Rolling in Style: The Best Skateboard Wheels of 2023

Skateboard wheels are the key to unlocking your full potential, cruising the streets or shredding the skatepark. They wheels are one of the most critical components that can significantly affect your performance. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your gear, finding the best skateboard wheels can be a challenging task, especially with so many options available. We understand that everyone has unique needs and preferences, which is why we’ve done the research to provide you with a variety of options that cater to different styles and skill levels. 

So, if you want to take your skateboarding game to the next level, keep reading to discover the best skateboard wheels that suit your needs.

10 Best Skateboard Wheels Review

1. Powell Peralta Dragon Formula 93A

Powell Peralta Dragon Formula 93A Skateboard Wheel Review

Let us begin with the size. These wheels are larger at 58mm, giving excellent stability and smooth rides. These wheels are a fantastic choice if you are an advanced skater who enjoys riding on difficult terrain and at fast speeds.

Another distinguishing element of these wheels is their square shape. It adds stability and control when landing tricks, making it an excellent choice for expert skaters like you. You can be confident in your ability to accomplish intricate tricks and maneuvers with these wheels.

These wheels have a durometer rating of 93A, which strikes the right mix between speed and grip. You’ll be able to maintain superb control and stability when reaching high speeds. Because of their hardness, these wheels are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Finally, let us discuss the design of these wheels. The graphic depicts a fearsome dragon, making them a real eye-catcher at the skatepark. The eye-catching colors make these wheels a fantastic choice for skaters who prefer to stand out and make a statement.


  • The wheel’s 93A durometer rating indicates it is reasonably hard, resulting in brisk speeds and long life.
  • Powell Peralta’s Dragon Formula 93A, thanks to its one-of-a-kind urethane formulation, is a great all-around skateboard.
  • Because of its slightly broader profile and rounded edges, the tire is more stable and less likely to bite the pavement, making it ideal for speed and control.


  • Some riders may be put off by the Dragon Formula 93A’s higher price tag if they’re trying to save money.
  • The wheel may not work well for some skaters or riding styles due to its comparatively high durometer rating.
  • When traveling over rough or uneven terrain, a softer wheel may be preferred by some motorcyclists.

The Powell Peralta Dragon Formula 93A Skateboard Wheels are ideal for advanced skaters looking for high-performance skateboard wheels. From size and shape to style and appearance, these wheels have a lot to offer.

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2. Spitfire Skateboard Wheel

Spitfire Skateboard Wheel Review

At 53mm, they’re on the smaller side, making them an ideal choice for technical skaters who like to perform intricate tricks and maneuvers. The smaller size also provides excellent control and responsiveness, allowing you to make quick adjustments on the fly.

The durometer rating of these wheels is 99D, which is a bit harder than the average skateboard wheel. This level of hardness provides excellent speed and slideability, making these wheels an excellent choice for skaters who like to cruise around and perform fast tricks.

When it comes to the design of these wheels, they’re definitely eye-catching. The iconic Spitfire logo is emblazoned on the side of each wheel, making them a real standout on the skatepark. The colors are vibrant and bold, making them an excellent choice for skaters who like to make a statement with their equipment.

Finally, let’s talk about the shape of these wheels. They’re designed with a classic profile, providing excellent stability and control. This shape also makes them highly versatile, allowing you to use them for a wide range of skateboarding styles and terrain.


  • Skateboarders who ride frequently will benefit greatly from purchasing a set of Spitfire wheels due to their long lifespan and resistance to wear and strain.
  • Spitfire wheels are built to perform exceptionally well and can handle anything from casual cruising to technical street skateboarding.
  • Skateboarders can select the perfect set of wheels for their requirements and preferences from the wide variety of sizes and durometers offered by Spitfire.


  • Skaters on a tight budget may find that Spitfire wheels are more expensive than other types of skateboard wheels.
  • Skating on rough terrain may be more difficult with Spitfire wheels due to their higher durometer readings.
  • Some skateboarders have complained that the higher sound of their Spitfire wheels is an annoyance in public spaces.

The Spitfire 99D Classics Skateboard Wheels are a top-notch choice for advanced skaters who value control, speed, and style. With their small size, high durometer rating, iconic design, and classic shape, these wheels are sure to elevate your skateboarding game. So, if you’re looking for a new set of wheels that can keep up with your skills, be sure to give these a try.

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3. Rollerblade Moonbeam

Rollerblade Moonbeam Skateboard Wheel Review

These wheels have a durometer value of 85A, which is considered a medium level of hardness. This hardness level strikes a nice mix between speed and grip, letting you to perform a wide range of skating techniques with ease. They’re on the larger side at 80mm, but they provide outstanding speed and stability. This makes them perfect for skaters who prefer going fast and covering longer distances.

When it comes to design, these wheels have a sleek and simple appearance with a light blue accent. This design is striking and timeless, making them an excellent choice for skaters who appreciate both style and performance.

They’re designed with a slightly rounded profile, which provides excellent maneuverability and control. This shape also helps to absorb shocks and vibrations, making them a comfortable choice for longer skating sessions.


  • Skates with 80mm wheels and a 608 bearing size, like those made by Rollerblade, can use these wheels with no problems.
  • The wheels’ 82A durometer means they’re great for use on a wide range of skating conditions.
  • With the help of the LED lights installed in the wheel hubs, you can make a unique and interesting visual impact while skating.


  • It’s possible that the wheels’ speed will suffer due to the additional weight caused by the LED lights.

Rollerblade Moonbeam 80mm Wheels are an excellent choice for advanced skaters looking for a dependable set of rollerblade wheels. These wheels give the ideal blend of speed, grip, and control thanks to their large size, medium hardness, elegant design, and rounded profile.

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4. Ricta 54mm Skateboard Wheels

Ricta 54mm Skateboard Wheels Review

Skaters and longboarders who value stability and control often opt for the RICTA 54mm Clouds White 78a Skateboard Wheels. They are soft and forgiving thanks to a durometer grade of 78a, allowing them to dampen tremors and shocks from rough floors. This makes them ideal for novices or anyone seeking a plush ride, as well as for cruising and carving.

The wheels’ 54mm diameter is a good all-around size for both city and park skating. The wheels’ round-edged, conical-cut form provides a happy medium between speed and stability, making them appropriate for a wide variety of skating techniques.


  • The absence of a core results in slightly lighter wheels, which can increase speed for some types of skating.
  • Your skateboard will look sleek and modern with white wheels.
  • Skaters of varying skill levels will appreciate the wheels’ round-edged, conical-cut form, which strikes a nice balance between speed and stability.


  • White wheels may be more susceptible to scuffs and dirt than other tire colors.
  • The wheels’ absence of a core may reduce their durability and shorten their useful life.

For skateboarders who demand high-performance and precision, the Ricta 54mm Skateboard Wheels are a top choice.

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5. Orangatang Stimulus Freeride

Orangatang Stimulus Freeride Skateboard Wheel Review

With a diameter of 70mm, these wheels are large enough to roll over rough terrain while being nimble and maneuverable. This size is perfect for freeriding and carving, allowing you to easily handle any terrain.

These wheels have a durometer value of 86a, making them slightly harder than some other options on the market. This hardness strikes an excellent mix between speed and grip, allowing you to maintain control while swiftly picking up speed.

The Orangatang Stimulus Freeride wheels are designed with a brilliant orange hue and a unique look that will make your skateboard stand out from the crowd. The design is also functional, with a slightly offset core that delivers a constant and smooth ride.

Finally, the curvature of these wheels is what truly distinguishes them. These wheels provide a lot of grip and predictability when carving and sliding thanks to their wide contact patch and rounded edges. On difficult terrain, the design also provides for a smooth and pleasant ride.


  • The Orangatang Stimulus Freeride is a versatile tire that can be used for a variety of freeriding and sliding activities.
  • The rounded lip shape makes it easier to start slides and hold your bearings, and it also helps to the board’s overall speed and grip.
  • The core is comprised of high-strength, heat-resistant urethane, ensuring long-term durability and dependability.


  • While some riders may not care, others may wish there were more color options to fit their board’s style.
  • he Orangatang Stimulus Freeride is more expensive than some other longboard wheels because it is a luxury model.

The Orangatang Stimulus Freeride wheels are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile wheel that can handle a variety of riding styles and terrain. With their 70mm size, 86a durometer rating, eye-catching design, and unique shape, these wheels are sure to impress both you and your fellow skaters.

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6. OJ Skateboard Wheels

OJ Skateboard Wheels Review

Skateboard wheels are a crucial part of any setup, and OJ Skateboard Wheels is a company dedicated to making them. Quality, durability, and excellent performance have made OJ Wheels a favorite among skateboarders of all skill levels.

In order to meet the needs of skateboarders of varying skill levels and tastes, OJ Skateboards offers wheels in a wide range of diameters, profiles, and durometers. A variety of skateboard wheels, from traditional cruisers to modern street and park wheels, are available from this manufacturer.

OJ Skateboard Wheels are Crafted from Top-Notch Materials. Professional skateboarders work with OJ Skateboard Wheels to design one-of-a-kind wheels based on their own personal skating tastes and aesthetics.

The company has a broad selection of wheels for skateboards, from traditional cruiser wheels to more modern street and park wheels of varying sizes, shapes, and hardness levels.


  • High-quality urethane material ensures durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Smooth ride and good grip, even on rough surfaces.
  • Affordable price point compared to other premium skateboard wheel brands.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and durometers to fit different riding styles and preferences.


  • Not specifically designed for freeride or sliding maneuvers, which may limit their use for certain types of skating.
  • It is not as fast as some other high-end skateboard wheel brands.

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7. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels Review

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels are top-tier components made to provide a fast and comfortable journey. High-quality materials are used in their construction, and they come in a variety of sizes and durometers to accommodate individual tastes.

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels’ longevity is one of its most notable qualities. They are constructed from durable polyurethane, so they won’t deform or perform poorly even after being subjected to rough topography or frequent use.When it comes to longboard wheels that can take on a variety of surfaces and riding techniques, Bigfoot Longboard Wheels are an excellent option.


  • Good value for the price compared to other premium longboard wheel brands.
  • Designed specifically for longboarding and cruising, with a larger size and softer durometer for a smooth ride and good grip.
  • Made with high-quality, durable materials that can withstand heavy use and wear.
  • Available in a variety of colors and designs to match your personal style.


  • Not specifically designed for freeride or sliding maneuvers, which may limit their use for certain types of skating.
  • The larger size may not be suitable for smaller longboard decks or for riders with smaller feet or less experience.

If you’re looking for high-quality longboard wheels that offer a smooth ride and good grip, the Bigfoot Longboard Wheels are definitely worth considering. Made with durable materials and designed specifically for longboarding and cruising, these wheels offer a great balance of performance and value.

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8. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels Review

The MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels are built to handle rugged and uneven surfaces with ease. Longboarders who frequently venture onto less paved surfaces, like trails and gravel roadways, will appreciate these wheels.

These wheels are designed with versatility in mind, featuring a large diameter of 100mm and a width of 65mm. This larger size allows for better traction and stability on rough surfaces, making them ideal for off-road adventures. The square-edged shape of the wheels also helps with grip and control.

With a durometer rating of 78a, these wheels are soft enough to absorb bumps and cracks in the road, but still provide enough speed and control for downhill riding. And with a classic black color and simple design, they’ll look great on any longboard setup.

One thing to keep in mind is that these wheels may be too large for some longboard setups, so make sure to check your board’s compatibility before purchasing. But if you’re looking for a reliable and versatile set of longboard wheels that can handle any terrain, the MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels are a great choice.


  • The durometer of the wheels provides excellent shock absorption, making it comfortable to ride on rough terrain.
  • The large size of the wheels allows for a smooth and stable ride.
  • Suitable for various terrains, including dirt, grass, and pavement.
  • The wheels come with pre-installed ABEC 9 bearings, which provide a fast and smooth ride.


  • The wheels may wear down more quickly if used on particularly rough terrain.
  • The large size of the wheels may not be suitable for those who prefer a smaller longboard setup.
  • Some users have reported that the wheels are noisy when riding on pavement.

These wheels are larger than most standard longboard wheels, measuring 100mm in circumference and 65mm in width. This makes them ideal for a comfortable journey over uneven and bumpy terrain by increasing stability and traction. The 78a soft durometer of the wheels makes for a smooth journey by dampening out vibrations and bumps.

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9. Bigfoot Cored Classics Longboard Wheels

Bigfoot Cored Classics Longboard Wheels Review

Cruise in comfort and carve with confidence on any terrain with Bigfoot Cored Classics longboard wheels. Bigfoot Wheels is a well-respected manufacturer of premium longboard wheels, and their wheels are no exception.

The Bigfoot Cored Classics’ massive girth is one of their most distinguishing characteristics. Because of their bigger size (76mm compared to other longboard wheels’ 70mm), these are great for fast cruising and getting over cracks and pebbles.


  • The soft wheels have a high degree of grip, making them useful for carving and rolling.
  • The wheels can be easily rotated or flipped thanks to the centerset core construction, which can increase their lifespan.
  • The Bigfoot Cored Classics are a versatile set of wheels, suitable for a wide range of riding techniques.
  • These wheels can help provide a comfortable ride despite uneven ground thanks to their big size and low durometer.


  • Even though the centerset core construction can help extend the life of wheels with a softer durometer, wheels with a harder durometer may last longer.
  • These wheels are best suited for cruising and carving due to their lack of utility in technical riding styles like freestyle or downhill competition.

If you’re looking for high-quality longboard wheels that offer a smooth ride and good grip, the Bigfoot cored classic wheels are definitely worth considering. Made with durable materials and designed specifically for curving and rolling, these wheels offer a great balance of performance and value.

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Buying GuideĀ for Best Skateboard Wheels

As an advanced skater, you need skateboard wheels that can handle the high-speed and aggressive riding that comes with the territory. In this buying guide, we will share some tips on what to look for when choosing the best skateboard wheels.


When choosing the best skateboard wheels for advanced skaters, size matters. Skateboard wheels come in various sizes, and for advanced skaters, larger wheels are usually the better choice. Larger wheels provide more stability, smoother rides, and can handle rough terrains better. Look for a wheel size of 54mm to 60mm for the best results.


Another essential factor to consider is durometer, which refers to the hardness of the wheel. For advanced skaters, a harder wheel is usually preferred as it provides better speed and durability. Look for wheels with a durometer rating of 95A to 101A, which are ideal for advanced skaters.


Shape is another crucial factor to consider when choosing skateboard wheels. Skateboard wheels come in two main shapes, rounded and square. Rounded wheels are more versatile and can handle a variety of terrains, making them ideal for skaters who like to cruise around town or skate in parks. Square wheels, on the other hand, are more stable and are preferred by skaters who focus on technical tricks. Choose the shape that best suits your skating style.


Brand is also an essential factor to consider when choosing skateboard wheels. There are many reputable brands to choose from, including Spitfire, Bones, Ricta, and OJ Wheels. Look for a brand that has a reputation for quality and durability, and that has been around for a while. Established brands are often a safer bet as they have a proven track record of providing quality products.


Ultimately, your personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the right skateboard wheels. Test out different brands, sizes, and shapes to see what works best for you. Consider factors such as the terrain you’ll be skating on, the types of tricks you want to perform, and your overall skating style. 

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best skateboard wheels for your needs and taking your skating game to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skateboard Wheels

What type of wheel is best for skateboard?

Smaller, harder wheels offer greater control and stability, making them ideal for street skating and technical tricks. Larger, softer wheels offer a more comfortable ride and better shock absorption for cruising and longboarding.

What type of wheels do pro skaters use?

Professional skaters often utilize skateboard wheels constructed of high-quality urethane with durometer ratings ranging from 99A to 101A for street skating and 78A to 87A for cruising and longboarding. They also favor smaller wheels between 50mm and 55mm for street and technical skating, while larger wheels between 56mm and 60mm are common.

Are harder wheels better for skateboarding?

Yes, Harder wheels are better for skateboarding. Because skateboarding is best done on flat, smooth surfaces. Harder wheels provide increased speed and improved slide. However, they are more vulnerable to wear and tear and less forgiving on rough surfaces.

What size wheels do pro skaters use?

Most professional skateboarders use wheels that are 52 to 56 millimeters in diameter, but this range is not set in stone. The size of the wheel used depends on the skater’s personal preference and the type of skating they do.

Smaller wheels, around 50mm to 52mm, are generally used for technical street skating, while larger wheels, around 54mm to 56mm, are used for vert and pool skating. However, it’s important to note that wheel size is a matter of personal preference, and some skaters may choose to use wheels outside of this range.

Do bigger skateboard wheels go faster?

Larger skateboard wheel sizes do not automatically result in greater speed. Skateboard velocity is affected by the rider’s expertise, the surface, and the bearings of the wheels. However, larger wheels can offer a more comfortable ride and increased stability, especially over uneven terrain.


In the end, your own preferences and preferred riding style will determine which wheels are ideal for your skateboard. There are many excellent choices available whether you value speed, grip, durability, or some other mix of these. You can experience a new degree of comfort and performance on your skateboard with a new set of wheels.

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