portable friendly. If you are one of them then we suggest you check this mini skateboard. It is a very cheap skateboard for girls.

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5: ReDO Flamingo Skateboard For Girls

ReDO Flamingo Skateboard For Girls Review

ReDo skateboard company produces skateboards with new features to offer you a pleasant skating experience. With extensive engineering and research, they make their skateboards very user friendly. ReDo flamingo skateboards are one of their best products. The details of this product are given below.

Top features 

  1. This skateboard is made out of high-quality 8ply full sheet-rock hard maple wood. It gives you a long-lasting durable skateboard. 
  2. It has customized wheel wells to increase the maneuverability of the skateboard. 
  3. The full aluminum tucks of the skateboard make it stronger.
  4. The 60mm 80A polyurethane wheels give you the pleasure of smooth riding.
  5. This skateboard has a Super smooth 88A Medium Bushings that ensures easy turning and stability. 
  6. You are going to love the beautiful printing on the skateboard.


  •  ReDo flamingo skateboards are very cheap in price.
  • It is a unisex product.
  • Both young and adults can skate on this skateboard.


  • You may find it a little bit childish. 
  • Pro skaters will not find it much enjoyable.

Final verdict 

ReDo flamingo skateboard is a very cheap skateboard for girls. In fact, boys can use this product also. It is a fine skateboard for you and your family.

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6: Amrgot Pro 31” Skateboard For Girls

Amrgot Pro 31” Skateboard For Girls Review

Amrgot skateboard is quite popular among the skaters these days. The product details are given below.

Top feature 

  1. This skateboard is made out of 8 piles of maple wood. 
  2. Amrgot skateboard is a very durable and long-lasting product.
  3. The skateboard is supported by an aluminum alloy stent. 
  4. It has a beautiful outlook.


  • The price of this skateboard is quite affordable.
  • Both male and female skaters can use this.
  • This product has no age limit.


  • Only beginners can use it.
  • You may find the printings on the skateboard a little bit disturbing.

Final verdict 

Sometimes it’s difficult to have a skateboard with affordability and high quality at the same time. But here it is, this one’s for you if you are searching for a cheap skateboard for girls.

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7: Cal 7 7.75, 8.0 Inch Complete Skateboard For Girls

Cal 7 7.75, 8.0 Inch Complete Skateboard For Girls Review

Cal skateboards are always famous for their stylish outlook and quality. They are always very durable and sturdy. One of their famous products is the Cal complete skateboard. The features that make it so great are given below.

Top feature 

  1. The Cal skateboard has a solid construction. You can use it for a long time.
  2. The high-quality ware and powerful deck always keeps you ready for any skating skill.
  3. It has a double kick tail shape so you can control the skateboard easily.
  4. Cal skateboards are very fashionable and stylish skateboards for girls. They are very vibrant and colorful.
  5. You can use this skateboard for a long time because it is made out of 7 piles of maple wood. 
  6. Each and every skateboard has some eye-catching colorful printing on the deck.


  • You can choose between seven elegant designs.
  • You can use it for a long time.
  • It gives you a very comfortable and safe skate riding.


  • It has too much printing on it.
  • The price is a little bit higher than other products.

Final verdict

You are looking for a nicer skateboard for girls than Cal skateboard is a very good option for you. It is a very long-lasting and durable skateboard for girls.

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8: Geelife Mini Skateboard For Girls

Geelife Mini Skateboard For Girls Review

Geelifer mini skateboards are a very soothing option for young girls. This skateboard has many features that make it a grand choice for the girls. The product details are given below.

Top feature

  1. The deck of the skateboard is made out of high-quality plastic material. It is very easy to clean the skateboard every time. 
  2. It has chromium steel bearings that ensure smooth gliding.
  3. The high technology grip tape increases the grip and offers a safe riding.
  4. Because of the lightweight of the deck, it is quite portable.
  5. It comes with a pre-assembled penny board.
  6. The wheel of the skateboard has LED lighting.


  • You can use this skateboard for a long time.
  • It is a very cheap skateboard for girls.


  • The outlook of this skateboard is kinda boring.
  • It is available in bright red color only.

Final verdict

Want to enjoy smooth gliding and safe riding? If you are interested in it, we would like to recommend this skateboard for you.

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9: Geelife Mini Cruiser Skateboard For Girls

Geelife Mini Cruiser Skateboard For Girls Review

Geelife mini cruiser skateboard is one of the best skateboards for girls. The product details are given below.

Top features

  1. Geelife mini cruiser skateboard comes as an assembled skateboard.
  2. It has non-slip grip tape on the deck that offers you a great grip on the skateboard.
  3. The deck of the skateboard is made out of polypropylene. So you can use the skateboard for a long time.
  4. The wheels of the skateboard have LED lighting. But you have no need for batteries for this lighting. Electricity is generated from rotational power.


  • This skateboard fits everyone.
  • You can choose between a lot of elegant designs.
  • It is a long-lasting product.


  • This product is a little bit costly.
  • If you like the sober color then it is not for you.

Final verdict

Geelife mini cruiser skateboard is a very beautiful and durable plastic skateboard. If you are looking for a cool skateboard for girls then this one’s for you.

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10. Geelife Longboard For Girls

Geelife Longboard For Girls Review

Our last item on the list is also a product from the Geelife sports brand. It is a popular skateboard among young girls these days. All the features of this skateboard are discussed below.

Top features

  1. Geelife Longboard is a wooden skateboard. It is made out of maple wood.
  2. You have no need to worry about the assembling of the skateboard as it comes as an assembled skateboard.
  3. It has Super smooth 55x40mm 95A PU wheels with ABEC-7 precision bearings and PU bushings.
  4. The skateboard offers you a smooth gliding.


  • You have the opportunity to choose from 5 vibrant and colorful designs.
  • It will go on for a long time.


  • This product is costly.
  • Some people may find the design a little bit overpowering.

Final verdict

If you wish to ride a longboard for your skating then we suggest you check Geelife longboard for girls. 

You can also check our article on the best mini skateboard. Or if you are interested in cruiser skateboarding then check out this one on the best cruiser skateboard

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Buying Guide for Best Skateboards for Girls

This best girls skateboards buying guide will help you to connect the dots between the types of skater and the requirements that are going to make it easier for to improve the skating skill with these best skateboards for girls

Experience level

The level of experience of the skater is an important indicator to choose the right skateboards for girls you should consider. Here is a generalized grouping of ability levels:


Beginners are those who haven’t spent enough time playing with girls skateboards so far but are ready to buy a skateboard for girls and work on the basics.

It is starting to become comfortable pushing off with the foot on the skateboard and balancing on it as the rider rides, but there are ways to go before the skater is ready to try anything stricter. Recommendation: begin with an affordable complete skateboard for girls, cruiser boards, or longboard. 


Girls who have become comfortable on their girls’ skateboards by now and already have begun to work on more tricky moves. Whether it’s dropping in on the ramp or to do an ollie, the goal is to master the basic skills of skateboarding that lay the foundation for tougher tricks down the line.

Recommendation: Taking chances with different skateboards for girls with other types of wheels or trucks and see how those impact the rider’s skating.


This is the level where the skater becomes an expert. Girls on this stage are moved beyond the foundational skills of skating and now need to focus on the bigger, worse tricks wherever like in the park, on the pipe, a pool, or any favorite skate spots.

Recommendation: Skateboards for girls customized with perfect set-up, exact hardware, bearings, and grip best suited for the skaters. 

Skating styles

Skaters can be classified into groups based on their type of riding terrain, though most of the skaters find themselves into more than just one group. Skateboards, trucks, and wheels are often designed for use on certain surfaces according to different skating styles like these following


Vert skaters (commonly known as Pool and Bowl skaters) ride ramps and vertical structures of skateboards for girls, catching air and playing grabs and spin tricks. These types of riders look to find a skateboard for girls with a variety of transition features, empty pools, or DIY ramps.if you wish to know more about vertical skating then click here Vert skateboarding.  

Generally, girls are not so likely to play the Vert tricks as Vert tricks are about high speed, big air, and sick style. Transition skaters usually prefer girls skateboards with a wider deck size to feel stable at higher speeds.

Recommendation: Often, vert skaters like the girl boards with a unique nose and tail shape to add a bit of style to their riding.

Street & technical

It’s much easier to find a skating venue than a vert ramp, so there are more girls loving the street and technical style. Street style exploits almost every feature of the urban landscape, including curbs, benches, handrails, stairs, dumpsters, fire hydrants.

These features are often replicated in skate parks that allow the skaters to grind to their delight without damaging anyone’s property.

Recommendation: Street skaters usually need “popsicle” shaped skateboards for girls with a rounded nose and tail.


Most of the girls will fall into this category. You’re an all-around skater if you like the adrenaline rush of flinging a huge trick off a buddy’s courtyard ramp.

Recommendation: Skate with a standard shaped skateboard for girls that are versatile and enlarge your skateboard and hardware preferences along with the progressive skills.


Longboarding with a perfect skateboard for girls is very different from the other skating styles. The design of these girls’ skateboards allows for a more fluid ride, letting the skaters make wide turns that look like the movement of surfing or freeride snowboarding.

Longboard skateboards for girls are great for use as transport, bombing down hills, or just cruise around the town.

Recommendation: Selecting a wider skateboard for girls with wider decks and longboard completes. 

Rider height & weight

Rider’s height and weight are going to be another part of purchasing the best skateboards for girls. Irrespective of the type of board – shorts or long – there are some specific features that are adjusted to address the weight that you’ll be putting on it.

Similarly, the length, width, and shape of every girl’s skateboard are designed to satisfy the needs of a certain category of the rider, including body size, so consider the manufacturer’s intentions while purchasing a new skateboard for girls and get the one that suits your princess the best.

Price range

Cool Skateboards for girls come with a gripped deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, and all other necessary hardware. These assembled girl boards range within a variety of prices depending on the quality of the girls’ skateboard.

Larger skateboards for girls are a bit while mini boards are lower than those in price. You need to consider both your budget and the quality of the girls’ skateboard.

Frequently Asked Questions About Girls Skateboards

What size skateboard do I need?

If you are between 4’5” to 5’2” and your shoe size is 6-8 your deck should be in between 7.25” to 7.375”. And if you are taller than 5’3” you need a deck with 7.5” or more.

While choosing the perfect sized skateboard for yourself remember that you need to consider three important factors – your body height and weight and your shoe size.

If you are buying a skateboard for a child whose shoe size is 1 and height is not more than 3’5” the deck should be in between 6.5” to 6.75”. If you are not longer than 4.5” and your shoe size is in between 2-5, then you should go for a 7.0” deck.

What size skateboard is the best for the beginner girls?

7.5 to 8.0 inches is the best for the beginner girls. It depends on the height, weight, and shoe size of the skater.

Who is the best girl skateboarder? 

Lizzie Armanto is the best female skateboarder. If you want to know more about her click here Lizzie Armanto 

What do female skateboarders wear?

You can wear anything while skating. But it is safe to wear sportswear. Also, you can wear baggy jeans, tight jeans, tank top, t-shirts, etc. check out the dressing style of skateboarders here Dress Like a Skateboarder


Skating is getting much popularity among the girls as their favorite outdoor actions. Considering the price range and the entertainment you get in exchange from skating can be the major reason behind the popularity. The unique thing about the skateboards for girls is its girly design.

Girls are always fashion conscious and find something that symbolizes their beauty and personality. Manufacturers have identified the prospect and designed the deck prioritizing girls’ choices of colors and outlooks.

Besides they have considered the weight factor as well and made the boards’ bit lighter than regulation weight. So, you can definitely own one of the best skateboards from the mentioned list.

Safety is a very important issue while skating. So do take enough protection when you ride your skateboard. We suggest you wear a helmet and protective pads. For helmets, you can check out our content on the best helmet. And don’t forget to learn about the rules of skating

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