5 Best skateboard wheels Reviews And Buying Guide

Skateboarding is fun when your skateboard provides you maximum comfort and ease to your riding and your comfort for riding mostly depends on the skateboarding wheels for your skateboards. The best skateboard wheels you choose for your skateboard the most comfort and smoothness you can experience while riding your board.

Choosing the best skateboard wheels will ensure you a safer and smoother ride. There the significance lies in choosing the right skateboard wheels is important. Most of the skateboard wheels you find in the present market are made of polyurethane. The reason behind using this material for construction of skateboard wheels is its durability and resistance to corrosion which ensures a long-lasting and safe riding. Nowadays you can choose whatever color you like for your skateboarding wheels.

There have been many choices for color available in the market. However, you always need to remember one thing for choosing the best skateboard wheels for your longboard or cruiser board which is; each type of these skateboard wheels are made with such features that are best compatible with a certain model or models of skateboards corresponding to its size and even the riding style. So you must match it with your model before you buy it. However, for choosing your best skateboard wheels you might want to go through our buying guide for best skateboard wheels. There you can learn about which feature you are needed to consider before choosing the best skateboard wheels.

Top 5 Skateboard Wheels Review


1. Tiger Boards 52mm skateboard wheels

tiger boards wheels, 52mm skateboard wheelsA smooth riding completely depends on which kind of wheels you are choosing for your skateboard. The Tiger Boards 52mm skateboard wheels offer you the smoothest riding ever. Though it is a matter of choice for almost all riders in accordance with their riding style but yet most of the riders have a common sight of choosing their skateboard wheels. No wonder, the best skateboards need the best skateboard wheels and what would be better when you find a perfect combination of quality and reasonable price.

Tiger Boards 52mm Skateboard wheels are the skateboard wheels for high-quality skateboard wheels at a low price. The skateboards wheels are constructed of a very smooth material that will allow you a noiseless ride.


  • Super soft and smooth
  • High quality
  • Cheap skateboard wheels
  • Perfect size for cruising
  • No noise
  • Color variations


  • Not OJ’s (Just tell your friends they are, nobody will know)
  • You might need risers cause they are a bit larger

Final Verdict: Tiger Boards 52mm skateboarding wheels are one of the best skateboard wheels that you can buy at a very cheap price without compromising the quality of the materials of skateboard wheels.



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2. Powell Peralta Rat bones Skateboard Wheels

powell peralta rat bones wheels, powell skateboard wheels, rat bones wheelsPowell Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels are the best skateboards wheels for the skaters who love to do vert-skating as well as cruising. These new skateboard wheels feature a durometer of 90a which provides suitable hardness allowing you a faster and smoother riding. The Powell Peralta Rat bones skateboard wheels measure 60 millimeters in its length. These skateboarding wheels are the perfect choice for beginner skaters who just stepped in skating field. Since the beginner skaters need the maximum control over skating.

The Powell Peralta new skateboard wheels are perfectly compatible with the older style decks skateboards. These Rat bones skateboards are not that cheap but they are quite reasonable. These Powell Peralta skateboard wheels are constructed from the natural formula with a long lasting feature. The natural materials of these skateboards make the wheels soft.


  • Super Hard construction
  • Large and Robust
  • Excellent Performance
  • Offers wide contact patch


  • Not suitable for sidewalks
  • Not perfect for the street-styles

Final Verdict: These are ideal for those who prefer skateboard wheels within a limited budget. The skateboard wheels offer you an enjoyable riding. You can feel the air while riding on the smooth surface of these Wheels.



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3. Everland Skateboarding Wheels

evarland wheels, skateboarding wheels, skateboard wheel reviewsIf you’re a skating lover and are currently looking for a reliable as well as longboard wheels then Everland might be the best answer for your problem. This four-wheel set can run over quite of rough surfaces and yet allow you to do your style with ease, as there are nearly twenty diverse color variations available in the market. From a cosmetic viewpoint, the Everland skateboard wheels are the best choice exactly what you are expecting to have in longboard wheels. From its shape to texture, Everland longboard wheels are fundamentally the prototype.

Moreover, the price of these Everland wheels is much cheap, but it doesn’t reflect its quality. The wheels from Everland offer constancy, durability, and style as well. 


  • Wheels are soft and wide
  • Eighteen-wheel color options
  • Stable on sidewalks and other surfaces


  • Bigger wheels make your board slower
  • One buyer stated that one of their wheels broke after use
  • Wheels get dirty easy

Final Verdict: With the Everland skateboard wheels, you can ride over bumps, potholes and even curbs without worrying about breaking the wheels. From stone ground blue, yellow, red, orange, and a range of other colors, you can ride in style, in essentially any type of smooth or any rough setting.



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4. Bones STF Street Tech Formula Skateboard Wheels

bones stf street tech formula wheels, formula skateboard wheelsJust like the name suggests, these skateboarding wheels are constructed with bones having 100A durometer urethane which printed on the outside of the wheels so it looks really beautiful. This aspect expands the appearance of your skateboard making your riding more comfortable with style.

Furthermore, the wheels are made in Santa Barbara, CA since the obtainability of resources. Numerous physical and manufacturing properties in each bone formulations give unresolved urethane which makes appropriate for wide roller-skating uses. They are sold out by trustworthy companies that offer welcoming customer services. They are willingly available in the marketplace at reasonable prices. It is of high excellence made from sturdy materials.


  • They are sold out in a diversity of colors
  • The best gift for children
  • It is obtainable at a reasonable price yet it is of great quality


  • They seem quite rough when it is new but get smoother after some time

Final Verdict: All-in-one this is one of the best skateboard wheels for the beginner skaters as well as for the pro as well. These are cheap skateboard wheels so riders who are looking for cheap yet quality wheels for skateboards can give it a try.



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5. Spitfire Classic Series High-Performance Skateboard Wheels

spitfire skateboard wheels, classic searies skareboard wheels, high performance skateboard wheelsSpitfire Classic Series presents High-Performance Skateboard Wheels which features genuine 99 durometer hardness in its construction. The manufacturer of these skateboard wheels is a USA based company and they are reputable for using advanced technology. These are well-engineered skateboarding wheels which specially lasts for longer period of skating. It is made with a good choice of materials which makes it highly resistant to any kinds of corrosion. They are flawlessly shaped.

These skateboard wheels are not too skinny or too wide. The construction reduces constraining molds. They safeguard a faster and smoother skating over long distances.


  • It is highly corrosion resistant.
  • Its 60mm size makes it suitable for cruising.


  • The skateboard wheel is a bit costly

Final Verdict: Though a little bit costly, the quality materials of these skateboard wheels worth the cost. This may not be categorized as cheap skateboard wheels but this definitely one of the best skateboard wheels.



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Buying guide for Best skateboard wheels

Choosing the best skateboard wheels suitable with one particular model is not an easy task since the availability of various brands each having its specification or only marketing of having the particular specification. Skateboards wheels are generally specifically designed to ensure enjoyable riding in specific riding surface. However, there are multiple things that should be taken into consideration before buying new skateboard wheels. The followings are the most important ones:

  • Construction Material

Most of the skateboard wheels available in the present market are made of polyurethane since it is a hard complex material that assurances the wheel last for longer period of time. Polyurethane has been using way back from the 70s. Manufacturing companies for these of materials have significantly improved the quality of the materials compatibility with the rising needs of skateboards field. These materials are extremely resistant to any corrosion which makes it suitable for wide uses. Moreover, the wheels are made of these materials are available at an affordable price.

  • Diameter of the Wheels

Diameter is used for quantifying the size of the skateboarding wheel. It is mostly measured in millimeters unit. Wheels with smaller diameter mean that the skateboard is small too. Most of the diameters range between 50 and 75mm. The larger wheels are the easier to ride at a faster speed.

  • Durometer Value of the Wheels

Durometer is used for measuring the rigidity of the wheels. There are numerous types of durometers in the market. Many companies use a 100-point scale durometers. The greater the number on the scale means the harder the wheel is. The range from 88a-95a means that the wheel is harder and 96a-99a represents that the wheels with outstanding grip and suitable speed.

  • Contact Patch

This is the measuring unit of every skateboard’s performance. The area in contact is measured to determine the riding surface. For the larger wheels, the contact patch has to be also large. Typically, the contact patch is straight proportional to the size of the skateboards. Large contact patches assurances even spreading of the weight. This results in a comfortable riding. Contact patch is vital in decreasing wheels urethane compression.

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