Difference Between Skateboards And Longboards

Difference Between Skateboards And Longboards

At the beginning of skating, most skaters have a common question of which kind of deck should he or she start with. And the most 2 common names for this confusion are skateboard and longboard. To solve this mystery you need to know what is a longboard, what is a skateboard, and what is the difference between a skateboard and a longboard first. Go through this article to unbox the mystery of these 2 types of skating boards. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to pick the best board for you. 

Introduction to Skateboard And Longboard

Introduction to Longboard and Skateboard

Wikipedia defines a skateboard as a type of sports equipment that is made of plywood deck and attached by a pair of skateboarding trucks. According to Wikipedia, longboards are similar to but not the same as skateboards. Longboards have a wide variety of shapes and they are faster for the wheel size, construction materials, and more precise hardware. But actually, the differences are more than just the size of the deck and wheels. You may check our reviews on best mini skateboards and best longboards to get better idea about them. 

Difference Between Skateboards And Longboards

Yes, the sizes and shapes are the major difference between skateboards and longboards which impact their performance as well. There are a few more other factors i.e. trucks, bushing, and shapes, etc. that differentiate them from one another. Let’s find more in detail. 

Deck Shapes 

Difference Between Skateboards And Longboards-Deck shape

Skateboards mostly have a concave shape of the deck also known as popsicle but longboards offer a lot more options for decks like pintail, fishtail, cruiser, etc. The concave shape means it has a curve shape on both sides. But for longboards, they have different shapes like illustrated in the image. 

Wheel difference

The wheels of the skateboard and longboard are different from each other. Not just the size but also the hardness is different. Once there was a different color of wheels as well. But the color difference is not much to mention in recent years. Softer wheels are good for rolling in the streets rather than doing any tricks because softer wheels won’t bounce much. Hard wheels are opposite to this situation. Hard wheels are poor for long distances but good for doing tricks. Harder wheels are most likely to have a hardness between 85A and 84B. 

Now the question is, which wheel is used in a skateboard and which one is used in longboards. The answer is, longboards have big and soft wheels with size between 63mm and 80mm, while skateboards use harder wheels. 

Now the question is, which wheel is used in a skateboard and which one is used in longboards. The answer is, longboards have big and soft wheels with size between 63mm and 80mm, while skateboards use harder wheels. 

Pros and Cons Skateboard


  • Very agile
  • Easy to carry
  • Cheaper than longboards
  • Tricks can be performed easily


  • Not a good option for long distances
  • Carving is almost impossible

Pros and Cons of Longboards


  • Great for cruising long
  • Has better balance than skateboards
  • Durable


  • Expensive than skateboards
  • Longer than skateboards
  • Hard to carry

Frequently Asked Question on Differences between Skateboard and Longboard

There are lots of questions frequently asked about the difference between skateboard and longboard to find out which one is good for what reason. Here I accumulate most of them answered. 

Firstly, which one came earlier? The history of the skateboards is not a recorded one. Seems like a few people come out with the idea at the same time. But regarding the 2 types we are discussing here, it’s definitely the skateboards that came earlier. But the shape was more like a cruiser, not like the modern skateboards. 

Secondly, which is easier to learn between a skateboard and a longboard? The answer is longboard for its bigger deck and truck with bigger wheels. It is easier to keep your balance and roll over with longboards than skateboards. So, you will learn quicker. For the same reason, longboards are safer than skateboards. 

On the recent popularity basis, Skateboards are more popular than longboards as skaters love to do some tricks with the skateboards. But with longboards it is difficult to perform any tricks, sometimes impossible as well for its shape and weight. Another reason for the popularity can be the cost. Longboards are more expensive than skateboards.

Let’s have a look at the summary of the differences based on FAQs.

Which is more expensive?Longboards
Which is easier to learn?Longboards
Which lasts the longest?Longboards
Which is safer?Longboards
Which came first?Skateboards
Which is more popular?Skateboards
Which is better in rain?Longboards
Which is better for beginners?Longboards


Upon several differences, we may come to the conclusion that if you are a beginner in skating and not likely to do any tricks or stunts right away, a longboard is a better option between these two. But if you like to do stunts and don’t need to travel long then skateboards can be owned. Skateboarding is getting very popular for agility and easy to carry features. 

Apart from the differences, these two have lots of similar features as well. Share your experience with us after using a skateboard or longboard. 

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